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Spillin' the beans...

Nope...still not pregnant! (And, hopefully, it'll stay that way!)

What I'm talkin' 'bout, is my mama...spillin' the beans.

See, I used to live this bloggy life of mine, with my family and friends totally unaware. With the exception of Mr. Wonderful.

He knew...I had to tell him what I was wasting all of my time on during the day! Oh, and my bestie Tara...she knew, 'cuz I knew she'd support me 110%!!

But, anywho...for about 6 months, me and me blog (said with your very best Pirate accent...) existed in our own little world. No family, friends, neighbors or grocery ladies knew of my blog's existence.

Then, Keely and I started this thing...this "Hot and Healthy" thing (which, in it's last week!) launched on a day I was shopping at the MOA with my mama.

And, there was a glitch...I needed to find a computer to get the MckLinky, I casually mentioned to my mom that I needed to find a computer, only to have her do a little *eye roll*...a la "can't you give up your computering for just a day?"!!

So, in my defense, I spilled it to her...mentioned I was making a little moulah from it, that I probably had made enough that I could splurge on a cup of coffee for her.

Well, we found a computer (hello, Apple store...), I got my business done and we shopped to our hearts content.

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...(have you ever read that book? I'd forgotten all about it until just now...when I wrote that...), anywho, so we return home, life carries on...and the phone rings:

"Ohmigosh...I found your blog and I LOVE it!!" And so on and so forth with much carrying on and complimenting and "you are the greatest" that mother's do for their daughters.

So, she tells my dad (on the right, with my Old Man Uncle, who said "What's a blog?!"):

And my bros:

(The Great One)

(Everyone say, "Hi, Treehorn!"...)

(And, the Baby Bro...with Baby Girl...fitting...):

And the mailman, the baker, the candlestick maker...

She told her friends, the grocery girl (no lie), my aunts and uncles, cousins...I'm quite certain that when she was sitting on Santa's lap, she was telling him of my blog. aunt (I believe I called her "Nature Girl" in a previous post, that's her, above...) told my great uncle...and now, he's reading too (Hi Uncle Louie!! Lemme tell ya...everyone needs an Uncle Louie in their lives...)...that same aunt and my cousin (we'll call her "Filly", 'cuz she loves horses, and I love the word "filly"...that's her below, left...) have been slowly making their way through this beast which is my blog (um...they may want to watch out for posts like Mucous Plugs and #2 in Second stage...Filly might not see the humor...).

Wow. You'd think I'd've been on the Today show by now...what with all the people that know about me. (*snort, cough, choke, sputter*)

Looking back, it's I was afraid of those close to me "finding out" about my blog. There was a certain level of comfort for me, putting "my stuff" (and, that I mean my blog stuff...) out there when only "strangers" read it. Strangers who have now become friends!

So, welcome...Filly, Uncle Louie, grocery lady, (Santa?) this silly little blog of mine! Pull up a chair and a cup of coffee/juice/tea/hot chocolate, have a little look around!

I'm glad you're here.


  1. That's really interesting. My path is moving in the opposite direction. For a long time, the only people who knew about my blog were family and friends and that has really shifted in recent months. For me, one of the strangest things is talking to people who know me in real life and telling them a story and then having them share, sheepishly, that they already read it on the blog. :)

  2. I don't want any of my friends and family knowing about my blog! There are only a few people that do know. How else am I suppose to talk about them?! Ha!

  3. I totally know how you feel!!

  4. My blog is my little get away too. Nobody knows about mine really except for my hubby and my bestie (who wasnt near as supportive as miss tara) So I think I will just keep mine private for a little longer. I think I like it that way!

    PS thanks for your help last night on my blog (signature) that is my project tonight!

  5. Mama M you are sooo funny. I always get a chuckle from reading your blog posts. Now that your secret is out I hope you don't feel intimidated to still be you...

    I would miss the funny girl if you suddenly became serious! (:>)

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Lol, nobody in my house knows I have a blog. A few do on facebook. When I created my blog I sent a message to those I wanted to read my blog with the link, but haven't mentioned it much otherwise. Except this stranger a few weeks ago came up and asked me if I had a blog. She recognized my face. It kind of creeped me out because I live in a really small town, but kind of cool at the same time! Glad your family knows! I'm not telling mine until I move out of the house! ;)

  7. Isn't it funny how we protect our "stuff", blog stuff that is? I do that and I'm pretty sure that even though I included my URL in our Christmas letter, that my family and friends still haven't caught on. And I'm really OK with that.

  8. That's funny--I assumed since you had family photos on there, they all knew about it. I, too, hope you remain your silly self. I think my family (and a few close friends) are the only ones who know about mine! Hee! Oh well. It's a fun outlet either way.

  9. Ha I wish I hadn't told some of my family! I have a lot to say after the holidays! My future MIL reads mine too! I am sitting on so much that I would love to "share"! In fact I havent blogged much this December but if I could get on here and say what I really feel wow I would have a ton of posts!

  10. I did mine the same way - I haven't shared my blog with my family, only a few close friends know, and most of those are only because they care enough to look at what I tweet! I'm sure eventually they will, but for now, until I'm more comfortable with it all, I like all my @imaginaryfriends!

  11. When I started my blog a few months ago, I told my family and friends, but I don't think any of them have read it more than once. Either I am very boring, or they just are not blog people. All my followers are people I have met in the blog world, and that is okay with me.

  12. Haha your secret life is out! Your mama seems so cute! Hey now you will have more readers!

    Love it- back at the ranch!

  13. I have only shared my blog with a select few...which is nice for now. We'll see how it goes moving forward!


  14. I'll admit . . . I kind of liked being in the secret club of people who knew you in real life AND read your blog--now even the grocery girl and Santa? knows! sheesh! Doesn't feel nearly as special . . .may stop reading altogether . . . rubbish anyway .. .

    KIDDING! I LURVE you, your blog, your crazy kids, and your crazier family! :)


  15. LOL! Just make sure you don't bad mouth any relatives, no matter how distant, on here :)

  16. I was the same way! My immediate family knew about it, and some close friends but that is about it. This year, I put it in the Christmas letter. No going back now!

  17. Oh man, I thought for sure this was the "I'm pregnant" post!! :) That's cool people know're like a star! :) Sometimes I wish my family (in laws) didn't know about our blog so I could talk about them but oh well. :)

  18. Oh, that is so funny! I'm glad you got it out in the open. :)

  19. See it like that, now you'll have more followers ;-)

  20.'re all Scandinavian I take it.


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