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If a tree falls on a house...

And there's no one around to hear it...does it still make a noise?

Five Question Friday!! 7/30/10

Yee haw!! It's Friday! (Er...ah...can I say "yee haw"? You know, since I'm from MinneSOOOOta and all? I'm not sure if it's legal for me to say "yee haw"...but I just did. So there.) ;) I am sooooo excited for this weekend. No real plans, no commitments, no work for several days. It's gonna be heaven. Pure, unadulterated, heaven. (Did that make sense? I'm not sure that it's pretty late as I'm writing this, and I'm feeling a little goofy. Bear with me.) It's time for Five Question Friday!! Or, 5QF, as it's known 'round these parts! C'mon in and's loads of fun and you'll have a blast, I promise! Pinky swear. Scout's honor. You will. Trust me on this one, 'kay? we go! Rules for Five Question Friday : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then c'mon back to link up (tomorrow)! If you don't have a blog (or already wrote a post), bu

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Holy smokes! Late summer is flying by for me! For the second week in a row, I almost forgot it was Thursday!! We are gearing up for our big trip coming up next week...I'm a combination of really excited and horribly terrified. BUT...I am LOVING the suggestions, tips, ideas, hints, advice, and well wishes I've gotten for traveling with small children and enjoying the Black Hills! ! Without further ado...let's get onto the Sneak Peek!! Remember that this post is just the preview...tomorrow is the "real deal" with the linky ! If you need help with the linky , let me know! Rules for Five Question Friday : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then c'mon back to link up (tomorrow)! If you don't have a blog (or already wrote a post), but would like to play along, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below! Questions for Friday, July 30 th : (Special thanks to Julianne , Ann (for inspiration), Jill , Bethany , and Ti

Technology today...

Quite awhile ago, I touched on something that I dubbed "Generation Text" least... I thought I dubbed it . Until an author of a book called " Generation Text " left me a comment telling me my thoughts were "romantic" at best. Bugger. What's wrong with romance, anyway? Anywho ...the other day, over coffee with a fabulous friend (hi Stac !!), we were discussing technology and our children...namely, cell phones/ texting with our children. Er...well, we weren't discussing it with our children...but more, how it pertains to our children. She is a homeschooling mama (encouraging me to give it a try, myself...) with a brood of children who are just as fabulous as she. Her oldest and my oldest are fairly close in age, so we share struggles, in someways. The most recent, was the lack of friends being invited over...our kids not picking up the phone to call friends to come over, and vice versa . Once upon a time, Mr. W was talking with his sister


Last weekend, we took a bit of a road trip to catch a movie. AT A DRIVE-IN!! Let me rephrase 1 of only 5 drive-in theaters left in MinneSOOOta! I was a drive-in virgin. Er...yikes. That came out sounding totally wrong. What I mean is, I had never ever been to a drive-in before! It was awesome. The Long Prairie Drive-In is exactly what I thought a drive-in would be like...vintage speakers playing 50's music (at least I think it was 50's music...) before the start of the movie, an old time snack bar replete with everything from popcorn (duh!) to root beer floats, and, of course...the screen. It was enormous! There are little hills that you pull your car up onto so that you are angled toward the screen...a huge area in front of the screen where kiddos can run before the movie starts, and friendly patrons who will let your 2 year old play with their kiddo's baby stroller . It was awesome. And now...I think I'm going to become a drive-in junkie. Oh...and PS...we sa

The Mall Hater:

I just had a revelation. You know how they say God has a plan for everyone? Yeah...well...I think I figured out what His plan is for our baby girl. We went shopping yesterday, and I'm quite certain that my (*plasters fake smile on face*) adorable, wonderful, (*beginning to clench jaw*) pookey, schnookums (*speaking through gritted teeth*), munchkin of a love bug was bestowed upon me to create within me, a horrid and vile aversion to malls. I'm pretty sure that, prior to her arrival, I loved malls waaaayyyy too much and that God thought that maybe I should take it down a notch. So He gave me her. And now, I'm beginning to twitch whenever we pull into the mall parking lot. In fact, I think maybe even the mall employees are starting to twitch when we pull into the parking lot. Either that, or run for cover. "EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!! TAKE COVER!!! BABY GIRL HAS JUST ENTERED THE LOT!!" And they all dive underneath their registers, quaking in fear, praying that we pass th

Another post in which I solicit more of your help...

Okay friends...I am soooo grateful for all the traveling tips y'all gave me!! LOVE them! (In fact, my wheels are turning about a giveaway...) Now...I need some destination advice. We are headed to the Black Hills of South Dakota! I am so excited to have my kids experience all that there is to offer "out west"! But... Well...I dunno where to start. We'll be leaving on a Friday and beginning our trip home on Tuesday. I say "beginning" because we've decided to split the return trip home into two days. So, I'm curious about how we should "run" our vacation. Is Rushmore a "whole day" destination with 5 kids, or should we try to hit Rushmore and something else on the same day. Bear Country: yay or nay? Mammoth Dig: love it or loathe it? What are your "off the beaten path" must sees ? See what I mean? I'm clueless... Also...on our trip home, should we stay in Mitchell or Souix Falls? Any other suggestions? You guys rock.

Note To Self:

Dearest Bonehead Mama: The next time You see an orange crayon Fall into the depths of the washing machine And underneath the agitator Try harder to get it out. M'kay ? That's all. Carry on. All my best, You (me?)

A (very, very) Late Date!

While I wait for some late night Benadryl to lull me into a deep, peaceful sleep, I thought I'd get our Date of the Week up! It was a busy weekend...I was able to score a bonus day off today, and spent it with my family at our church's bazaar. Lot's of fun, really hot, blew a wad of money and consumed waaaaaayyyyyy too much caffeine. Hence, the Benadryl . So...before it kicks in, I better finish this post! Friends, I'd like to introduce you to this week's date: Musings on the Move Written by TexasHeather , a 30-something "ex-pat", living in Brazil, raising 3 boys and living to blog about it. Because my life is a random thing, my blog is a random place, and I like it like that. I hope you do, too. Stop by and say 'hi' to Heather...they just got a gorgeous new puppy...who has been graced with (probably) the best name ever. IMO, of course! ;) Go check out that gorgeous puppy, and Heather's awesome blog...and tell her Mama sent you! Thank you all

A post in which I solicit your help...

I alluded to it here ...or, more, I blatantly told you there, that I was going to ask for your assistance on something. I'm ready...are you?, what I'm needing your help on, is our family vacation! WAIT...STOP! Don't leave yet, okay? Here's the deal...we'll be driving straight thru (and by straight thru , I mean 47 bathroom breaks, 3 stops for food, 2 stops at drive thrus for meals, 4 pull overs for discipline, 1 stop for gas [the Mr.'s--EVACUATE! EVACUATE!!!], and one stop to fuel, yeah...straight thru ) for what MapQuest tells us will be a 10 hour drive. First...hints for traveling in a mini-van, for 10+ hours, with 5 children, a husband who tends to fall asleep easily, and a motion sickness prone me. Let's start there... I wanna keep my advice straight! Next up...I beg for tips on our destination... (PS--Did you come looking for 5QF ? It's just below this post...and open until Sunday night! So, feel free to join in late, if you'

Five Question Friday!! 7/23/10

I wish I could say I'm glad it's the weekend...but, alas, I hafta work. So, really...I'm not all that glad. :( But, I'm glad for YOU that it's the weekend...unless, of course, YOU hafta which case, I'll be sad for you too. :( I'm going to be asking your advice soon, on something I hope you'll have some wise words and fabulous tips to share...gosh. That sounded kinda greedy. I'm sorry...but I really do need your advice... I was tempted to vlog today's 5QF...then I decided that you'd probably had enough of me and my wacky MinneSOOOOta accent, so I figured I'd spare you and just give it to you in good old fashioned black and white. Aren't I nice? Being so thoughtful for you? Consider it my pre-payment for the fabulous tips y'all are gonna share with me! ;) Alright, I'll stop with the smiley dudes, now. Onto Five Question Friday! Rules for Five Question Friday : Copy and paste the following questions to you