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Sun-kissed and Happy

Ahhhhhh, life is good. My house is clean(ish), my children are still sleeping off yesterday's fun, the weather is FANTASTIC, we are sun-kissed and happy. Can't life be like this year round? My brother got married over the weekend...the weather was PERFECT for an outdoor wedding. A bit on the warm side, but I'd take that over cool ANY day! Yesterday I was thinking...everyone should experience Minnesota in June. June in Minnesota is nothing short of Heaven on earth. The days are long, the bugs are still tolerable, the weather is GORGEOUS and the sunshine abundant. I am absolutely blessed that my job change has allowed me to enjoy these days with my kids! One other reason to enjoy Minnesota in June (or July or August...)...our lakes! And rivers. The mighty Mississippi flows right through our sleepy little town, my parents have river access and holy moly do we appreciate it! My baby bro is in town and yesterday we played on the river for a solid 4 hours and it. was. G

New Specs!

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it here or not, but both of my girls have an eye condition called " accomodative esotropia "...basically, their eyes work so hard to focus, that they cross a bit. As a result of that, they wear glasses and get annual eye exams by an opthamologist. Their lens prescriptions change yearly...which means we get to buy new glasses twice a year, once for each girl (sooooooo nice on the pocketbook). Technically, I guess they could repurpose their frames for a few years, but my theory is that if they have to wear them at all times, they should love them...and that's worth a little extra $$ to me! My babe just picked out her newest frames, and gosh darn if they aren't the cutest ones she's had yet! Take a peek: The picture doesn't do it justice, but gracious, are they ever cute! Except Hambone, in his brutally honest way (like when he proclaimed, upon first meeting his baby sister, "I don't like her'

Summer Vacation...How Do I Love Thee

Oh, sweet Summer Vacation. How do I love thee, let me count the ways: 1. Late nights with my peeps. 2. No alarms to set. 3. Memories being made at grandma and grandpa's. 4. Sunkissed skin. 5. Windblown hair. 6. Make-up free days. 7. Responsibility, what? 8. S'mores. Need I say more? 9. Wait. Yes. I do need to say more: PEANUT BUTTER CUP S'mores.  10. Camping. 11. Campfires. 12. Green grass, leaves on trees, flowers blooming. 13. Thunderstorms (as long as I'm not in a camper). 14. Grilling supper. 15. A dip in the river. 16. Hearing my kids giggle with each other. 17. Baseball games. 18. Fresh air. Summer, you are too should stick around longer!

Joy Ranch, South Dakota

In my last post , I kinda poked fun at South Dakota by sarcastically calling it "beautiful". If you follow me on Instagram ( @mama_m ) or Twitter ( @5CrookedHalos ), you know that South Dakota truly showed off during our visit there. We visited a place called "Joy Ranch", which always the most amazing place I've seen in a long time! Created as a summer camp destination for children with disabilities, all I could think about is how perfect it would be as a get together setting with my in-laws (my MIL is in a wheelchair)! Set on a bluff, overlooking rolling pastures and a valley lake, the scenery was breathtaking (there I go, eating crow...I'm sorry for implying you weren't beautiful, SoDak!!) and the setting was perfection. 6 outdoor fireplaces, huge porches overlooking the lake, Old West street facade, covered boardwalks with oversized rocking chairs, playground, Gaga Ball pit, walking trail to the horse stable with the friendliest horses