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Funny Story...

With all this "Royal Wedding" talk going on, I was reminded of something silly... (And, PS...I totally thought I didn't give two hoots about the wedding, turns out I did! We don't have TV--well, we have A TV, just no channels--so I didn't watch anything live, but holy smokers, have I been YouTubing things like crazy!) Anyway, on my first date with Mr. Wonderful, we were saying our goodbyes...I was shuffling my feet, hoping for a goodnight kiss but trying not to make it look that I was too hopeful, when my handsome suitor said something that still cracks me up to this day. He said (all cute and charming and silly), and I quote: "If you play your cards right, maybe someday you'll be a princess...I'm royalty of an island off the coast of England." And I burst out laughing! Totally cheesy...but it made me smile. On a side note--is anyone else amazed by the love Britain has for the monarchy? (Should that be capitalized?!) Makes me want to live there

Five Question Friday! 4/29/11

Looking forward to having coffee and catching up with a good friend later this morning! It's been too long, and the 12 children between us keep us much too busy! Hoping for a relaxing weekend...with some housekeeping thrown in! Today it's supposed to be in the mid 60's, which is gonna feel heavenly to us! Then, within a few days, there is snow in the forecast again. :( It's weird, too...when I wake up, sweet little Prince William will be a married man. Craziness. Okay, onto 5 QF !! If you are new to Five Question Friday, WELCOME!! I hope you enjoy yourself! Rules for 5 QF : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning! And (and this is the most important one) it is imperative that you HAVE FUN!! ;) Questions for Friday, April 29 th : (Special thanks to @ gasfamily , Rachel , Lorilynne , Pam , and Sandy for their question suggestions! If YOU would like to be linked in a future 5 QF , leave

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Happy almost Friday! I am rushing here and there and everywhere today, so let's just get right down to business! Welcome to the Thursday Night Five Question Friday Sneak Peek! This is not the "real" 5 QF post...that one will be up tomorrow, with the linky attached! Rules for 5 QF : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning! And (and this is the most important one) it is imperative that you HAVE FUN!! ;) Questions for Friday, April 29 th : (Special thanks to @ gasfamily , Rachel , Lorilynne , Pam , and Sandy for their question suggestions! If YOU would like to be linked in a future 5 QF , leave me a question suggestion over at my community , or shout it out to me on Twitter [ @5 crookedhalos ]!) 1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be? 2. What was your worst first date ever? 3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time? 4. W hen was the last ti

Deep Conversations with Baby Girl:

Let me set the scene...I had walked away from my Babe, leaving her playing her bedroom, to dig through the massive mound of clean socks, in the living room, for a matching pair. She, noticing I left, came in search of me...and this is how it went: BG , from her room: "Mama?" Me, down the hall, digging for socks: "What, baby?" BG , from her doorway: "Mama?" Me, still digging: "What, baby?" BG , in the hallway: "Mama?" Me, digging and digging: "What, baby?" BG , from the kitchen: "Mama?" Me...still digging: "What, baby?" BG , farther into kitchen: "Mama? Where are you?" Me...uh huh, still digging: "In here, baby." BG , finding me in the living room: "Mama?" Me...sweating, digging, cursing those blasted socks: "What, baby?" BG : (big, long, puzzled, "I forgot what I was gonna say" pause) "Um...I love you!" Me, beaming: "I love you too, baby.&quo


60 minute use of an operating room: $10,687.00. Eight day "room and board" for a hospital room: $14,976.00. 9 "pokes" by the lab: $2,200.00. Knowing my little girl is healed and healthy : Priceless .

Grandpa Update...

Visited with my grandpa for a bit tonight and I was so relieved to see a change in him. I don't think I really let on to how worried about him I was, but he was not well last night. There was mention of infection in his brain causing the bleeding, he is a complicated patient with heart issues and prior strokes, so taking him off his coumadin (which they had to do because of the bleeding) presented it's own risks. Because the coumadin is still in his system, they are kind of in a holding pattern. Unable to do a spinal tap (or "LP" for "lumbar puncture") or surgery to relieve the pressure, they are blasting him with antibiotics. Which appear to be working! Last night, it was obvious to me that he wasn't recognizing me. He would barely nod "yes" or "no" to direct questions, looked confused, was agitated, slow to follow commands, and not answering questions appropriately. Today, tho? While he is still FAR from himself, he is SO much bett

The Elusive "Easter Photo"...

*Sigh* All I wanted was to get a photo of my nicely dressed kids on Easter (minus their biggest bro, who was at his dad's for the holiday). Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is...just take a look: I wanted a photo of my kids all together...only Baby Girl wasn't having anything to do with it. But, WAIT!! If you look close, there she is: My efforts were futile, and I gave up as soon as this happened (dang baby bros, always gotta be goofy...but I think it's kinda cute! And, I think they are too...): Then, Uncle J joined in the fun (i.e. torture) and mercilessly teased Belle (but, as you can see, she didn't really mind too much!): At long last, I attempted to stage a family photo: *Groan* I give up.

Not quite what I planned for today.

Today started out just like any other..."Mama, can you make me eggies ?", you know, the usual. My grandpa had been in the hospital since Saturday with a temp, some confusion, and symptoms of what might be a stroke, so after a lunch out with my mama and my kiddos, we planned to stop up at the hospital for a quick 10 minute visit. 10 HOURS later, I just got home. I arrived at the hospital with my 4 crazy kids in tow (remember, this was just gonna be a "quick" visit...we didn't want to overwhelm grandpa) and learned from my grandma that she had been told that grandpa had an " intraventricular bleed"...bleeding into the ventricles in his brain. Our small town hospital is just like any other (most other?) small town hospitals...decent enough care, but lacking the resources of a larger hospital. After talking with my grandma and my aunt, we had decided that grandpa needed to be transferred. I dashed out to get the Pal, who had been golfing for the afternoon

Seeking Your Help

As most of you all know, my amazing brother-in-law, Verd , died in a tragic accident on January 31st. The support from our community has been incredible. They are putting on a Benefit for his wife and 7 kids. A silent auction will be held during the benefit...and here's where I need your help. (And here's where I step out of my "comfort zone" to ask you for something...) I am looking for anyone who would be willing to donate a fabulous product for the silent auction, all of the proceeds will go directly to Verd's family. Thank you so much for considering this...feel free to contact me at: fivecrookedhalos (at) gmail (dot) com. Here is a link to the flyer for the benefit, with contact info for people who are "in charge" of the benefit and silent auction, if you would rather go that route!

In Real Time...

Just finished watching Shrek 4 with my Baby Girl...she was incredibly snuggly , and I soaked it up!! Feeling blessed...had a wonderful Easter with family. A gorgeous day (with plenty of pics tomorrow), amazing food, and incredible company. I'm waiting for my Benadryl to kick in...slept like poo last night, so hoping that I get in a good night's sleep tonight. Completely DREADING my disaster of a home and what I need to do to get it back in order. Oh dear. I do believe the Benadryl is kicking in...I can't form a coherent thought anymore! I do have one last grandpa was admitted to the hospital yesterday (no, not the "Pot Plant" grandpa). Not sure what's wrong with him; fevers, disoriented, weak...he could definitely use some prayers! God Bless you all on this joyful Easter Sunday!!

Five Question Friday! 4/22/11

It's Good Friday...a day that always makes me emotional. And, always reminds me of when my Belle piped up, "If Jesus died today, why do they call it 'Good Friday'? Shouldn't it be 'Bad Friday'?" Love the innocence of children! Anyway...I'm tappin' this out late on Thursday, just got home from work, and need to get some shut eye, so let's get down to business! Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for my linky post to appear tomorrow and LINK UP! Oh, yeah...and most importantly, have fun!! Questions for Friday, April 22nd: (Special thanks to @TylerH2102 , @jengacek , Pam , Rachel , and Sandy for their question suggestions! I'd LOVE to link YOU in a future 5QF, just c'mon over to my community and offer up your best question suggestions! It's getting a little sparse over there, so I'd LOVE some more questions to choose from! Also, watch for my weekl