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Hot and Healthy--Week 5!

Um...okay. So, the last I checked...we were just starting this Hot and Healthy gig...are we really starting week 5?!?!?!?!?


Where does the time go?

I mean, seriously...where does it go?

Okie dokie!! Let's get down to business!!

So we said last week that we'd be upping the cardio the new time will be 4hrs of can spread that however you want throughout the week..

For instance you could do an hour each for only 4 days of exercise or you can do half hour one day..and a hour the next..It's up to you!

As for the Pilates..we'd like for you to do all 4 of the exercise's..It'd be great if you did them all at one time..but if you want, you can do abs one day and legs the next.

Pilates crisscross

Pilates Glutes and Thighs

Starting Week 5...seeing any progress?

Do you feel like you are "gettin' your groove on"? A nice routine?

Are Keely's Pilates exercises kickin' your butt (in a good way)?

How about the Healthy tips from Mama M.?

We really hope you are starting to feel pretty darn good! Hopefully seeing some results...watching your hard work pay off!!

Oh...and one more thing...what would you like to see from us? Different health tips? More exercise stuff? Less? Let us hear it! We're in this for you, so tell us how we could make things better!!

And, last...but not least...the winner of the giveaway from (insert drumroll here...) CF Mama!!! Way to go, scoring this cool item!! Contact Mama M. via the photo link, and claim your prize!! (Stay tuned...'cuz there just might be another one on the horizon!!)

Oh...wait, wait!!! That last last wasn't really last...'cuz we have another giveaway!!! Head on over here to check it out!! This giveaway is one Hot prize to keep you Healthy Thru the Holidays...and, it's open to anyone!! is one awesome prize!


Starting Week 5...seeing any progress?

any progress that I may have seen, seems to have been undone by Thanksgiving.

I take that back.

Thanksgiving Day, I was great. It was the Saturday, ginormous celebration that did me in.

Next time, I think I'm joining in the football game.

Do you feel like you are "gettin' your groove on"? A nice routine?

Life seems to be getting in the way of my routine! I'm having a hard time fitting in exercise in between work, shopping, cooking, caring for 5 children and husband, shopping.

I need some tips on how to fit it in. Help me!

Are Keely's Pilates exercises kickin' your butt (in a good way)?

Keely kicks my butt at everything...she is a fitness rockstar, and I envy her dedication!!

But, um...I'm skirting the question!

No...for one thing, everytime I think about doing the Pilates exercises...I contemplate on how on earth I'll watch them from the floor while my monitor is up on the desk.

Oh, woe is me.

How about the Healthy tips from Mama M.?

Well, up until Thanksgiving, I was doing great! Better than I ever had with eating right!

And man! When I'm at work I am chug-a-luggin' that water like it's no tomorrow.

At home? That's another story...I think it helps having an ice and water machine at work.

Maybe, when I win the lottery, I'll invest in an ice and water machine.

All right, ladies!! Let's hear it! Time for a little MckLinky action!

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. I have a hard time getting my work outs in there too. You are doing great!!!

  2. Man this week was hard, wasn't it? You're doing great though! I'm hoping to find my motivation again, it has to be somewhere around here :).


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