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TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 140

While I stay home with a sick kiddo (poor E.W...went from the stomach flu to an earache and a sore throat!! Not fair...) and the babe, Mr. Wonderful took the other three children to church!

I'm supposed to work tonight...hoping to be "on-call" (will you cross your fingers for me?) so I can spend time with my fam...word on the street is that things are slow up in Birthing, it's possible I might just get my request!

In the meantime...I have something fun to share with you! Today, day 140 of Operation TreeHouse (still counting...even tho' no progress has been made in, what...6 weeks?!!), we find ourselves buried in the aftermath of a winter storm!

I love it! I have no idea how much we got...doesn't really seem like much, since I was expecting TONS...but I'm pretty sure we're right around 14 or more inches!

But, anywho...

I digress...the TreeHouse Chronicles...

A couple (three?) months into my chronicling of our treehouse project, I noticed I was getting some traffic from people searching "TreeHouse Chronicles".

"Hmmm...that's strange", I thought...and I looked into it. Turns out, a book...a real, live, bonafide book, exists with the title "TreeHouse Chronicles".

If you were privy to my tweets (*snort*...privy, ha!!) around that time, you may remember my "woe is me" twitter about my "uncreativeness" and being a day late and a dollar short with creativity. (An aside by me...did you know that the original title/URL of my blog was, "My Mamalogue"...then I accidentally discovered that I was in violation of a trademark. See what I mean, a day late and a dollar short...)

Well, back to the TreeHouse Chronicles...a few weeks before Christmas, I received an email. An email from certain someone named Peter, who wrote a certain book called "TreeHouse Chronicles", stumbled upon my blog and my TreeHouse Chronicles!

The short of it, is this amazingly nice and generous man, gifted my family with a copy of his book. Gloriously shiny, full of fantastic photos and folksy illustrations. It made my heart swell (and, now...unbeknown to him, we have ourselves a seasoned vet and "go to" person in treehouse building!!)...and...I'm afraid.

After seeing his treehouse (HA!! Treehouse...yeah...actually, more of a tree MANSION!!), I'm terrified that ours will now require a drawbridge, fancy windows, a spiral staircase...and who knows what else!! (And yes...Peter...I will hold you responsible!)

A peek inside this awesome book of his (which, btw...his gift to us did not require a "review"!! I'm just in awe, and very grateful to him...and wanted to show you his book's amazingness!!!):

His treehouse is hexagonal (I had to google that...):

Ugh...just look at those windows...think of all the awesome food blogging photos I could get with that natural light...I think I'm moving, into the his treehouse:

A drawbridge? Oh, bestill my beating heart. It's official, I am moving in...natural light, and a way to assure aloneness? Sigh...some people have it all!

Thank you, Peter! For such an awesome book (and, probably, some crazy inspiration for things waaaayyyyy above our heads!!)...we are very grateful!


  1. Wow! That is awesome!!! I think his book and the generosity are amazing!!!

    I ALSO think your hubby's work is amazing though... cant wait to see the finished product this summer!


  2. That is so cool! I hope everyone in your family gets better quickly! Merry CHRISTmas (a few days late)!

  3. Birthing Land here is slow also. I am at work today and the day has went by soooo slow. Something always happens when it stays slow for a period of time. Hope I'm not here when it happens. LOL. Love the book, wish we could have one of those awesome tree houses.

  4. How totally awesome! How fun and very, very sweet that he contacted you and sent his book.

    I have always loved the idea of living in a tree house... ever since I first saw the original Swiss Family Robinson movie. :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. Awesome!!! I had to go back and read all your other TreeHouse Chronicles! This is something my hubby would LOVE to do! And he's a perfectionist too, lol. :) My handy man built bunkbeds this summer! I was VERY impressed!

  6. How awesome is that!?! I would also love to pack up and move into that treehouse, sweeeet! Can't wait until your hubby finishes yours, it is going to be the talk of the town! :)


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