Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Christmas...

'Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house,

Children's tummies were rumbling, yucky tastes in their mouth

The bedding was heaped in a pile on the floor

In hopes of this flu bug being present NO MORE!


Ugh. Yup...that was our Christmas! Started with Miss E...but we weren't sure what exactly was goin' on with her.

Then, a reprieve for a day...only to start up again, with E.W...last night, just as all of our Christmas company was arriving.

We initiated a "quarantine" room...and soon, Little A. joined him. And, not long after, Baby Girl.

Mr. Wonderful, wasn't feeling he willingly offered to "hold down the fort" with the sickos. I got to mingle and talk and eat...and then I became terrified...

"UGH!! Why did I eat?!!!!!" I was sooooo afraid I was gonna be the next to fall...but (*knocking on wood*) so far, so good.

Needless to wasn't a restful night.

And now...I've gotta crapload of laundry to do (and yes, it is a bit "crappy"). And a house to clean, presents galore to sort, and empty tummies that I need to start "re-feeding"!

Can I take a nap? ;)

Hope your Christmas was all you dreamed it would be! (Stay tuned for a more positive, upbeat, less disgusting post about our Christmas!!)


  1. Oh, yuck! We must have had the same fun! I'm trying to wash every sheet and blanket and towel in our house. Keeping my fingers crossed you don't get it!

  2. Oh no! That stinks (literally). Hope everyone starts to feel better, and that you don't get it too!

  3. That bites! Hope everyone feels better soon and that you don't get it!

  4. sounds like a crappy but happy family. hope you dodge the bullet this time around.

  5. YUCK! We had it last week and the week before. Beware- I thought I was home free...the last person that fell before me was a WEEK prior to my fall. Just as everything started to slow down a bit, whammie. At least I didn't have to share the bathroom. Hope they all feel better soon.

  6. oh no!! So sorry to hear that!!! :( UGH!!


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