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Almost's Earth Day!

Okay, so those that know me, know I'm not exactly an "outdoorsy" kinda gal. Don't get me wrong, I love the great outdoors and appreciate our Earth, I'm just not all tree- huggeryish (wow, that's an interesting word!). But, low and behold...I was an outdoor worker today, my friends! Yup, me and a rake and a whole crap pile of leaves. I impressed even myself with my gumption to make our yard more spring-like and less like, well, autumn. I know I will pay for my hard work tomorrow, but, secretly, deep down inside, I considered it training for the River Rat 5K! Yup, but shhhhh , don't tell anyone, ' cuz they might laugh, maybe nearly as hard as when they find out I've committed to running a race, but not possibly as hard as actually watching me run said race. Huh, that'll be interesting! Happy Earth Day!!

The Lovely Miss E.

Part of my reason to start a blog, was to journal, in some sort of way, the daily happenings, musings, sillies, that I don't want to forget, but am terrible at writing down. So, backing up a bit, here's a great story from our lovely Miss E. One afternoon, E. was quite quiet, almost sad. I couldn't get out of her what was bugging her, but eventually she said, "I'm going to be so sad when you die." Which led to a long discussion on death, how it happens to everyone, how we'll have hopefully lived a long, full life. She brought up her great g-ma who had passed away (some time ago) and I reassured her that "Grandma B lived soooo long. Just think of all the wonderful memories she had and all the good times she celebrated with her family." E. got quiet again, tears welling up in her big, blue eyes, "I'm gonna be REALLY sad when Grandma Barb dies." To which I replied, "So am I." (Mind you, Grandma Barb is one young, act

Networking Mama!

Story goes, that a girl can glean a lot of great advice from her fellow mamas! It's so great hearing what other mom's discover through trial and error, and even better is it that we ENJOY sharing our knowledge! I learned tonight that a little lanolin goes a long way...great for those sore nipples, but also works wonders on sore baby butts! Who knew?! Speaking of sore nipples (I do a little lactation consulting, also), a "miracle cream" (you'll thank me later) that you MUST try is, "All Purpose Nipple Ointment". Oh my, how it worked wonders on my traumatized nipples! You know, when you are at that point when the baby starts crying ' cuz she's hungry, you start crying right along with her ' cuz you know you're in for some major pain?! Yup, give it a shot (it is a prescription, so you'll need to find a knowledgeable provider). Like I said, you'll thank me later! :) Oh, and in case you're wondering, just ' cuz it's &qu

Ahhh, Spring!

And this is what we live for in Minnesota! The glorious days that keep us going through the bitter cold days of winter! What a perfect day...mid 70's, sunshine galore, happy, playful kids getting good and grimy playing outside! Heaven on earth, if I do say so myself! Here's our littlest ray of sunshine, discovering the joys of nature! (I know it looks like fall, with all the hubby blames me for not getting them raked before the snow fell...I beg to differ!) Hard to believe just 16 days ago our world looked like this: So thankful for these wonderful days! Our prayers are with Stellan and his family, hoping they get more answers (and a cure?!!) out in Boston!

Not Usually My Platform...

Okay, so Minnesotans, I have two words for you...SERIOUSLY??!!! (well, that's just one, but it'll do) Al Franken ? We are already portrayed as a bunch of frozen imbeciles by the media, then we have to go and prove them right?! I am (honestly) probably the most "apolitical" person I know, I hate politics. Loathe them. But this is enough to make even me get verbal!! Back as an uninformed, 'cool' college student I did something bad (and no, it doesn't have to do with inhaling). I voted for Jesse Ventura . Yup, I'll admit it. Thought it'd be cool for good ol ' MN to be represented by someone famous. Well, guess what? BAD DECISION!!! However, I learned my lesson...something, apparently, many other Minnesotans did not. Or perhaps they forgot how bad it truly was. Hollywood and politics don't mix. In my opinion, celebrities are a bunch of misinformed, uneducated idiots. Their job is to entertain us, not lead us and make decisions on our behalf.

Taking the Leap...

Oh my gosh, I just did it...I took the leap and am starting my blog! Wondering if I should have "looked before I leaped" and leared more...but figured it's do or die. Been wanting to blog for a while, figured now's as good a time as any! My hope is that I can use this blog to vent, brag, cry, boast, laugh and share. This is my blog, and this is my little life...