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As we sit here in Minnesota, digging out from an epic spring snowstorm, it's easy to get down and out about the weather. It can feel like spring is never going to come and we have just entered into eternal winter, like Narnia. Only, we know better. We've done this before and sure, last year at this time we had green grass and flip flops, but we KNOW it is going to turn. And if we just take a moment to appreciate the really is amazing. Yes, I'd much rather have birds chirping and flowers blooming but gracious...have you ever stopped to soak in the warmth of the sun after getting walloped by a spring snow? It is glorious.  There is something kind of amazing in feeling the warmth of the sun from above while the earth around you is blanketed in cold. I'm getting anxious for those flip flops...but for now, I'll just be content with the beauty around me.