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Don't Judge

Here I am, blogging 6 days...SIX DAYS!!!...after my last post. What kind of a resolutionist am I??? Not a very good one. (Don't judge.) Forgive me though, I was up to my eyeballs in planning and let me tell you, my friends, we pulled of a great event! It was such a fun evening...of course, I am a bit biased, but dangit, it was a good time! We don't have any firm numbers in, but I'm thinking we will at least hit what we did last year. I'm hoping we'll come out ahead of last year, but I'm not gonna be greedy! "As good as" is good enough for me! Let me tell you something about me...I give this event my all. Near the end, nearly every waking minute I have is spent thinking things through. "Did we remember to do this?" or "Did someone remember to ask that?" or "Did we print this or copy that or scan this or fax that..." and OH MY GOSH I start to keep notes when I wake up at night because if I don't I wake up in

Home Stretch

Well...tonight was the last official meeting before our big event on Friday. We hammered out some details, firmed up our timeline, and drank a little wine. I need to tell you all something...if ever you find yourself planning a gigantic event, gather amazing, strong, fun women to have by your side. We have fun...and (forgive my language) we get shit done. What more could you ask for?! I'm nervous and excited and I think I need something new to wear because what good is a big event if it doesn't include the opportunity to wear something new and cute?! ;) Shhhhhh...don't tell my husband.  Everything is coming auction, silent auction,'s exciting to see everyone pull together to make this event happen. It makes me happy that we have so many generous people willing to donate their time, talents, and lot's of amazing items. I can't wait to tell you how it all goes down! Okie dokie...I've got kids that need to start their

Finances and Grown-up Stuff

I'm sure I've mentioned it here a time or two, but I'll say it again: I was wired to be a stay-at-home mom. It is truly my dream job. So, when we had a financial advisor dude come over tonight to talk about grown-up stuff like retirement and he asked us "At what age would you like to retire?", I was all, "Well...I turn 40 in a couple of weeks. So...40?" I'm not quite sure that was exactly the answer he was looking for. In any event, I guess it's good that we're planning so that someday we CAN actually retire, right? And then he asked us stuff like "what do we want to do when we're retired" and you know what? I couldn't really come up with anything more concrete than, "Not work?". We are headed to Colorado in a few weeks to go skiing...what better way to celebrate "The Old Age of Youth" than to send yourself careening down a mountain on a couple of plastic sticks strapped to your feet? The good new

High Maintenance? Perhaps...

I've been searching for a pair of navy blue flats...I've had my eye on Lucky Emmies, because: Tieks, gah. I can't bring myself to spend that much $$ on a pair of dang flats! Boots? Maybe...but flats? Heck to the no. So, I decided to just go ahead and order the Emmies online last week, only, if I spent a little more money I got free shipping so WHY NOT TWO EMMIES?! Yes, I'm glad you agree. Let me tell you an interesting (some might say, "high maintenance") fact about myself. I love...I ADORE...ordering shoes online and you wanna know why? Because 99.9% of the time they arrive in pristine and pure form and have never, ever touched the foot of another human being. It's like some soul satisfying thing for me to slip my foot into a shoe that no one else's stinky foot has ever touched. (I know, I poor husband has to put up with me. Poor guy.) Back to my, my navy ones arrive and just like always, I sighed a sigh of utter contentmen

Well then...

Well now, look at me, rocking my "blog everyday" resolution. Why do I set such lofty goals?! Ugh. Also: this is why I never choose "working out" as my resolution...because 37 seconds into it I'd be all, "nah...too much work, please pass the chips." In my defense, life is INSANE right now...insane with a dose of PMS to top it off. So yes, you SHOULD feel sorry for my husband right now. And my kids. And my co-workers. And pretty much anyone that looks at me or crosses my path or BREATHES THE SAME DAMN AIR AS ME. Because it sucks to be them. During our event meeting tonight I realized that the big day is next Friday. Ahem. Did you hear that? NEXT Friday! I just lost a week of my life and suddenly OH MY GOSH everything has suddenly become super urgent. Urgent as in, it should've been done last week. Interesting tidbit: we suddenly have more empty bottles of wine in our recycling than usual. Don't get me wrong, though...I enjoy organiz

It's Friday the 13th!!!

Today was like a weird time warp...I got to work, turned around and suddenly it was lunchtime?! Then, I swear to you, it took 17 hours, SEVENTEEN HOURS, to go from lunchtime until the end of the day. What the heck. In the future, I'd prefer my days go much like this morning did...lightening fast! Anyway...happy Friday the 13th! I'm feeling bad for my L&D friends right now. Friday the 13th AND a full moon??? Ugh. I can't imagine what tonight will be like...but I guess I'll find out because I work there tomorrow morning! Yahoo! I think? I have this weird love/hate with my hospital they are approaching, I sort of dread them, but then I get there it's totally different...I enjoy it and the time flies! I was asked if I was going to Five Question Friday again...and you know what? I think I will! Maybe not every Friday, but that was fun, wasn't it?! Off I go to a hockey game! See you tomorrow (but really, probably Sunday)! M.

Day 11

Here's something you may or may not know about husband and I teach religion classes for a class of 9th graders in our parish. It's equally exhausting and exhilarating. These kids. One moment something amazing and deep and enlightening comes out of their mouths and the next moment they're suddenly talking about SnapChat and nicknames and OHMYGOSH I HAVE PHYED FOR TWO HOURS!  I can't keep up. Well, I mean...I lie. I guess I can. I get sucked up into their sidetracks so quickly I don't know what hit me and pretty soon I find myself trying to find a lesson in what they were talking about but realizing that in NO WAY does it pertain to what we were talking about before the sidetrack and then I just defer to my patient husband. Who sits there shaking his head at me. Please send help. For my husband...he could use a more focused teaching partner! ;) We teach in our house, which leads to a really nice, relaxed, conversational approach to teaching...but a

Day 10

I bet you all thought, "Oh sure, EVERYDAY, M.???" and that I was about to go two whole days with no blog post, right?! Well, have no fear! Your Day 10 blog post is here! It's been a couple of long days...if I've said it once, I've said it a million times, sweet young mamas, embrace these newborn/infant/toddler days. You think they are busy and exhausting, now, but I would give ANYTHING for just one day when my kiddos were itty bitty. When our worries were about whether we were going to have mac and cheese for lunch (again) and if I would be able to coordinate nap times successfully (usually not). Sigh...such is life. And growing up is good too. (*Gulp*...look at my babies!!! Waaaaaaah!!! Oh, and my adorable itty bitty nephew, too!) I guess. ;) Anyway, yes. Busy. Crazy. Work, activities, friends, 21st birthday parties (no not mine, but you're so sweet for thinking so! Oh...wait...nevermind...), committees, school fundraisers, HOCKEY. Gah.  This, m

Day 8

When I said "everyday", you didn't think I meant EVERYday, everyday, did you? Yesterday I was home for one hour...ONE hour before we came home for the night, I showered and hit the sack. I was tiiiiiiired. Worked a hospital shift (yup, I still do that whole Labor and Delivery thing...I just can't seem to give it up!), came home, snuck in a 45 minute power nap, headed to the arena for a concession stand shift, then watched my hockey player play, went out for a late supper, and whoa.   It was a long day. So, some of you that know me may be scratching your head thinking, "Hockey? Really?"...yup. We succumbed. Our 13 year old broke us down and talked us into letting him play youth hockey. It's been the best and worst decision we've ever made. Worst because: Hockey life. Ugh. (No down time, no free weekends, lots of dedicated time, blergh.) Best because: It turns out this kiddo has some passion and skill for the game. For a first year skater

Day 6

My babe. Just when I start to feel like the sand is slipping through my fingers and my babies are growing up too fast, something like this happens: She followed me into the bathroom (because: OF COURSE I can't pee in peace) after school one day, snuggled into her cozy blanket. I did my business and went to waste a few split seconds on my phone to chill after work, figuring she'd follow me out. Before long I realized she hadn't come out...I went to check on her and there she was, sound asleep on the bathroom floor. And then today. Curled up on her chair in her bedroom, fast asleep while waiting to go to her brother's hockey game (THAT is another post for another day. Hockey, that is...). These moments ground me...they make me realize that while I am sad that my babies are growing so fast, that they are still just that: My babies. They always will be. See you tomorrow! M.

Day 5

Ugh. Here I sit, once again typing from my phone and cursing myself for not bringing my charger home from work. But alas, a New Year's Resolution is a New Year's Resolution and BLOG I MUST.   It's been fun hearing from those of you who claimed you "missed my blogging"...makes me happy that once upon a time I maybe made you laugh, or cry, or shake your fist at my writing! I feel like there are so many reasons that led to my decrease in writing...SO. MANY. Where do I even start? Let's start with the one most obvious to me...and probably most difficult to speak to, because I'm a pleaser. Please I must and if I don't please, GOOD GRACIOUS it eats at me. Here is a morsel of honesty for you, and for those that know me in real life, PLEASE take no offense! Remember, me = pleaser...and don't stop reading, either...okay, back to that morsel of honesty: I preferred to blog when I was more anonymous. It seemed that as more and m

Day 4 (aka I've Officially Blogged as Much as I Did in ALL of 2016)

Quick PSA before we get started: Blogger needs to bring their app back. While it wasn't super fantastic, it sure beats typing on my phone on a NOT mobile friendly website. Blergh. Now that I've got that out of the way, can I tell you a little story about just exactly WHY I'm blogging from my phone? Well, you dark and stormy night (alright, wasn't at all dark or stormy, but I just like to liven things up in here sometimes!) I was working on my computer. I vividly recall asking my youngest babe to grab my charger, as I was about to run outta juice, so I finished up, and like the Type A person that I am (or, you know, NOT) I unplugged the charger from the computer, but left the charger plugged into the wall. Fast forward several days to when I am attempting to (hurriedly) get my Christmas cards addressed and GOSH DANGIT I can't find my charger anywhere. ANY. WHERE. No where to be found.  The next day, my hubby loses his phone. As in,

Day 3

Happy Mondaytuesday, my friends! Mondaytuesdays really aren't that great, are they? I mean, I guess in the big picture it means you don't have a MONDAY Monday, but still. Blech. Tossed right back into reality after a glorious Christmas break. I've been thinking a lot I the only one that feels slightly conflicted emotions at the start of a new year? I'm equal parts excited to see what the year holds and terrified. I don't always remember being fearful of a new year and I think I can trace that feeling back to when my brother-in-law died. It really brought to light how fleeting time is and how so much can change in a split second...then, when you think about how many "split seconds" there are in a year? Well, that grips my heart with fear. And so, I pray. I pray that God protects us from harm. I pray we all have good health. And I pray that my heart can be at peace. That I can live in the moment and appreciate all the good and the fun a

Resolutions, Take 2

Well, lookie two of the New Year and WHO IS ROCKING HER RESOLUTION??? This girl. This girl who turns the big 4-0 in exactly one month from today. You know, I used to always think that when I turned 40 I'd want my husband to throw me a big surprise party (that probably wouldn't surprise me because I'm always suspicious), replete with black balloons and a yucky commercial cake.  Turns out, I was wrong. Like, WAY wrong. As of today, we have officially started looking into a vacation. And those that know me well are probably thinking a tropical vacation somewhere with white sand beaches and sunshine for days, but nope. Not that. We are looking at...GET THIS...a ski vacation!! Yup, pricing out airfare and accomodations in Colorado because I have never ever seen a mountain in my entire life and I've always had this pull to go to Colorado so why not knock two items off my bucket list in one trip (moutains and Colorado)?! I'm excited. And a little

Resolutions, Take 1

Happy New Year! As I was contemplating the New Year, you know, resolutions and such, and deciding I wasn't really much of a resolution setter, it dawned on me that I have a great resolution to make. One that I might (possibly) be able to stick to...get back to writing. On this blog. Yes, my friends, my 2017 New Year's Resolution is to blog...every day. Seeing as how it is 11:14pm on January 1st and I am just now getting to my blog post, this appears as though it may be a more difficult challenge that I initially thought, but I'm gonna try my dardest! You may hear mundane things, you may hear controversial things, funny things and sad things, meandering thoughts and useless information, but blog I will! Mostly, because I truly miss writing and this was my "outlet" for so long. Perhaps one of my 2017 posts will take a look at the things that happened that caused my little corner of the web to become a dust bunny collecting space of emptiness...perhaps. Only