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What NOT to do in the hospital...Talkin' Shop.

Yo!! If you've learned anything from my Talkin ' Shop posts (click for a direct link to all of my prior TS posts!) you'll know that I love to fill you in on the side of labor and delivery most people don't see, or, heck, even know exists. This, my a "What NOT to Do" post. Listen up. You hear me? ARE YOU LISTENING???? Okay then. Now that I have your attention... First things first, do NOT, whatever you do, miss out on ENJOYING your birth! Try not to get caught up in worry and fear of the unknown...birthing a babe is the most amazing thing in the whole world, do NOT let anything overshadow that. Next, do NOT forget to brush your teeth. Many, many times during labor. Or, at the very least, suck on a mint. Just don't choke on it...there's too much paper work involved in that sort of thing. Try not, if you can at all help it, to name your sweet, lovely, unborn, unsuspecting newborn: "Vitamin". Please. Just...well, just please. Remem

Dear Friends...

So as not to cause you undue worry and concern, I'm giving you an update on my concussion boy. Oh, had no idea of the concussion saga? Well then, apparently you need to follow me on Twitter. ;) It's kind of a long I'll try not to be too wordy. goes: Friday night, my boy complains of a headache. Saturday morning he wakes up early (and by early I mean, I wasn't awake when he left at the God awful hour of 6 am...I mean who invented 6 am anyway?! I hear by call to abolish 6am...any ' yays '?) and leaves to go to a football game. I pick him up from said football game when the bus delivered him to the high school at 3 pm. He was quiet, droopy, and smelly. Not talkative, at all, but that's not overly unusual for him. We drop off his friend, and The Pal tells me he feels wonky and that he took a "helmet to helmet" hit at the game. Being he looks so punk, I feel his forehead and lo and behold...he's warm! We get home a


My home is a mess of boom trucks: Curious kids: Wigged out dogs: An escapee mouse: (PS...hairy stuff is not from mouse, it is from the bottom of the couch. Don't ask.) And a boogery, sneezy, cranky, sweaty, tired mama : Image unavailable. I did not want to be responsible for the peeing in of pants and/or the possibility of computer monitor breakage. You're welcome. Please send help. And a bottle of wine Zyrtec.

It's time for a Date...ACHOOOO!!

Hello, friends. This is Mama M., reporting live from the "Epic Allergy Attack of 2010". * ACHHHOOOOOO ! Please excuse me, if I sneeze. * ACHHHOOOOO ! Currently, I'm wondering where a body metabolizes Zyrtec, ' cuz I'm thinking that maybe if I take the whole bottle, then, perhaps, I'll be able to stop this sneezing and sniffling and red runny eye business I've got goin' on. And, I'm sort of at the point where I'm thinking that the risk of needing, say, a liver transplant would be worth a little relief from this. I kid. Sort of. I've taken to wearing my N95 mask from work and a space suit when I go outside. Yes, I may look funny, but I'll do what it takes to prevent that damn pollen from getting near me. In fact, speaking of space...maybe I'll move. To Mars. I hear there are no trees there. Or grass. Or ragweed or goldenrod or whateverthehell it is that is making me sneeze 8,936,173 times a day. Ack ! I'm sorry for whining...I

Happy Birthday...

to you... Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear mine mama...Happy Birthday to you! Happy "Diamond Platinum" Birthday, mom!

Five Question Friday! 8/27/10

It's Frrrriiiiiiddddaaaayyyyy !!! Welcome to Five Question Friday! know, in case I haven't mentioned it's the last day to vote for my video submission on YouTube ! Ack !! I'm a bundle of is SUCH a close, pretty pretty please, vote for me?! I can not believe that we are in our last weeks of "summer" quotes, ' cuz I always feel like summer ends when school begins...even tho' "technically" it doesn't! Makes me wanna cry just a little bit. I don't like summer to end. :( The Mr. and I went to a (?) last night, and I'm afraid a fire has been lit under his back side. Friends...I am sooooo not cut out to be a politician's wife. I will have to go to some sort of "finishing school" for political wives or something, if he should ever run for office. Heaven help us all (from me, not him. He'd be great. Me...not so much.). Anywho , onto Five Question

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Hey friends! I can't believe it's Thursday already! And you know what that means? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! (Bet you didn't see that one coming!) But...tomorrow isn't just ANY old's also the LAST day for "Liking" my YouTube video for the Tasteful Selections contest I'm in! I could really use your's a close race! Here is the link ( ) for the video, and need to be signed into YouTube in order for your "Like" to count ! You guys are the greatest! And, thanks for helping me out on this one! Alright...well, it's time for the Thursday Night Sneak Peek for Five Question Friday! This post is your chance to get the questions ahead of time and get your post all ready to link up when I post the linky on Friday morning! Rules for 5 QF : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then go to YouTube to vote for my video. (I kid. I KID!! Well, I

This is a Public Service Announcement...

These, are your kids (well, they're mine...but for fun, let's just pretend, ' kay ?)... These are your kids on drugs. Any questions? No? Well, lemme tellya something anyway...Dramamine. It's your best travel companion. Let that be a lesson learned. You're welcome. Back to regular programming now...

Oh give me a home...

Where the buffalo roam... This little guy (girl?) better watch out...he (she?) picked a bad angle to nurse from!! Awww...I'm kinda missing South Dakota...and all those buffalo (is the plural of buffalo, buffalo? Or would it be, buffaloes? buffalae? )...and that amazing blue sky!