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The Night my World got Turned Upside Down.

Last night, I was minding my own business...casually surfing the web, possibly, maybe, perhaps, but I'll never tell for sure, looking for a giant tub of Nutella . (Courtesy Google Images) As visions of Nutella (with sparkly pink heart bubbles floating around it) danced in my head, I stumbled upon a site . (Say that..."a site"...with the most disgust and disdain you can possibly muster.) A site that suggested that Nutella was not pronounced "NUH-tella" but, actually, "NEW-tella". WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??!?! What does this all mean? What is this world coming to? I cried. And prayed. Then cried some more...and took it to Twitter . I had to know...was I the only one living in the dark? Dear Nutella Dudes: I realize you're from Italy, or Germany, or, you know, one of those countries over there...but c'mon! I just spend the best part of my adult life calling your product "NUH-tella"...and think about it! It only makes sense!! It is made with "

And, sometimes, I wonder...

Why I can't keep my house clean... Why, no matter how hard I try... I just can't stay on top of it. Snicker wrappers on a high up shelf? Seriously, dudes...the garbage is way easier to reach.

4500 Calories? Psh...

I ate that 4500 calories for breakfast! Twice! For real...what is it about Thanksgiving that turns a stomach into a bottomless pit? I have no willpower. Another serving of mashed potatoes? YES PLEASE!! Another helping of stuffing? WHERE DO I SIGN?! H ow 'bout another piece of pie? YES, YES, YES!!! I need new pants. In a size 87, please. But, man, oh man, was it worth it! The Annual Football Game was a blast, with a shoulder injury (no, not case you were reading my Twitter feed from last night...) but nothin ' else! We played a mean game of charades: I taught everyone how to make their crystal ring (okay, so I really didn't...they figured it out themselves...): There were plays written by the tweens : Baby Girls backlit by Christmas trees: And siblings/cousins (to be?) ;) all snuggled up: I love this time of the year...size 87 pants and all!

Holiday Gift Guide Blog Hop! Week 4..."Favorite Children's Toys""

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, ev'ry where I go..." I LOVE IT! Tree's up, smells like fresh cut balsam in here, lights twinkling, kids's fabulous. Simply, fabulous. <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a> Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday...the pressure of gift buying isn't there, but the celebration with family over good food and great fun is ever present! And, nothing says "Get Shopping!!!" like the end of Thanksgiving, right?!! This week's theme for our Holiday Gift Guide is: "Favorite Children's Toys...Bonus for Battery-free"!! I'm gonna toss out two of our favorites...then throw in some other ideas of things our kids like to, get your writing pens out,

Five Question Friday! 11/26/10

*Big, long, contented sigh*...what a great day! Great food, fun with family, lot's of laughter, a little charades...perfect! I'm full, I'm tired, and I'm thinking about doing a little on-line Black Friday shopping after I get this posted! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Now...onto Five Question Friday!! Rules for Five Question Friday : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky to appear Friday morning and link up! (I'll make sure to get this week's up bright and early for all you Black Friday shoppers...possibly even a bit after midnight?!) Question for Friday, November 26th : Today's Questions all come right off the top of my wee lil ' brain! (PS...feel free to come to my community to offer up your best question suggestions...we're in need of some new ones! ) 1. What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? 2. Are you a host or a guest for Thanksgiving this year? 3. When you t

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I realize that many of you are probably stuffing yourselves full of turkey and stuffing and gravy and pie and potatoes and more pie and turkey sandwiches and cranberries, and you'll probably not have much time for 5 QF ...but, for anyone that didn't want to miss out...this one's for YOU!! ;) We're gonna do a Thanksgiving theme this original, huh? Remember that this is just a preview post...your chance to see the questions ahead of time and get your post ready to go for tomorrow's (Black Friday!!) linky post! Rules for Five Question Friday : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky to appear Friday morning and link up! (I'll make sure to get this week's up bright and early for all you Black Friday shoppers...possibly even a bit after midnight?!) Question for Friday, November 26th : Today's Questions all come right off the top of my wee lil ' brain! (PS.


For my loving man, Thankful for my great big clan. Thankful for these blessings galore, Thankful that life's not a bore. Thankful for a job I love , Thankful for blessings from above. Thankful for a big, full belly , Thankful for deodorant, so I'm not so smelly. Thankful for my awesome friends , Thankful that I don't wear Depends . Thankful for my happiness, Thankful that I am so blessed . Thankful for this wonderful life, Thankful that my husband has such a wonderful wife. ;) Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The Day I Schmoozed Nintendo...

I'm not a schmoozer. I can't talk someone down on price to save my soul. I end up feeling bad for them, 'cuz, you know, they're working so hard to rob me of my money, that it makes me feel rotten. Here is a typical wheel and deal Mama style: Car dealer: "Well, ma'am (gosh, how I wanted to type "miss" there...but it seems those days are over for me...sigh, this getting old thing sucks...), have I gotta deal for you! I'll sell you this here, three wheeled, rusted out, broken heatered VEE-hicle for $13,000!!" (Courtesy Google Image) Me: *clears throat* "Do you think you'd take...*shuffles feet*...well, um...I wonder if you'd consider accepting...*averts eyes, wipes sweaty palms on pants*...gosh, sir...I just *heart racing, nervously*...well I...BAH!! CAN I GIVE YOU MY LIFE SAVINGS FOR IT???!!!!" *begins crying, feeling guilty about the money I just tried to take away from this poor man's family!* Yeah...that's about how

Blast from the Past.

I love coming across old photos. They make me feel all nostalgic and warm and fuzzy. So, here's one for you... My two biggest boys...back when they liked each other: (Dear iPhoto: Please communicate more quickly with Blogger. Those red eyes that I edited out right before uploading? Look...they're still there. All my best, Mama.)

Oh no.

I think it's starting. THE PLAGUE. It's weaseling it's way into my home. As. we. speak. The start of drippy noses. Sneezes. A cough here and there. Much more waking at night by random children than is usual. I tried, for quite awhile, to chalk it up to anything else...the fireplace? Oak allergies. The fantastic cleaning I've been doing lately? Stirring up dust. Heck, I even considered a snow allergy. But, I think it's time I face the music. This Thanksgiving might just be a snotty one.

There's Something I haven't Told You.

My boy... That handsome lad, shot himself a deer! Last year, he took two deer within minutes of each other (and I inadvertantly made it sound like he took two deer with one shot...I meant, it just took one shot apiece, as opposed to the, ahem, more than two that it takes the Mr.) ;), after only being in the stand for about 20 minutes each time. This year, it was just a little guy. I'd show you pictures, but they're...well...they're nasty and bloody and gory and the kind of thing that makes small children weep. Look, see? I told, I'll spare you the images. And now, we're in the same boat as last year. Deer meat. In our freezer. And, I can't do it...I just can't! I've tried eating venison...and, honestly, it doesn't taste too bad, but then I get this image in my head: (Courtesy Google Images) And I'm done for. I can feel that meat try to climb up out of my if it wasn't hard enough getting it to go down the first time! Which