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Our Christmas (almost) Disaster.

It was the eve of Christmas Eve...the children were scattered about the house, playing nicely, the Mr. had just made a run to my parent's to deliver some crock-pots when Baby Girl cocked her ear to the side and said, "Who's crying, mama?". "No one is crying, hon, that's Belle singing." (She was in the shower, singing away.) And that's when I heard it...coming up the stairs...crying. From Dubya...and stammering, "Mom, I...I didn't mean to...I..."...and I said, panic rising in my chest, "You didn't WHAT?". Hambone, who had accompanied Dubya up the stairs said, "Mom, something hit the TV." Now...let's back up just a sec... For the first time ever, in our whole lives, the Mr. and I went shopping on Black Friday. There was a great deal on TVs at Sam's Club and we thought, "what the heck, let's see if we can get one". See, we've lived our entire adult lives with junk. A TV that I rec

A Simple Little Prayer...

That is so incredibly powerful. We just celebrated our annual Christmas soiree with my amazing friend, Dr. J, and her family. One thing that is awesome (one of MANY) about our friendship, is that we were raised with and continue to share the same faith. So, we can talk about faith without it being "weird" or awkward, just like we can all pray the same prayer at supper time without worrying if it makes one or the other feel uncomfortable. It's an easy friendship in so many ways! J. was telling us a story and in the story she mentioned a prayer that she says on her way to work every morning. It went something like this: "God, please let my eyes be your eyes, let my hands be your hands, and let my ears be your ears." J is a family physician, so these words are powerful to her profession...but it was what they can mean to ALL of us that really resonated with me. I really started to think about these words and the power they hold for our daily life and WOW

I Did It!!

You guys? I'm done, I'm done, I'M DONE!!!!!!!! Didja hear that? I'M DONE!!!!! Presents purchased, wrapped, and under the tree. Can't believe it. First time ever that I've been done with time to spare! Only...I have baked a single, solitary Christmas treat. Hoping to do that over the next few evenings/days! Two more days of work and then I get to experience my first Christmas break in over 14 years! So. Flipping. Excited!!!

Nursing...Open the Door to Incredible Opportunities With Kaplan!

This post is brought to you by Kaplan and BlogHer . When I became a nurse, I did so with the knowledge that I was going into a field that was stable and secure...what I didn't realize at the time were the incredible amounts of career opportunities that exist in the field of nursing! For nearly 15 years, I held a job in a field that I loved...helping mom's bring babies into the world. family grew, my kids' lives got busier, my priorities started to change and before I knew it, hospital nursing wasn't quite as appealing as it once was. Enter: JOB OPENING: School Nurse. I'll admit I was a little hesitant leaving the safety net of the only type of nursing I had ever known (and a job I truly loved), but I was ready. I was ready for a change AND

Giving Thanks...

I know I'm over week late to the game, but don't they say you should count your blessings EVERY day, not just on the "big ticket" ones? Yeah, I'm rollin' with that. (Really, I just have some cute pictures from Thanksgiving that I want to show you!) :) First up, this little man. He warms my heart. Absolutely, positively, the most amazing little guy.  Remember him here ? Crazy that he's already 1. I think it's time they had another...they did so well with the first one that there needs to be a sequel. :) Then, there's this little girl. This little munchkin that was never in "our" plans but THANK GOODNESS God had a better vision than we! This guy. *Swoon* Hot damn, he lights my fire. This dude. His "official" senior can he be over 1/4 of the way through his senior year. Hard to believe that at this time next year, he'll be away at college, preparing for finals week. *

Sweet Munchkin...

I went through a busy spurt with photos this fall...right in the midst of the job change and everything, but dang, when I get to capture things like this: It really makes all the extra work worth it! This little peanut was so fun to photograph!


(No, I'm not pregnant...) It's SNOWING!!!!!!! And we're getting a good amount!! As they say... "It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!" Eeeeek!! Back to regular scheduled programming...

I'm Ready.

I've come to a conclusion...I can't possibly live anywhere other than MinneSOOOOOta. Here I am, absolutely, positively DYING for snow. Like, DY-ING. It is cold as heck out (well, not really, 'cuz as a true Minnesotan, I know it's gonna get a heckuva lot colder) and you know, if it's gonna be cold as heck, we might as well have some snow to make everything prettier. That first "real" snow fall is so magical. Quiet and sparkly and stunning. I can't wait...not to mention the snow days that sometimes come along with the snowfall. An extra day with my kiddos? HECK YES! The funny thing is, check back here sometime around April 1st or so, and you'll be hearing an entirely different tone from'll be more along the lines of "I am SOOOOOO ready for this snow to be gone!". Guess you just can't please us Minnesotans!! :) This time last year (November 23rd, to be exact): C'mon Mother Nature...BRING IT!

10 Years Ago.

10 years ago, I had just spent my first night at home as a mother of three. I was exhausted, emotional, and totally and completely in love with the adorable bundle of blue in my arms. Sweet Dubya was the most amazing baby. Chubby, laid back, self soothing, happy, and cute as a gosh dang bug's ear.  We won't talk about the turn of events that happened when he turned 18 it was like somebody flipped a switch and my laid back baby became a bulldozer of a toddler and his mantra (you know, IF 18 month olds had mantras) was "WRECK ALL THE THINGS!!".  Good thing he was so cute...and that sweet little "side dimple" near his temple would peek out every time he got that twinkle in his eye and grinned mischievously and gosh, how do you get mad at that?! Darn side dimple. Gets a guy out of trouble every time. 10 years. One decade. I have been blessed immensely by being this amazing boys mama. I am so very proud of his huge, tender hea

Wedding Miscellany

Have I mentioned that my bestie got married? Or that I was a "co-MOH" ("co-maid of honor")? Oh...I have? Well then...aren't YOU in luck that you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! :) Have I got some photos for you! So fun. So sweet. So full of love and joy...this weekend was magically perfect. To see my best friend so incredibly happy and loved? It makes my heart so full. And to have experienced all of the joy and love and fabulousness, first hand? I'm blessed. Let me just give you a smattering of photos...the camera was not (clearly, since I'm *gasp* actually in some of the photos) often in my hand, but I think my hubby did a pretty good job of capturing the merriment! Morning prep: Wedding entrance with the bride's amazing son, I met this handsome kid when he was just a tiny little tot who bounced like Tigger.  "Secret" handshake: Eye swipe: (Blurry) Disco point: AND THE BEAUTIF