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Not Me! Monday!

I don't know how it happens...but, Monday always comes so fast.

Too fast.

I'm joining in today's Not Me! Monday fun...'cuz I actually have something to contribute today!! Oh, and, um...I'm totally NOT promoting my Lucy the Lamb giveaway! Make sure you don't check it out...'cuz she's not the cutest, cuddliest little thing evah!!

My hubby is off on some much needed and much deserved "guy time"...and I did not totally and completely take advantage of his absence and waste waaaayyyyy too much time on the computer, last night! No way would I do such a thing!! Ha! I would spend my time cleaning and doing laundry and scrubbing floors with a way would I waste valuable time on the computer! Not Me!

I do not totally and completely feel like a bumbling idiot (pronounced "ih-jit") with my recently acquired's ruthless. I do not start to edit a photo...only to scrap it within minutes...oh, heck, who am I kidding, within seconds. I do not have a new and complete understanding and sympathy for toddler meltdowns. I mean, gosh...if Photoshop is anything like figuring out how life works when you're two...I totally do not deserve to have a throw myself on the floor, kicking and screaming, boogery, slimy meltdown. Uh, uh...not me!

I am totally not a rule breaker. I follow every rule down to the finest print. I dot my i's and cross my t's. So, it is not me, who is letting my children have a "mental health day" today. No more school, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!! Nope...I wouldn't ever even think about doing something like that. Not me!

It also is not me...who is doing my very darn best to enjoy this Christmas season! I totally did not learn from my "Bah-humbug" Christmas last year...that it just ain't worth it to stress! Christmas is the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"!! And I am soooooooo not focusing on the spirit and meaning of Christmas...and enjoying family and friends and shopping and baking! I mean I am. But this is Not Me! Monday, so I'm not...

Gah!! I confuse myself sometimes!! I mean, I don't confuse myse...

Nevermind...I think here is a good place to stop.

I hope y'all have a fabulastic week!


  1. I also never use my husbands absence to get my computer loving on. My house is spotless while he's away. =)

  2. Number 1. NICE!!
    Your kiddos are lucky, I feel like I need a mental health day or maybe a month.

  3. Wow, you were #1. How did you do that?? You must have stalked MvkMama's page this morning :o) My kids would love me even more if I gave them a mental health day but that means that my mental health would be in danger..LOL. No, my 9 year old is always trying to get perfect attendance so he wouldn't want to stay home.

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Great Not Me Monday! Love your blog!!
    I didn't waste too much time on the computer either....Lol! ;)

  5. If you figure out photoshop perhaps you could help the rest of us. ;)

  6. Waste time on the computer? NOT ME! (fingers crossed)

  7. I love it! :) Did your photoshop come with a scrapbooking CD? If it did, pop it into the computer - it actually is a tutorial on using photoshop step by step!

    Now if only I could FIND where my photoshop CD went, I might be able to use it myself!!

  8. Woo hoo, you were the first person on MckMama's blog hop!!! How'd you manage that???

    Well, you might have just talked me out of asking for Photoshop for Christmas... Back to the drawing board...


  9. I always get confused with Not Me-ing. I'm sure I really confuse my readers, too, if I get confused!!!! And I am trying photoshop... hate to say it, but I am in your ballpark as far as wanting to throw a temper tantrum. I think my computer hates it.

  10. Nice Not Me! I didn't waste any time on the computer either! :-)

  11. Love not me mondays! Hope youll come and enter my giveaway on my blog for some cute hair clips! :)

  12. Haha, I NEVER do any of those things either, mainly wasting time on the internet while the hubs is gone hee hee. Certainly not while my daughter is napping too...that's time to clean and bake from scratch!! :) Haha!

  13. loved it! My husband works night and I NEVER* stay up way too late blogging...nope, not me either.

  14. DUDE! I used to take MHD's all.the.time in High School! I thought I was the only one who called them that!

  15. I enjoyed your "Not Me Monday" post. Keep up the Christmas spirit... it's beautiful :)


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