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My "Worrier"

My Baby Girl is a worrier.

No, not of the "oh, where's my mommy and is she okay" kind...I'm quite certain she couldn't really give a rat's booty where I am or if I'm still alive...she's a that way!

Her worrying is more along the lines of this:

Not the best photo...but, if you look closely, you'll see Mr. Wonderful's shirt, folded just so and tucked inbetween her pudgy little fingers.

She love to worry our shirts...or, yoga pants.'s a yoga pants day. I know, I know...why do I even bother changing out of my jammies, right? Well...makes me feel slightly more put together...wearing yoga pants vs. jammie pants.

You know?

Anywho...she's been a "worrier" today! She'll run off and play, then come back for a quick worry...and then she's off again...only to be back shortly for another little rub.

I love it. It makes me feel like she needs me.

Do you think if I continue to wear jersey knits that she'll always and forever keep running back for a "quick worry"?

'Cuz if so...I might never change...never. ever. ever.


  1. Yes! Hey I still love my "rubbies" (which is more of the silky satiny nature) and I'm 33 years old . . .hey, wait, did I just post that? yup! Anyway, her worrying is TOO adorable! Had way too much fun riling her up yesterday--going to send you that pic of her and little A hiding in the clothes :)

    btw, responded to your comments on my blog--you almost ruined mushrooms for my A, but good taste won out in the end!

  2. She is so adorable!!! I love when they need us...they grow up too fast!!!

  3. how sweet! I wish that worked.. I would find me some "silkie" pants so Emma could worry with me forever... wouldnt that be nice!! :)

  4. Oh, how sweet. Look at her all snuggled up and safe with her daddy! I guess you'll be wearing yoga pants to her graduation, wedding, ect???

  5. Dude..I just switch from one pair of sweats to's like that..

    Anywho..She's sucha sweetie..I could eat her up..kinda like a cupcake..I like those too!

  6. I wouldn't change either!!!

    I love moments like those.

  7. That is so cute!

    My son is a worrier too, but he rubs his thumb nail or digs "holes" in his pants at the crease in his knees.

    Cherish it while she is still needing you!

  8. I enjoy the worry time now...because i know it will be gone as fast as it came!

  9. I can't wait until the babe is in her cuddly phase...she just isn't there quite yet.


  10. Yup, I would never change, ever! Also, I am so with you on the yoga/jammie thing, it really does make a difference no matter what the hubby says! :)

  11. That's so sweet...I love a cuddler.

  12. By the way, there is something at my blog for you...

    Sorry, being a newbie, I forgot to do the notifying.

  13. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mom hangin out in my jammie pants/sweats.

    I love the worrying thing... she's too super cute!

  14. Hey Dupa--I just gave you an award--hop over to my blog to check it out (and you don't have to follow the rules--not that you would anyway :)

  15. That is so sweet. I love that age so much. We had to give up pacis (kind of on accident) and I feel like I've lost my babe forever. Maybe the knits will work. :)

  16. I love that. Boo was that same way with fleece when she was younger, only she came often with shocks!


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