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Sunday Serenade...

"I know it late. I know you're lonely. I know your plans, don't include me. But still here we are. Both of us * hmm hmm * *la da dee daaaa *, why don't you stay?" :) Didja like it? I've got a wonderful singing voice. Perhaps you've heard it before ? Anyway. Weekend = LOVE! Had a great one. Discovered that our garden is going to be bountiful (as long as this "early blight" doesn't wipe out our tomatoes...), enjoyed our church bazaar, celebrated my father-in-law's (should that be capitalized?) 70 th birthday, and discovered something. Something good. Something good for me . See, I've long thought I hated running. Ranked it right up there with bike riding (I'd rather poke myself in the eyes with hot pokers while sliding down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol, than ride a bike. It hurts me butt bones.). But I've had enough with being lumpy. I have a destination wedding to attend in 5 months. On a beach. In Mexico. I WILL

Monkey See...

Monkey Do. There is nothing better than plunging yourself into the depths of the Mississippi on a scorching hot Minnesota day. Nothing. And this is why I don't want summer to end. totally need to check this Rocket Club song out. Describes MinneSOOOOta/MinneSOOOOtans poifectly. LOVE it.

Five Question Friday!! 7/29/11

Hey there, hi there, ho there! This week has been all goofed up for me, my work schedule was different and it totally threw it doesn't feel like Friday! Well, Teya (aka "calfie") has been successfully moved to her new (old) home back on the farm. More on that later. I can not believe that it's almost August. I am so not ready for summer to be over. Our spring seemed to last forever, so I feel like summer just began. And I am DEFINITELY NOT ready for school to start. Anyway, before the weekend gobbles me up and poops me out like some bad Mexican food, let's get this Five Question Friday party going! Welcome to 5QF, new and old! I hope you will enjoy yourself...I have found the 5QF is my "get out of jail free" card for blogging. A post that is fun and easy to do! Rules for 5 QF : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear on Friday morning! Questions for Friday, July 29th: (Spec

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

OHMAHGOSH!! I almost forgot about the Sneak Peek, what with moving calfie and all. Okay, quick one. Down and dirty. For you Five Question Friday newbies, welcome! This is your chance to get a sneak peek at the questions for tomorrow's Five Question Friday link up! Rules for 5 QF : Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear on Friday morning! Questions for Friday, July 29th: (Special thanks to @katieb38 , @ByGollyMsHolly , @MarandaLamping , Sandy , and Pam for their question suggestions! Wanna be linked in a future Five Question Friday? Well, c'mon over to my community or watch for my Twitter shout out on Thursday mornings and offer up your best question suggestions! Remember to @5crookedhalos me using hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!) 1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay? 2. W hat sound/s annoy you the most? 3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids? 4. Do've gotta check this out!

Several weeks ago, I was surfing around for some reasonable backgrounds for doing photography work. For whatever reason, I was drawn to etsy , and soon I discovered the work of " photopropguy ". I was entirely intrigued by what he called "2 FERs ", but I was hesitant. A "2FER" is a background that is 3 1/2ft wide x 6 ft long, with a background on the top 3ft and a faux floor on the bottom 3ft. They are made from a sturdy polyvinyl paper that is tear (more on that in a second...) and water (blot, don't rub) resistant. I worried that it would be too small and/or hard to work with or limiting, but I LOVED the looks that were offered with them, so I shot him a message, and soon we had an agreement, "A 2FER for a review". Fast forward through shipping and several photoshoots , and I am in love. L-O-V-E. The 2FER is perfectly perfect for children's photography. I love the multitude of options available on photopropguy's etsy site...and I

Sneak Peek...

Just today... A photoshoot with my Goddaughter! LOVE the turquoise with her eyes...and pay close attention to the background. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Dental Drama.

Now, before you come to conclusions that I'm horrible with my kids teeth, I'm not. They just drew the short straw when it comes to teeth. They go the dentist every 6 months, no fail, they brush every night...the thing I slack on is flossing. And fluoride . I am convinced that fluoride definitely makes teeth stronger. Let me tell you why...we've always had well water where we live. Well water = non-fluoridated. City water = fluoridated . Save for a "defect", the Pal has had no cavities, and was consuming fluoridated water while I attended college. Our four younger kids? All of 'em, ev'ry single one of 'em, are country bumpkins. Even when we lived in a development, it was still well water. I didn't believe fluoride was that important...and I've learned my lesson. Belle and EW have already dealt with cavities. And then some. So, a while ago Belle had a cavity filled. Then, within the last year, she developed a cavity ON TOP of that filling, and

Joe...Part Two.

First things first, my friends, let's clear something up. Kelli...Joe is OURS. Hands off. You hear? Don't you be wooing him over to those dang (but awfully dashing) pinstripes with promises of World Series and stuff, mkay? OURS. End of story. ;) And, Andrea. Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. Mauer. Joe Mauer. 6 feet 5 inches of pure, athletic handsomeness. *swoon* Okay, onto the "rest of the story"! So, we get to the game, and, mind you, the Pal is a HUGE baseball fan so he's ticked that we get to go and he's staying home, and I text him a picture from our seats, asking "How're these for seats?" His response? "Let's just say I wish I was there, you suckers!" Turns out that "Target Field" ranks right up there as one of the best stadiums, "not a bad seat in the house". I don't know who hands out these "rankings", but I'll take it. MinneSOOOOta needs some of these "the best" rankings. And, I'd