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He makes us laugh...

Hambone is our "one liner" kid. Always coming up with something goofy or silly and not ever really meaning to! He always acts so surprised (and embarrassed) when we all break out into laughter after one of his hilarious little quips. Remember when our Aussie friends came to stay with us for a couple of days? Well, they gained some pretty big fans while they were here...and then last week we received a package from them in the mail... LOOK at that loot! (Still not so sure about that Vegemite...) Well, they sent along the movie "Red Dog" (which has opened up my world to a whole 'nother host of problems due to "drive regions" in computers and DVD players. Fer dumb.) and my kids (and ME too!!) LOVE it! Hambone has always been our movie buff and can rattle off movie lines like none other...but the other night, when he was eating a Popsicle for a bedtime snack he proclaimed, "This Popsicle is BLOODY GOOD!!!!!", we died. All of us.

Five Question Friday!! 4/27/12

Hoping my big boy wakes up and feels better...I'm not placing any bets on it, however, judging by the look of his throat. Ouch. Gonna be a good weekend to be sick, cool and rainy with a possibility of the "s" word. (Yes, "snow". Ugh.) Really, March can come back any day. Enjoying the care package our friends from Australia sent yesterday...including a little tube (tube? Yes. It comes in a tube.) of Vegemite. My brother posted on Facebook that it "tastes like salty turds" to which I responded "salty turds are gross, I prefer mine unsalted". ;) Have yet to try it (the Vegemite, not the turds...salted OR unsalted)...hubs says he's gonna have it on toast tomorrow! I'm kinda skeered. Okay, time to get going on  5QF! (Wait, can anyone tell me how to get appropriate spacing with this new interface? I either get singled spaced or quadrillion spaced. I'd like double. Am I asking too much?!) Welcome to Five Question Friday!!

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

So, here I am, still trying to figure out this new "interface". It appears as though a double space turns into a triple space, so I'm going to try single spacing this in hopes of a double space. Um. What? O.o How's your week been? Busy here. And germy. Not to be confused with Jeremy. (Dudes, it's Jer-ah-mee, not jer-mee.)  The Pal has mono. Bad. It's kicking his butt. And his room? Ugh. *gag* It smells like "festering rotten sore throat breath". GAH-ROH-DEE! I'm wondering when this horrific feeling state ends and turns into just plain old feeling really bad. Poor kid. Okay, it's late...onto the sneak peek! Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to the right place if you want a fun, easy post or if you've suddenly discovered your muses have mono and refuse to do anything other than sleep and drink Gatorade and drool on their pillows because they can't swallow. Rules for 5 QF :  Copy and paste the foll

Sober Translation

So, the night of the wedding reception. Holy Bloody Marys, batman, was that a good time! After the reception, we closed down the local bar in town, as is typical of wedding receptions in our small town. We had "secured" the Pal as our sober driver and he patiently waited outside the movie theater for us to stumble our way out of there. (In hindsight, good example, much? Gosh.) Our party was rather...large. Two vehicles large. Scratch that, more than two vehicles large. And while we were driving a bunch of "borrachos" (look it up) to my parent's home, it suddenly struck me how ridiculously packed into our minivan we were and how hilarious the conversations in the van were. And so, I handled it like any good blogger would...I took it to Twitter. Only, things weren't quite coming across as I had intended. Read on (to get the full "story" start at the bottom of the first set and read up, then move on to the second): Time for a sober

Stepping Out of My Box

I've got a secret for you. Are you ready? It's kind of personal. *Big deep breath* Here goes... I hate change. Ugh. There. I said it. I hate it. I love the comfort and security that comes with the familiar. I hate feeling unsure of things or not knowing how to do this or that or having to relearn how to do simple tasks. Case in point: The new Blogger interface. (And now all of you "non-bloggers" have just gone, "Uh...wha?" and I've totally lost you, right mom?) I was all fine and dandy with the "old Blogger" and how things looked worked and...wait. No I wasn't. Suddenly my scheduled posts stopped posting and photos take forEVER to upload and the comment formats stink, but whatev. I was familiar with it. Which means I LOVED it. So, when I logged on yesterday morning and saw this new, weird, "fancy" looking screen staring back at me I was caught of guard. Then I got nervous. Which means I started to sweat. And then I

You know it's a good party when it involves an x-ray...

My poor Aunt Jeannie. Girl is FUN! She was the dancing queen in Mexico and lived up to her legacy back here in the states at my brother's wedding reception. She fell while dancing and as my uncle put it, "With the heels she was wearing, it's like she fell an entire story!" True. Her shoes were adorable...but, unfortunately , dangerous. She was going to go in for an x-ray of her shoulder yesterday, haven't heard anything yet! She was a great sport though...kept right on dancing through the pain! I'm not sure that I danced that much in a lonngggggggg time. I was out there for pretty much every song...and my calves are reminding me how much I danced. Ouch. Let me take you on a photographic walk of my Saturday. Put your walkin ' shoes on! We tried to bring a little Mexico to MinneSOOOOta (acutally, T and I were kinda convinced that replicating my "Mexico Hair" required some level of "inebrity" worked!) with some mojitos...and wow were


Because I don't have time to wait for the gazillion and a half photos to upload before I leave the house, I thought I'd share this with you because I also like to laugh at myself whenever I can. Apparently I grew a silver tooth at the wedding reception this weekend! But no worries, so did my baby brother. Reason number 5,987,361 that I hate flash photography. :)