Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tip #8--Check it out...

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends!!!

I thought long and hard about this tip...and, this is what I came up with:

Enjoy, my friends!!

Don't deny yourself! It's Christmas, for Pete's sake!!

I want you to have fun, and be happy! So, dang it...just don't worry. It's one day (maybe two for some of us..or heck, even a week!) out of the year, a little indulgence isn't gonna hurt any of us.

I know I'll end up having one piece of pie too many, way too many cookies, a coupla extra helpings of ham or potatoes or meatballs...and I'm not gonna worry!

Merry you and yours, from me and mine!!


  1. This has been my fav. tip so far! I promise not to let you down... I will enjoy. I will eat to much. I will indulge in sweets. Never fear my bloggy buddy...I can succeed this week ;)

  2. Perfect tip girl!! Have a FABULOUS Christmas and enjoy all those goodies. :)

  3. Poor me, it's the only tip I follow, all year long ;-)

  4. Ok, so I think my stomach took to heart your tip and really shouldn't, not bad just eating rich, sweet stuff is not making my body feel terrible no matter how much I eat! I do believe I will prefer to stay away from these things most of the time in the future. :)
    Merry Christmas!


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