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Party with MckMama!!

Lemme tell ya...I met some "creepy internet strangers" last Frida
y night...and it turns out, they are some of the most wonderful, amazing, adorable, charming, fun to be around people, evah'!!

I showed up at MckMama's door (yes, I knocked), late (of course!!) a smattering of people!

And, I won't was just a teeny, tiny, wee bit awkward at first...kinda...well, a little..."So, how you doin'?"

Then, we got to talking, and laughing...and snuggling Stellan! Man, that kid is so incredibly cute! And, um...I was slightly star-struck by the little guy! Then, he began crawling in circles (freaky fast!!), and the ice was broken...I realized, he's just a normal kid! (And, I mean that in every sense of the word!!!!)

These were some of the most enjoyable women (and so
me husbands...but I honestly didn't talk to a-one of them!!) that I have ever been in the company of! Some knew each other from previous MckGatherings, but all were welcoming and kind and sweet! I got my baby fix with MckMama's sister, Hilary's, babe, Raven (who is a gorgeous, delightfully chubby babe!)! Thanks, Hilary (my hubby thanks you, too!)!

I was sooooo afraid that it would be awkward...that we "b
loggers" wouldn't know how to converse face to face...

I had visions of horribly awkward silences, where we all take out our cell phones to Twitter 'cuz we can't carry on a face-to-face conversation

But, holy smokes!!, was I wrong!

My husband was worried for my well being..."Are you sure
this is safe?"

And my bestie, Tara (who was my guest), made me promise
..."not to abandon her"! Turns out I didn't need to worry about Tara at all!! She, too, had a blast...and, now...has been bitten by the blog bug! (And, um...for some reason, I look either drunk or stoned, in every. single. picture. And I wasn' know, in case you were wondering...)

As soon as I get the okay, I'll announce her "foodie blog"...she's an amazing cook...stay tuned!

MckMama was just like she is on her, real, honest and funny! She's just as great a talker as she is a writer!! Here's me and MckMama:

Here's Sara, Laura, me :), and Jolene:

And Jamie (and,

And, I even got to meet our local news girl, Trish (no photo...sorry, you'll just hafta take my word!)!!

It was a fabulous night...with fabulous people, fabulous food (oh my shoulda seen the spread!!!), and fabulous conversation!

Thanks, ladies (and men!!), for an awesome night! And, thank you, MckMama for opening your home for some great times!!!


  1. I miss Mama!!!!!!!!!

    So fun! You look cute in all the pictures..totally not stoned!

  2. Trish is in the group shot!

    So fun to meet you!

    Can I "steal" a copy of the group shot? I didn't take any pictures!

  3. I loooove it! Pretty much describes the night perfectly! Love all your pictures...can I steal a copy of the group shot too? :)

    Can't wait until next years party! :) Although I agree, we need a girls night out before then.

    Tara - I can't wait to see the new blog...hurry up girl! :)

  4. sounds like it was alot of fun! so glad you were able to go!! :)

  5. Isn't my friend, Jen, the BEST!!!!???!?!?!?! :) I love her and am sooooo glad you got to meet her, in person and in real life!! Too fun!! Love the group shot (where's Hil?) ;)...Alyssa, Trish, Carrie, Jen, Laura and YOU! Well, those are the people I know! It sounds like everyone else was just as awesome! So glad you guys had so much fun! If I wouldn't have had to make the 5+ hour drive, Jen knows I would've been there! Hopefully next time! Thanks for sharing all of your cute pics and fun re-cap!

  6. I keep forgetting that you live in McMamaLand, I mean Minnesota. Good for you for going and having a great time. Thanks for the photos.

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. One of my dearest friends lives in Eden Prairie. Are you anywhere near there?

  7. Sounds like you had a lot of fun :-)
    Great to know that you had a wonderful time all together!

  8. Great photos. As a fellow Minnesotan, I'll have to watch out for the next time this happens. Would be fun to meet you all.

  9. You look cute in the pics, such fun! I totally would have worried about it being awkward too but so glad to hear that it was great!!!

  10. It looks and sounds like you had a blast. You look great in the pics and not stoned at all :o)

  11. You are so funny, you look great in those photos! I am glad you had fun. Reading your post, I had visions of every one tweeting to talk to each other and laughing at their phones lol.

    You. Are. So. Lucky! I want to go to a MckGathering.

  12. Those were great pictures! You look totally cute in them...not drunk/stoned. I so wish I lived close enough to go to one of her gatherings.

  13. P.S. I am your newest follower now! Come by and say hello on my blog ;)

  14. Awe...did you guys do the group photo after I left? Must have cause Trish came just as I was leaving and she's in it. Wish we could have stayed longer :( Don't forget to add Blogger to your blog and to say you spotted him at the party if you want to be included in the links to him :)

  15. You look great in your pics and everyone looks like they are having a blast! Such a great idea!

    Thanks for taken pics and sharing!!

  16. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I just checked my traffic from the weekend and got tons of traffic coming from your blog! Greatly appreciated!

  17. SO fun to meet you too!!! I'm still laughing about asking you if you were "Mama M" since I didn't know your first name! lol Oh well. Such a fun night. We definitely have to do it again sooner than later.

  18. Looks like everyone had a great time!!!


  19. This is so cool! I'd love to meet you all too! What, do you all live near each other?!?!? My hubby would freak out. He thinks you are all serial killers. (ok, not really. but kinda.)

  20. Yay! I am glad I got the chance to chat with everyone at the party! I'm only now finding the time to stop by! Merry Christmas!


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