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Not Me Monday--Reluctant Version

Yo, it's me, Mama M...(really it is...but maybe I should say, "it's not"...since this is "Not Me! Monday", and all...), and it is not me who was not going to do a Not Me! Monday post with MckMama and gang.

Sometimes I think I participate entirely, too much in blog carnivals. But, that's beside the point...or not...since it's why I wasn't going to NMM?!

Again...confused. Sorry.

Anywho...I was not the frazzled mother of the screaming, scratch that...screeching girl in the middle of Macy's today...and Kohls...and Target...Bath and Body Works...American Eagle...Macy's again...multiple bathrooms, and also, JCPenney. Nope...wasn't me... you can't prove it.

So, if that mother was not me...then it certainly wasn't me who wanted to sell my children to the highest, again...scratch that...I'd've paid someone to take 'em. Unfortunately...I'm afraid that all the money in the world wouldn't have been enough to offer someone...once they got a peek at the two hooligans I wasn't cartin' around.

I am not so utterly exhausted from not being that mother, that I sooooo didn't want to just plunge myself into an entirely too hot bubble bath...however, Calgon wouldn't be nearly enough to "take me away" today.

And now...I do not sit here, with a smile on my face, and a softening in my I listen baby belly laughs and soak in warm baby snuggles. Nope...certainly couldn't be me...Mama Cruella DeVille.

The end.



  1. Good grief what a day! Hope your night is filled with all the belly laughs and snuggles that you can stand.
    Hugs, my friend.

  2. I'll trade you your screaming baby for my whiny clingy baby..straight across dude!

  3. I think we have all as mothers been there. Atleast you were honest enough to admit it!

  4. i giggled at your post. too funny. we've all been there.

  5. Oh no...I'm taking my kids shopping today and may chicken out of it after reading this...;) Sorry you had a day like that and I hope today's much better!

  6. I think we've all been there - kudos to you for having gone through it! I loved the story .. I think because I can relate so well! :)

  7. I, and I'm sure many others, can relate! Hope your day is better today! :)

  8. I too feel like I blog carnival too much...but it's so darn fun! Good for you for braving the crowds with your little munchkins. :)


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