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Something just dawned on me.

Opened my eyes.

Made me see things a little clearer.

That lightbulb above my head'll do that sometimes...shed a little light on things.

When I started this little blog, I didn't have any followers.

Not a one.

Well, I had me...if that counts, but I didn't count it.

Today...just today...I glanced over at my followers list and...*GASP* the heck did that happen?

My heart swelled, my palms got sweaty...I may have even been a little teary.

To think that people, or, heck, even just one person, think I'm fun enough to be "followed", absolutely blows my mind.

And makes me feel incredibly blessed.

And happy.

And lucky.

So, thank you!!!


Thank you...

and you...

and, yup...even you! For stopping by and visiting my world.

And, now...I ask...what can I do for you? What would you like to hear more of? Less of? Different of? Same of?

Any questions for me? A little "Ask Mama M.", perhaps?

Or, just keep on pluggin' like I am?

Seriously...I'm feeling emotional right now! Weird...the Captain isn't even due to make her dreaded visit for a couple of weeks...must be the holidays.

And, being a woman.

And, loving my readers.

Y'all totally made my day!

Lot's of love,


  1. What a nice way to thank your readers...sweaty palms and all, lol!

  2. i love reading your blog.. You make me laugh every time with your awesome sense of humor!

  3. We like you, we really like you!

    Your blog is one that I always look forward to reading, but I especialy love your "professional" posts. I really enjoy medical-themed TV shows, and I just adore when you educate your readers on topics we'd otherwise have NO CLUE about!


  4. Girl dont thank us! We come back and keep reading because you are an awesome writer! You alway bring a smile to my face when reading your post. Thanks for giving the spirits a little lift each day.

    The only thing I would like to see is the Goulash recipe and perhaps some more baking ;)

    You rock girl.. keep it up :)

  5. You're so sweet to thank everyone. But like everyone's said - we come back for more of you. You're such an awesome blogger!

  6. Hi Mama M.
    I "found" you this morning and just became a follower today! I like to think that my decision alone prompted this post. lol~ I read one post and felt something genuine in your writing....and you made me laugh. Happy to have found you and *nice to meet you*
    Heather in NC

  7. I enjoy following your blog. You always have something interesting to say. Just keep bloggin'....:-)

  8. I love to read your blog! You are funny and have a great way of narrating the things that happen in "Your Little Life"... :) Keep on truckin!


  9. Awww. . . Mama M! Look at all the blog love! So proud of you finding your voice and calling here in the blogosphere! And so proud to call you my bestie!


  10. You are so sweet!!! And real!!! And although I don't visit as often as I'd like, your blog is such a joy to read! :)

    Congratulations on all your followers!!!!

  11. Just keep on writing about what you write about! That's why we read your blogs. You are such a down to earth, hilarious and honest woman. I love it!

  12. I have "scanned" your blog in the past but have been following you daily for the past couple weeks. What really got me hooked was the post #2 in Second Stage. Not only was it informative but also funny and I've been back every day since. Keep up what you're doing!!

  13. Your sense of humor is infectious - like just can't help but laugh!! Keep on doing what you do...and we'll keep right on reading!

    ~Working Mommy

  14. What a sweet post! Oh, and your welcome! ;-) LOL!

  15. Wow, you do have a lot of follower! You rock Mama M!

    Congratulations :)

  16. You're just such a sweetie, how could anyone resist? p.s. No I don't get paid to read your blog or say that.

  17. Yep, you have QUICKLY passed me by on followers, but it is much deserved and your blog is a joy to read! Keep up the great work- it is your job now you know!! ;-)

  18. I truly enjoy your blog. It gives me a good laugh at times and your a great writer!! I also love that you still comment on other peoples blogs..even thought u are busy with your blog!!

  19. Dude...I would TOADILY follow you anywhere. I am still considering relocating to your treehouse and eating all your goulash!

  20. I think we read you, because we like you just the way you are, so keep being yourself ( I know, this last one is so obvious )

  21. You're welcome! :-)
    And just stay as you are, everything is fine.
    Hopefully I'm at this point, too - somewhen...

  22. I enjoy reading your blog your a great writer and I love your advice you give here and there. Keep up the good work!

  23. I have a very insane house and crazy toddler that never wants me to do anything, but i must MUST make time to come to your blog. my daughter sometimes sits with me and pretends to not only is it helpful tip its also family time.

  24. I don't always get to drop by, and even when I do, I don't always have a chance to do much more than zoom through, and sometimes Safari quits with a gazillion blogs in the dock... but I'd say you're obviously doing something right!



    PS - We haven't forgotten the award you bestowed on us a lifetime ago. Someday we'll catch up....

  25. You make me laugh, and tear up at times. That is enough for me!


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