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Cherished Times

Honest to goodness...does it get any better than this?

My kindergartner's very first Christmas program. Ohhhhh, ma
n alive! I coulda just eaten him up! So happy and proud, he was!

I love it, when the kiddos file out, and they are searching the crowd for moms and dads...looking around nervously, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Then there's me, in the crowd...wildly waving in the dark, hoping to catch my little ones' eyes! And then...the moment:

When they see you, and their face lights up with joy and pride...makes me a wee bit teary every time. Every. Stinkin'. Time.

What year does this end...this searching out of parents? I don't remember with my teenager? (Secretly, I'm quite certain he still searches us out...or at least, that's what I tell myself!)

All I know, is that I never want that moment to go away.

I hope that my children's faces will continue to light up at the sight of their mama and daddy until they are old and gray.

I pray that I am a good enough mother that they will cherish our time together, just as I cherish my time with them...forever and ever.


Man, I love my kids.


  1. Oh, you are SO right--that IS the best moment! Secretly it's one of the reasons I love swim meets--because A. still searches me out, smiles and waves several times during the meets. So, we're at age 14 and counting--I'm hoping it never ends!
    And you, Mama M, are a GREAT Mom--I'm sure they'll continue to search you out in the crowd for many many years to come!

    love you!

  2. oh! and tell Miss E that I love her sweater dress and think she looks lovely!

  3. That is one of the best moments ever, they still need us! I loved when Boo did it on stage during recital, even though she wasn't supposed to. lol

  4. So cute! And I am so jealous that my daughters school does not do something like this!!
    We watched my daughters preschool xmas show on video last week and she was all hi mama, hi dada and waving. Tear! I hope it stays this way too!!

  5. This made me cry...partly because I'm a bit hormonal - partly because I just love stories about kiddos - partly because I just can't WAIT until the babe is old enough to do things like this...okay, so that was a lot of partly' get the picture though :)


  6. I can say at least until 30 so far. Our daughter glows when she knows we are in the audiance, love, love, love it. And when out son's graduated from the fire and police acamedy's, they anxiously awaited our arrival and looked at us while receiving their badges. I hope it last my whole life.

  7. I havent made it that far in my parenting adventure but I bet that is a wonderful feeling.

    What precious kids you have!! Love these pics :)

  8. very sweet! Love the pics and I agree...I hope mine are never too old to look for mama!

  9. That is so sweet...I bet they'll always be looking for you, it will just eventually be less obvious. :) Merry Christmas!

  10. Hey, Missy! I "stumbled" upon your blog at work the other day. Ha! You are a big time blogger! It's nice to see--most people at work have no clue what we do and why. Anyway, just wanted to say "Hello".

    Have a great Christmas!!

  11. I love this post. I feel the same way about so many things regarding my kids, and it all boils down to my hope that I am a good enough mom that they will....(insert whatever it is). I can totally relate to this. Super cute pictures, by the way.

  12. I totally agree! I felt really bad at Colin's preschool concert because he didn't find us, and he was almost certain that we weren't there! Oh boy! But to see the recognition, even AFTER he was done singing and we went to the stage to get him, it was totally worth it!

    Merry Christmas darling!

  13. Oh, how it happened, that today you made me almost cry? ;-) Mama's heart!


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