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You guys...I have THREE WORK DAYS LEFT and then it's summer vacation, baby!!!! I can't tell you how ecstatic I am to have the endless, lazy, fun, (hopefully) warm and sunny days of summer ahead of us. I foresee a lot of swimming and beaching it! With the remodel job tucked safely under our belts, this summer is free from demands! Oh my gosh, speaking of how it's almost summer vacation, have you read this article about the end of school??? Laugh out loud funny...only because it is so shockingly SPOT. ON. In fact, my daughter was reading to me in my office after school today and I was "mmmhmm'ing" and "uh huh'ing" my coworker called me and demanded, "WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER READ TO YOU?! IT'S THE END OF SCHOOL!!" Oh, yes...I forgot, we practice auditory reading at this time of the year. Ohmigosh, I laughed so hard! Memorial Day weekend is upon us and

Real Time...May Edition

A couple of weeks ago the charger to my MacBook sparked and popped and BAM! decided not work anymore. So ever since then, my poor computer has sat. Dead. Poor old Mac. And did you know a new charger is 80 bucks? EIGHTY DOLLARS people! I think I might buy the off brand that goes for 18. Sheesh. It's highway robbery. Anyway, I'm typing this from my Blogger app which means the font will be weird and tiny, unless I remember to get myself into a computer and change the font. Slim chances there. Winding down the school year...9 days left people! And then summer vacation! I can NOT wait. I just saw something in Facebook about year round school and how summers off were built in back in the farming days. Well let me tell you how I feel about year round school: HECK. NO. That would be the thing that pushed me over the edge (that I often teeter on) to homeschool. I can hear the rain drip dropping into the roof...such a comforting and utterly annoying sound all at t