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An Apology

Dear body:

I am sorry. I am so very sorry that I kicked your jiggly, floppy butt into gear yesterday.

I know that you can not walk down the stairs, sit on the toilet, or tie your shoes. And heaven forbid, do NOT get down in a crouch...'cuz I know you'll be stuck like that, forever. I'm sorry that you can't cross your
legs and that shopping was so utterly painful that you wanted to cry like a baby.

I'm sorry.

But, really, it's for your own good. I know you can't understand that now, with your "jiggly" all sore and stuff, but you'll thank me for this later.

When you aren't so jiggly.

And sore.

I will thank me for this later.

You will.

Someday, when you look like this: can stop laughing now...

All my love,


  1. it's not looking good for me..Eeeck!

  2. You are hilarious! Although I could write the same letter to my body! :)

  3. Oh, you crack me up! Thanks, I needed the laugh today!

  4. Thanks so much for that! I feel your pain!!!! Wish my body was to look like that too when this is all over. :) Keep it up though, I promise in 3 days the pain will be gone and the workout will get easier!

  5. Seriously---you are so funny! You said you did the kettle worx. What exactly is that? Did you have to order it or is it on t.v.?

  6. You know it's bad when it hurts to sit on the toilet. Spoken from experience!!!!!

  7. oh honey...when you find a workout that will make us look like THAT please, please PLEASE share with us :) hope you feel better!

  8. The only workout that would make me look like that is "working out" the finances for some serious plastic surgery.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  9. Hey, you forgot to get my copyright permission to use my photo! Just teasing, thanks for the laugh, I needed it today.

  10. It's not January yet!! Don't we get to wait until then to get our behinds in shape?!?! You're setting the bar way too high, but congrats on the effort ;-)

  11. Isn't Giselle (aka Mrs. Tom Brady) knocked up and huge right now? That should make you feel better!

  12. Bad, bad friend. Just catching up on blogs that I haven't read in what? a week? Blogger the frog has had be a bit pre-occupied!

  13. LOL .. you crack me up! :) My body is feeling it, too. Sitting is something that is no longer enjoyable!!

  14. This is awesome! So funny!

  15. I hate the post workout pain! It is worth it in the end, but man my body hates me!

  16. I really liked that post and linked back to it in my TTMMD on Monday post :-)


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