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A Smokin' Date!

Last night, Mr. Wonderful and I got to go on our first date since 1947. It was fabulous and wonderful!

We did some Christmas shopping, laughed, talked, shopped some more, had a lot of indecision, and ticked off the workers at Border's...who ended up hinting not so subtly to us that the mall was closing. Wha'?!!!

See, I thought the mall closed at 10, when, really, it closed at we were takin' our own sweet time looking at books. I swear...when we walked outta there, they closed those gates so stinkin' fast, I'm surprised I don't have marks on my back. Sheesh.

Talk about "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!" we finished up our shopping, and headed out for a (very late) bite to eat. We sit down, and order quickly...'cuz we had "twelve minutes to order...otherwise it'll be appetizers".

Yikes!!! I'm a horrible decision maker, but under pressure, I perform, baby!! I made my decision lickity split! (For the was Chicken know, in case you were wondering!!)

So, we're enjoying our late meal...whispering sweet nothings to one another and staring into each other's eyes (*snort*)...when suddenly there was a lot of action in the bar.

No...not that kind of action...shame on you!!!

Mr. Wonderful couldn't see a thing...he had his back to the bar area...but I had a front row seat! (Kinda) I saw people rushing around, sayi
ng "you've gotta clear outta here"...and "I called 911"...and more rushing, scurrying, and...well, rushing and scurrying.

My first thought fear was that someone was either; a) having a heartattack...or b) choking. Not something I would like to step into. I'm a labor nurse. I'm not good with trauma or...or...hearts and choking. Well, I take that back. I could handle the choking. It's the heart attack that would give me a heart attack.

Next thing I notice, is a peculiar blueish fog begins to fill the bar area...and then, the acrid smell of smoke (actually, it smelled kinda
good...I'm a campfire girl...). Then, chaos set in...on behalf of the servers.

Some were all take charge dictators, some laid back "whatevahs", and then there were the power strugglers, "No paying tabs, you've just gotta leave!!" "No, they hafta pay their tabs!" "No, Brad said to just get everybody out!"

And, what do we do? We sit and soak it all in...and try to finish our meal that had just barely been set on the table. It's funny...while the servers were frantic...the customers were all relaxed and laid back...

Like, "Dude...chill. I just wanna finish my supper."

In the end, our server came (calmly--she was great!!), threw a coupla boxes our way, rushed to get our bill, and then we were outta there!

And that's when the excitement began!!! (Let me prefac
e this by saying no one was hurt...I think it was just a lot of "protocol"...)

First, this was waiting outside: (if you look farther back, you can spot the first fire truck...that had just arrived...)

Then, pretty soon, this showed up:

And then? This:

Next...and most exciting...was this:

A ladder truck?!!! Wow. A ladder truck...all that for a little water heater fire.

So, we sat in our van in the parking lot...and finished our boxed up meal.

How utterly romantic.


  1. At least it was exciting! Kinda like watching a movie or somethin..

    My legs are in pain..I might add!

  2. Wow, it must be the weekend to have fires! My husband and I just had a fire in our apartment building and walked out in the smoke to see firetrucks everywhere... At least, you still got to enjoy your food :-)

  3. Great title for the post, and hilarious story! You will remember this for years to come! :)

  4. at least you got a date!! haha... sounds exciting!!! ;)

  5. LOL! That's the funniest thing ever. Since it was your first date since 1947, at least you will always remember it. Nothing like excitement.

  6. I can't believe they made you pay your tab...

    At least you got some blog fodder out of the deal!

  7. Sounds like an exciting date night!

  8. That would have been super fun to watch.

  9. Oh my heck thats crazy. Seriously 1947???? LOL

  10. wow, what excitiment for your first date in forever. you will remember this one for a while

  11. At least it gave you something to talk about...dates are like can't have everything go right or else that would be one boring story!!


  12. So I never comment but I figured you were from where I am from (haha :)) and I just wanted to say...I was right! Totally recognized those pictures and towns on the fire truck. Love your blog!


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