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The Great One

My big know..."The Great One" (and, for the record...he bestowed that name upon himself)...he is hee-larious!!

He works in banking, but totally missed his calling.

Ohmigosh...I'm tellin' ya...he shoulda been a comedian! When he's around, you will will laugh until you cry...or, at least until you pee your pants.

The latest?

I was making my famous "Taco Salad Dip" (more on that later--hello, new found passion for food blogging...)...and the roaster full of "turkey juice" (hello, butter and salt and butter...and salt) was very close-by.

And, it smelled really yummy.

Mmmmm, I can almost still smell it...

So, anywho...the buttery juice is right next to me, and I say (more of an out loud thought than anything), "Mmmmm, something smells deliciously buttery!!"

The Great One (let's shorten that to TGO), says..."Oh, I farted."

Laughter erupts, giggles, snorts, chuckles...and then he adds, "My farts smell deliciously buttery...and now, I've got butter between two buns!"

Oh. my. gosh.

I almost died!

How does he come up with this so quick?

He's a genius.

A comic genius.


  1. Oh he sounds like my brother! :-)

  2. How hysterical is he. And what is it with men and their farts. They love everything about them.

  3. I love it! Can I adopt him as my brother too?? :)

  4. It seems hilarity is a family trait.

  5. Ha! Sounds like something my brothe would say!

  6. You need to do a post (with a picture) about your younger brother that you insist I marry. =-)

  7. Sounds like my brotheror husband. Maybe it is a man thing.

  8. LOL that is too funny! My little brother is like that too.

  9. Holy hell...he IS funny!!! Sounds like something my dad would joke about!

    ~Working Mommy
    Come on by, stay for a while and leave a comment or two!!

  10. Most definitely a man thing! My hubby has a fart app on his iTouch that he and my son play daily. My six-year-old can identify the names of the differt farts by the sound alone. Great use of grey matter. ;)

  11. Wow...that was quick! He is hysterical!

  12. Are you my sister? 'Cuz I am pretty sure your brother and my brother are identical twins...

  13. Oh man, he sounds like my brother. I snorted a bit...that was funny.


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