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The Convenient Pooper

Anyone else have one of these? A "convenient pooper "? This boy: Is the master ( and a superhero). Time to clean up? "I've gotta poop!" Time to go to bed? "I've gotta poop!" Time to eat supper? Yup, you've got it, "I've gotta poop!" Now... this girl has started in too. Seems that she hates shopping ( seriously ? I'm not sure she's mine! I think I need a "maternity" test. Hate shopping? Why I never ...) When we're out and about...and she is in her stroller...if she's not: A. Screaming at the top of her lungs...she's B. Saying " Poopy ? Poopy ?" And dagnabit ! When you've gotta freshly potty trained little've just gotta take their word. Well...NO MORE!! I'm on to you, you little poopy liar. No more believing for one little second that you indeed need to " poopy "...I know...oh, yes, I know (insert sarcastic, knowing laugh here) ... that you just w

Tip #9--The Last One!!

Well, this is it! The 9 th and final Health tip from yours truly! I'm not sure if Keely's doing a tip today...but head on over to her anyway...she's having a rough day! Today's tip isn't so much about being healthy (well, ki nda it is...), but more about being smart, and sensible. Friends, I just wanna give y'all a friendly reminder to not drink and drive! With all of the celebrating going on tonight, I just want you all to be smart...and alive tomorrow...and not in jail. So, have fun tonight! And make sure you have a designated driver!! Happy New Year!!!

My "Worrier"

My Baby Girl is a worrier. No, not of the "oh, where's my mommy and is she okay" kind...I'm quite certain she couldn't really give a rat's booty where I am or if I'm still alive...she's a independent that way! Her worrying is more along the lines of this: Not the best photo...but, if you look closely, you'll see Mr. Wonderful's shirt, folded just so and tucked inbetween her pudgy little fingers. She love to worry our shirts...or, yoga pants.'s a yoga pants day. I know, I know...why do I even bother changing out of my jammies , right? Well...makes me feel slightly more put together...wearing yoga pants vs. jammie pants. You know? Anywho ...she's been a "worrier" today! She'll run off and play, then come back for a quick worry...and then she's off again...only to be back shortly for another little rub. I love it. It makes me feel like she needs me. Do you think if I continue to

Winter Wonderland

I'll level with ya here...I'm not a real "out- doorsy " kinda gal. I like to be warm, and cozy, and warm...and inside...and did I mention, warm? But, the other day...we were invited to a Christmas party with some old (but good great) high school buddies! It was a balmy 20+ degrees, here in sunny MinneSOOOta , so I took one for the team, and ventured outdoors. It's so fresh out there! My BFF , Dr. J, had shoveled...well, maybe her hubby did...b ut , honestly...she probably did. Seriously...I don't know when she sleeps. In b etween seeing patients, gestating her third baby, mothering, hosting numerous get togethers , cooking up a storm, creating Christmas treats, and shopping for pre sents . Sheesh , some girls just have it all. But, I digress. So, I took to the ice...(insert photo of Bambi a ll awkward on the ice...that's me...), and just sort of stood there. Then, I realized, that my pregnant friend had strapped on her cross-country ski's, tie

Spillin' the beans...

Nope...still not pregnant! (And, hopefully, it'll stay that way!) What I'm talkin ' 'bout, is my mama... spillin ' the beans. See, I used to live this bloggy life of mine, with my family and friends totally unaware. With the exception of Mr. Wonderful. He knew...I had to tell him what I was wasting all of my time on during the day! Oh, and my bestie Tara ...she knew, ' cuz I knew she'd support me 110%!! But, anywho ...for about 6 months, me and me blog (said with your very best Pirate accent...) existed in our own little world. No family, friends, neighbors or grocery ladies knew of my blog's existence. Then, Keely and I started this thing...this "Hot and Healthy" thing (which, btw in it's last week!) launched on a day I was shopping at the MOA with my mama. And, there was a glitch...I needed to find a computer to get the MckLinky, I casually mentioned to my mom that I needed to find a computer, only to have he

Hot and Healthy--Week 9

Ohmigosh. This is IT!! The last week of Hot and Healthy! I totally can't believe it. Anywho...let's move on! After nine weeks of being "present" to your health and do you feel? Do you see any changes...any new habits formed? Are you glad to kiss this program good-bye or are you clinging to it's leg, begging it not to leave?! ;) Do you think you will continue on with the tips and ideas that we have given you? Anything we could've done differently? Longer time frame? Shorter time frame? Oh...were you able to take Mama M.'s tip last week and make it work? ;) How 'bout Keely's stretching? Too many questions...sorry...answer what you want! The winner of last week's awesome stainless steel water bottle is: Audra!! Congrats! Contact Mama M. with your info, and I'll get it out ASAP! Didn't win this week? Well, my friend...we have ANOTHER fabulous water bottle to giveaway this week! It's the pink one this time!

Fun, Exciting Announcement!!!

No...I am not pregnant! (* Phew!! *) But, I know someone who has given birth to something ... My bestie, Tara, has started her blog!!! She rocks. She's awesome. She is just so stinkin' much fun! So, my friends...without further ado...I'd like to announce the birth of: THE UNKEPT COOK Stop by, leave her a little bloggy love and encouragement (and stay tuned...this girl can cook !!)! Way to go Tara! Love ya girl!

The BEST Christmas Ever!

Sigh ... Why does Christmas hafta end? I love completes me. I look forward to Christmas year round, I've actually figured out that we have 361 more days until next Christmas. The countdown is on! I totally made one heckuva motherload of a haul this year! Wow...I'm still amazed! Although...I coulda gone without the stomach flu we received... Mr. Wonderful (have I mentioned how wonderful he is?!!), got me this: And I have named him, " Marlboro Man " (the mixer, not Mr. Wonderful). Okay, I didn't. I just had to throw that in for Kate . She makes me laugh. But, wow. Isn't he handsome? (I'm figuring it's a he...since he's gonna do all my hard work for me...and, yes, I am a princess at heart, and not ashamed to have a big strapping guy come to my rescue.) Mr. Wonderful...being the goofball that he is...wrapped one of his 20lb dumbbells in a KitchenAid mixer sized box. To throw me off: He had me laughing so hard...I was afra

Oh my word...

Reports are filing in... It appears as tho' we've infected much of everyone we've come into contact with, spent time with, or even just thought of. And, it has the potential to spread...through mulitple states, as my parents spent time with relatives that live in Illinois. Oh my word...I am so sorry. So very, very sorry. Please forgive me.

TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 140

While I stay home with a sick kiddo (poor E.W...went from the stomach flu to an earache and a sore throat!! Not fair...) and the babe, Mr. W onderful took the other three children to church! I'm supposed to work tonight...hoping to be "on-call" (will you cross your fingers for me?) so I can spend time with my fam ...word on the street is that things are slow up in Birthing, it's possible I might just get my request! In the meantime...I have something fun to share with you! Today, day 140 of Operation TreeHouse (still counting...even tho' no progress has been made in, what...6 weeks?!!), we find ourselves buried in the aftermath of a winter storm! I love it! I have no idea how much we got...doesn't really seem like much, since I was expecting TONS...but I'm pretty sure we're right around 14 or more inches! But, anywho ... I digress...the TreeHouse Chronicles... A couple (three?) months into my chronicling of our treehouse project, I not

A Top 10 List

Top 10 Ways You Know the Stomach Flu Just Went Through Your Family: 10 . Every spare "bucket" you own is currently awaiting a good disinfection. 9. Every single bed in you home is's sheets waiting their turn for the washer. 8. An innocent *cough * has you jumping up and running for a bowl, bucket, box, shoe... anything . 7. Your pantry is stocked with crackers and ramen noodles. 6. Your fridge is stuffed with Gatorade, 7-up, and popsicles. 5. There is an odd, greenish hue to your children's complexions. 4. You feel hungry, but refuse to eat, because you wonder, "Is it my turn now?" 3. You have toast for lunch (even though you feel like you could eat an entire turkey) just. in. case. 2. You are constantly reminding your children, "don't fart unless you are on the toilet"! And, the Number One Reason You Know the Stomach Flu Just Went Through Your Family: 1. The odd...sour smell that seems to have permeated EVERYTHING you own.

The Day After Christmas...

'Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house, Children's tummies were rumbling, yucky tastes in their mouth . The bedding was heaped in a pile on the floor In hopes of this flu bug being present NO MORE! -------------------------------------- Ugh . Yup... that was our Christmas! Started with Miss E...but we weren't sure what exactly was goin ' on with her. Then, a reprieve for a day...only to start up again, with E.W...last night, just as all of our Christmas company was arriving. We initiated a "quarantine" room...and soon, Little A. joined him. And, not long after, Baby Girl. Mr. Wonderful, wasn't feeling so... wonderful he willingly offered to "hold down the fort" with the sickos. I got to mingle and talk and eat...and then I became terrified... "UGH!! Why did I eat?!!!!!" I was sooooo afraid I was gonna be the next to fall...but (* knocking on wood* ) so far, so good. Needless to wasn't a res

Merry Christmas!!

We are on day 2ish of 3ish of snowfall! It is breathtaking! I just want to say... Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!!! Me rry Christmas, my friends! !!

Christmas Eve

Right about now...we will have just completed Round 2 of 3 of present opening madness! We will be stuffing our faces with the yummiest foods...talking loudly, teasing incessantly, and reveling in the spirit of Christmas! The weather outside will be frightful, but the fire will be sooooo delightful! And soon, my extended family will be arriving...and we'll start all over again! Christmas, my " The most wonderful time, of the year!!!" From my family to yours...wishing you a Merry Christmas, safe travels, and happy times!

Tip #8--Check it out...

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends!!! I thought long and hard about this tip...and, this is what I came up with: Enjoy, my friends!! Don't deny yourself! It's Christmas, for Pete's sake!! I want you to have fun, and be happy! So, dang it...just don't worry. It's one day (maybe two for some of us..or heck, even a week!) out of the year, a little indulgence isn't gonna hurt any of us. I know I'll end up having one piece of pie too many, way too many cookies, a coupla extra helpings of ham or potatoes or meatballs...and I'm not gonna worry! Merry you and yours, from me and mine!!

Heaven from a Bag

Okay, this next recipe...I slaved over it for hours on end. I was sweaty...and exhausted...and...and...alright. I'm totally lying! For the record...I don't make things I hafta slave ove r. Or get sweaty for (yuck...I hate sweating...hence, my aversion to exercise). This recipe is the e asiest , peasiest , lemon squeeziest recipe ever invented. Evah '! I can't take credit for it's invention tho'. I wish I could. But I can't. Anywho ...first things first, you'll need a nice cle an paper ba g from the grocery store, and these ingredients: Yup...that's it. First, dump the butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla in a microwavable bowl: Then, pop it in the mic (seriously, can it get any easier? ** Why, can...stay tuned...) (oh, and this is where I'm gloriously thankful for flash completely glares out the nasty mess that's in my microwave!! Man, I love flash photography.): While it's nuking, toss the ce