Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Convenient Pooper

Anyone else have one of these? A "convenient pooper"?

This boy:

Is the master (and a superhero).

Time to clean up? "I've gotta poop!"

Time to go to bed? "I've gotta poop!"

Time to eat supper? Yup, you've got it, "I've gotta poop!"

Now...this girl has started in too.

Seems that she hates shopping (seriously? I'm not sure she's mine! I think I need a "maternity" test. Hate shopping? Why I never...)

When we're out and about...and she is in her stroller...if she's not: A. Screaming at the top of her lungs...she's B. Saying "Poopy? Poopy?"

And dagnabit! When you've gotta freshly potty trained little've just gotta take their word.

Well...NO MORE!! I'm on to you, you little poopy liar.

No more believing for one little second that you indeed need to "poopy"...I know...oh, yes, I know (insert sarcastic, knowing laugh here)...that you just wanna be sprung from your stroller confines!

HA! I'm on to you, little missy!

And as for you, Little A...well, gosh. I guess there's not much I can do 'bout YOU, since, do perform when you say you need to.

You just need to work on your timing, my dear.


  1. Went through the same thing with my daughter! She has tells though that give her away. So I eventually figured it out.

  2. I've got a pee'r..When we ask Ethan to do's I gotta pee! Yeah, whatever kid..I used to do the same thing!

    Happy New Year Mama!

  3. My daughter had a infatuation with bathrooms. She ahd her favorite ones to hit when we were out shopping. We would be driving down the street and she would start yelling potty potty. I am with you when you have one newly trained you don't hesitate you pull over and let them potty. I finally realized(I was a little slow on the uptake) she jsut wanted to see the bathrooms. I stopped throwing the car in park and running to the bathroom. Her last hurrah so to speak was when we went ti visit family in Colorado adn we took the greyhound. She was 6. she spent almost all of her time in the bathroom in the back. She was totally amazed they had a bathroom on that bus.
    I think I got carried away. Why can't I think of these stories when I am writing my blog.
    Happy New Year.

  4. My son used to be like that. But it used to take him FOREVER to go. He'd routinely say, "I have to go poop...sorry". Poor kid.

  5. Isabelle's the opposite. "Do you need to poop?" "NOOOO!!!!!!"

    As she squirms and screws her face up to try to hold it in.

  6. New expression for 2010 for @imaginaryfriends - POOPY LIAR!

  7. Bahahaha, YES I have one of those!! So convenient I tell you. Love "Poopy Liar"! :)

  8. LOL!!! I know that the one time you ignore the when she'll go in her draws!! Then your shopping trip will REALLY be over with ~ or it might just take on a difference purpose (finding new draws!)! LOL!


  9. Boo, bed time EVERY NIGHT like clockwork. Drives me up the wall.

  10. I have one of these too. Every time he is supposed to be doing something (school, chores etc), he has to use the bathroom. It never fails..

  11. My middle child would poop every time I went to the YMCA. Never fails, halfway through my workout I would get called down to the childcare to change a poopy. She just wanted us to leave, she always had pooped but come on. She is the one here who conveniently needs the bathroom when it is time to clear the table etc too.

  12. My son always has to go to the bathroon when it's time for him to do anything chore related. lol

    My one year old, thinks that bathtime is time to go poo. EVERYTIME she is in the tub she goes poo lately! UGH.

  13. That is too funny! Oh the joys of potty training... I am so not sure I want to go on that journey any time soon... she may be 5 in diapers but it wont ruin my shopping ;)

  14. I have a freshly potty trained one who does the same thing... when it's bedtime, when she's in timeout, when she wants attention, etc...

  15. oh my heck this is hilarious! Oh and those Uggs where uber cute!

  16. Hahaha! I don't have one of those right now, but I was one of those as a kid. My favorite time was nap time and anytime we were supposed to be cleaning up toys. I remember just sitting in the bathroom for as long as I could to delay something I didn't want to do.

    It took my mom a little while to figure out what I was doing and it drove my older sister nuts because she knew what I was doing and had to clean up by herself. Kids...

  17. Emmett totally does that at bed time. But when a guys gotta go he's gotta go! Or maybe not!

  18. Laughing my butt off. I thought I was just being a terrible mommy for thinking my son was "pooping on purpose"! Glad to know he's not the only one!

  19. That is hilarious! My SIL has FOUR convenient poopers. Before Caleb was potty trained I would always laugh when she'd say to her boys "no pooping until the (insert any chore here) are done"....but now I fully understand it as I too have a convenient pooper!

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