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Urgent Memo

Memo To: Those in this household who stand when they pee From: Those in this household who don't Urgent action must be taken immediately! We seat dwelling creatures would prefer the luxury of sitting on a seat that is from pee! If you find that it is just. too. much. to lift the seat and pee...please, please do your best to aim, and get the pee in the water. Please . Your cooperation will be much appreciated.

Wedding Dresses and Ghost Stories

So, when I posted this photo before, some of you asked to "hear the story"...well, I'd tell ya, but I'd hafta kill ya...well, okay, it's just that, well...there's not much of a story (believe it or not!) behind the wedding dresses, that is. But , I do have a little ghost story, that I can share...with no bodily harm to you. But first, the "story" behind the wedding dresses... So, when we went on our " un -family reunion ", we stayed in a place (that used to house a bunch of nuns and a monsignor) that was owned by five women. When five women collaboratively own, well, anything , the outcome is bound to be fantastic! Not a detail overlooked, these women thought enough to supply some wedding dresses, for children and, ahem , apparently men, to try on and have fun with! And have fun, we did!! I'm just bummed that the pic with Mr. Wonderful in a dress is on someone else's camera...I've got an email in to my aunt, in whose came

The Tree House Chronicles--Day 21

'ello!! This edition finds us completing week 3 of "Operation Tree House"...and, mission not accomplished! Progress is being made, hard to tell, but it's there...'member my perfectionist of a hubby? Yeah, the floor wasn't quite right before, so this week was all about floor revisions! Today, there was much power tool use...I think Mr. Wonderful just likes to use big tools, so he drags out these assignments as long as he can. Lesson #1 in life, "Never get between a man and his WD40"...'cept that can kinda looks like a coke, doesn't it? So, while it appears as tho' not much headway has been made since last week: In reality, there has been some work! (Of which, apparently, you'll just have to take my word!) My prediction is that next week, we'll see some wallish type structures taking shape!! And, if least my children have a platform in the woods on which to play. Cheerio!

Saturday Fun

Since Saturdays tend to be a little, well... mellow around these parts (our home and the blogging world), I thought I'd throw up a little post of some fun photos ( ummm ...that came out wrong. I won't vomit anything, I promise !!!). Here you go...enjoy! One cool chick! Fun (or something) at the zoo! Oh, Dear God!!! I hope this isn't a sign of future employment for Tiny Girl! And now, my friends, we're off and running! Birthday parties for the kids, and a (free!!) night away for Mr. Wonderful and I!! Have a fantabulous day!

Five Question Friday!

Here we go, my friends! I was super excited that last week's Five Question Friday was "off the hizzay " and that I learned a hip new word from Keely ! Thanks! (P.S. Isn't that a cute button?!! Again, muchos gracias to Michelle !) So, the rules? Copy and paste the five questions below to your blog post, answer them, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code and link up! I'd also love it if you'd link back to me...not a requirement, just a request! And, we're off!! 1. What is your favorite Holiday and why? (Thanks, Keely! Yup, same Keely as above!!) 2. Who has been the most influential person in your life? 3. If you could give up one household chore forever, what would it be? 4. What is the BEST practical joke you have ever been a part of, on the giving OR receiving end? (Thanks to Meghan , for that one!!) 5. Where (or how) did you meet your spouse? ------------------------------------------------------- 1. What is your favorite Holiday and why? (Thanks, Keely!) Chr


Wowza , my friends! I feel like one blessed lady, that's for sure! ;) After a hard day at work, I came home to find two awards and a blog header gift...*sniff, sniff*...gosh, it made my night much better! So, thank you! And, without further ado... Thank you, thank you, thank you to Michelle ! For somehow knowing I am a computer un -savvy girl without a clue as to how to give my blog a spark!! You rock! And, to Stacy , who awarded me with (another!!) Lovely Blog award!!! Does this mean I'm extra lovely?! Oh, wait...guess it's a blog award, not a me award, huh?!! Thank you!! To the hilarious, wonderful ladies over at The Suite Life of Lucy and Ethel , thank you for the "Honest Scrap" award! Love it, love your blog!! Turns out I have to list 10 honest things about myself (you know, "Honest Scrap"), so here goes: 1. I'm horribly, utterly disorganized. Terribly...just ask Mr. Wonderful, I'm sure he'd be happy to tell you all about my

Boys vs. Girls

Last night I had my third of three "kiddo and Mom" days. E.W was the last to go, it was his first experience...he, the big kindergartner , now! On these days, we go shopping for school clothes, out to dinner (kid's choice) and to a movie (kid's choice...I figure Hangover wouldn't be kid appropriate, so I let them choose!). Well, as my luck would have it, E.W chose the same movie as Miss E. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur ...cute little flick, actually didn't mind seeing it twice! But WOWZA !!... it's like they (E.W and Miss E.) watched two different movies! " Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails"..."Sugar and spice and everything nice", yeah, kinda!! So, Miss E.'s take (sorry, don't mean to be a spoiler, just gotta tell the story!!)..."Oh, mom!! Ellie and Manny had a baby! She was sooooo cute and they named her Peaches !!!" Yeah, that's all she could talk little lover of all things baby, she

Under Construction

Well, my friends...wish me luck! I'm about to embark on a three column blog expedition. If you notice anything funky or weird...hang in there, hopefully it'll be smooth sailing! I'm no techy computer geek (and I say that with the utmost awe and admiration), who knows what'll show up in the meantime! Wish me luck!

Post About Nothing

I'm sure you've heard of "penis envy", no? You know, that we (women) envy (insert *scoff* here!!) men and their, um...packages. Well, I, for one, don't envy that !! ( Sheesh , all that...that... stuff , just hangin ' there, not all tucked into a nice, neat, no. Not for me!) But, what I do envy, is "nothing". You know, "Whatcha thinkin ' 'bout, hon?" Hon, " Nothin '." Really ?? Nothing? Gosh... what's that like ?!!! I can't even fathom what it could be like to think about nothing. Women's brains never. shut. off. Ever. Dontcha just wish you had an "off" switch for these amazing brains of ours? I'm surprised, really, that we (women) are still in existence. You'd think with all those firing neurons and all that synapse jumping, that our brains would just implode. Overheat from all that use, and just...just, melt . (Clearly, we are a strong be able to withstand it

California Bees

Mr. Wonderful informed me this weekend, that there is a bee problem in California. Actually, it is a lack of bee problem, apparently. Turns out beekeepers around our neck of the woods (and yours , too, perhaps...unless, of course, you live in Cali) are renting their bees out to farmers in CA for pollination. Hmmm ...that alone is an interesting concept, isn't it? Kinda sounds like beekeepers are "pimps" and the bees are the prostitutes, or somethin '?!! Renting bees out? Who'da thunk it? Well, anywho , this bee renting out of, isn't going so well, according to my Mr. Wonderful. Our local beekeepers are losing bees, now. Seems that there is a phenomena going on with the bees in California (so they say)...they can't find their way back to the hive. Um... hellllloooo ??? Like, totally, duh !! Phenomena I think not! It's California, dudes ! These bees are just smart ! They leave the hive, pollinate some crops, catch sight of the ocean and th

Not My Child! Monday!

Who's up for a little Not My Child! Monday? Brought to you courtesy of MckMama ...check it out! One evening, after not freaking out about the petechiae I found on Little A. (ugh...the horrors of being a mom and a nurse--you know too much, but, yet, you don't know enough ), I was (not) on the phone with the pediatrician, having avoided all hoop jumping, I crossed (I mean, I didn't cross) all boundaries and just called her, since I have the digits memorized from work (shame on me! Shame, shame on me!!). So, deep in consultation with the doc, paying no attention to the going on's around me...I didn't see Big A. frantically waving his arms at me...I glanced over, saw a tiny baby turd on the bed, but didn't register said tiny baby turd and continued on with the doc. Soon, the frantic waving became all out full body waving...I was just finishing up the phone, I disconnected, and gave my full attention to the situation. I didn't discover

The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 15

I know, I were all sitting on the edge of your seats, just waiting for this week's "Chronicle" to post...weren'tcha? Yup, I knew it! Well, wait no longer!! Here it is! ;) Woo, Hooo!!! We have progress! Huh, and I thought we'd only have four posts, I mean, stilts, to call our tree house! Now, we have four stilts, and a floor (well... kind of a floor--let's just say I wouldn't walk on it with my eyes closed...just yet!)! -------------------------------------------- And, since we're talkin' about waits (wait...were we? Talkin' about waits, that is? Huh, and I thought we were talkin' 'bout treehouses?!), without further ado, I bring to you...(insert drumroll here): My "Yellow Flats"...yes, they are deserving of their own title, dontcha think?? Ridiculous tan lines? That's the price you pay when you live in flippie floppies all know? Hope your weekend was fab!

Sleepy Saturday

Ho, hum. This is my weekend to work, which, ah...means not a lot of time to blog. You know, between birthing babies (well, not me birthing them, but my patients), family time, and treehouse building...week end blogging time is, well, nearly nil. As opposed to week day blogging time...when I should be cooking, cleaning, knitting, pickling, canning, dusting, rearranging furniture, etc. etc. Ahem . So, anywho , thought I'd do just a quick little somethin ' somethin ' for ya, you know? A little joke, for you on this gorgeous, but sleepy Saturday: "How do you fit 40 elephants on a trailer?" (Warning, this is a little, um...stupid, if you will!!) (Oh! But, kinda silly, too!!) "You take the 'S' out of 'safe' and the 'F' out of 'way'." * Giggle*... when you figure it out, leave me a little comment...or, just chuckle quietly to yourself! I told this to Mr. Wonderful when we were out on a date, shopping in JCPenney ...he

Five Question Friday!

It's Frrriiiiii-Day!! Welcome back, my friends!! So, I was trying to create a snazzy, catchy, cute little button for this carnival...turns out I'm not as computer savvy as I thunk I were...couldn't come up with somethin' cute, or snazzy, or catchy. Funny, you'd think adding "glitter" to anything would make it snazzy, but not so much. So, let's get hoppin'! In case you're new to this gig, here's the deets (you know, as in details ...ahem, my poor excuse for being hip): Copy and paste the questions below to your blog post, answer them , grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code for the "Five Question Friday" Blog Hop, throw it into the html of your answered question post, then link up, mates! (Oooh, see, now I'm trying on my Aussie hat! Well, that...and I just saw Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur --great flick, btw...) Okay, so, yeah, the questions: 1. What is your biggest Pet Peeve? (Thanks, Meghan !) 2. With no worries about finances, chil

A Lesson in Reproduction

So, you know, I have five children...I'm a labor and delivery nurse, you'd think I'd know a smidge 'bout reproduction, no? Well,'d think !! Turns out, I'm stumped about something...just simply cannot figure it out. Hoping maybe someone has some answers for me, I guess... I'm wondering... I'm really hoping you have an answer for me... Do they make birth control for laundry? I mean, sheesh !! Somethin's gotta give, here! All this laundry fornication has me feeling, a little... dirty. G osh , to just imagine what's going on behind closed doors, while we sleep... dirty socks doin ' the tango, reds cuddlin ' up to the jeans (they better not turn them pink!!), darks spooning each other. Ewwww , you know?? * Shudder *'s almost as bad as picturing your parents " shakin ' hands" (if ya know what I mean, *wink, wink*) (oops, okay, sorry I put that picture in your head...)! You know, I go to bed, caugh

Family Reunion

Ugh...the dreaded words, Family Reunion . All that comes to mind is being stuck with a bunch of people whom you should know, but don't have a clue as to who they are, but they remember every. single. thing. about you, your life, your childhood quirks. You stand there, staring at them, mouth agape, thinking one of two things, "who are you" or "wow...this lady has really bad breath, and a piece of broccoli stuck between her teeth..." ('cuz, you know, you certainly aren't paying attention to what she's saying!!), yes, the dreaded family reunion. Last weekend was dubbed a "family reunion"...I was dreading it like I dread going to the dentist, or for my annual pap, or like I dread going to a family reunion , you know? Now, I should've known (insert scoff here) wasn't a family reunion!! Heck, I see these people three, four times a year! Sheesh, if only they would've called it what it was...a "get together" or

My Make-Over--A Whole 'Nuther Post

So, I feel like I've been saying, "but that's a whole ' nuther post" a lot lately, and I've decided I'm gonna stick to my word, I'm honest like that, you know?! Up first, my make-over story: It was late winter of 2003, my birthday and my and Mr. Wonderful's anniversary was approaching when a local radio station was holding a "The New Me in 2003" make-over contest. And, yes, it was right around the New Year! I thought, what the heck...I mean what could l lose, ' cept my pride and my gorgeous , outgrown perm that I tried on for ease...not my greatest style decision ever (now shoes though, that I'm pretty darn good with!!). So, the gig was that you had to send in a letter stating why you thought you deserved a make-over. As soon as I thought of the first line of my letter, I knew I was in! It went like this: Dearest handsome, hilarious morning men: (well, okay, I didn't really start out with that...) "How do you turn

Oldies...but Goodies!

Here's one of my Oldies...but Goodies!! Hope you enjoy! Yup, it's natural! Oh. my. gosh. I can't believe I'm posting this (you may find out I'm an idiot afterall , or you may get the chuckle I'm hoping for!)'s actually kind of embarrassing, but here goes. After work tonight, I was walking to my illegally parked vehicle, slightly frightened (as I usually am) about the "dangers" that might get me (as well as the gut clenching fear that hospital security might catch me). Like always, I had my keys in hand before I even entered the parking ramp. As I neared my car, I pointed my fob at it, pressed the unlock button and... nuthin '. Huh, that's strange. Walked a little closer, pointed, pressed... nuthin '. At this point I am outside the driver's door, pointing and pressing like there's no heart is racing, my stomach turning as I imagine bad guys lurking around the corner (with security close behind them, you know, t

Happy Birthday!

It's my Little A.'s birthday! Four years ago, last night, we sped through a torrential downpour to the hospital. A fast and easy delivery, he was! Little A. is our "lolly- gagger ", marches to the beat of his own drum, enjoys talking baby talk (much to my chagrin), loves chocolate (that's my boy!), runs/walks/jumps like he has springs in his feet, has an "old soul", is named after two great presidents, is a daddy's boy through and through. He hates nap time and black olives, spoke like a Philadelphia lawyer well before he was 2, adores his bigg est brother, tolerates his bigg er brother, his sisters adore him, and we think he's the cat's meow!! He's awesome, he is! One of his gifts was a baseball set, thought he'd love it ' cuz Big A.'s a baseball player, and all...turns out, not so much! We were playing a rousing game of baseball outside, complete with ghost runners and dodge ball like outs, while the birthday boy sat o

Not Me! Monday

Thought I was entirely too exhausted for a Not Me! Monday post. Turns out, with a little Mickey D's Iced Coffee, a girl can do anything! As always, you can check out MckMama's blog to read all about what other people "haven't" been up to! Ahem ...let it be known that I am not hoarse from a combination of allergies and some, ah, well...voice raising. No, I did not yell raise my voice so much with my children about getting ready for our weekend away that I am now hoarse. My word...what kind of a mother would do that? Certainly not one crazed by the hormones "Aunt Flo(w)" brings along with her on her monthly visit, and certainly Not Me!! Speaking of our weekend away, I did not thoroughly enjoy myself. I was not dragging my feet about our "family reunion". * Shudder*... ugh, even that phrase "family reunion" causes me to break out in a cold sweat and become nauseated and green (but my aversion to family reunions is a whole 

Relationships...and College Courses

As an attendee of a Catholic college (shout out to you Bennies !! You know who you are!)...I was required (well, not I myself, but, you know, everyone at the college) to take a certain number of theology credits. One of my requirement fulfillers was a course titled, "Marriage, Family and Spirituality"...and, certainly, one of my favorite classes! I also think I learned the most valuable information from this class (aside from, of course, my nursing which the information was pretty valuable too!). The lesson that is still clear as a bell in my mind, was one about marriage (imagine that, a lesson about marriage from a course titled, "Marriage, Family and Spirituality )...about the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows. Our instructor taught us the "Dark/Light" aspect of relationships. If you imagine your relationship a series of peaks and valleys (or is it vallies ?) the valleys are the Dark times, the peaks are the Light times. Of course, since thi

The Tree House Chronicles--Day 8

Today, August 16 th , we find ourselves on Day 8 of the Tree House Chronicles. Days 1 and 2 were quite productive (ahem, kind of) ... here are (part) of our gaggle of children, showing me the progress Daddy made on Day 2, while I and Big A. were out school shopping: Wowza !! They doubled their progress! First two posts, now four!!! But, then came days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. And here is where we stand (or, I guess, here is where the Tree House stands): Uh huh...four posts. There really are four posts, if you look really closely at this photo taken from afar (I was too darn lazy to walk off the deck to snap a closer picture) you can see a hint of post #4 peeking out behind the tree...oh, wait, that's right, I like to call them stilts! So, there it is, stilt #4 hiding a bit, but definitely there! Between Mr. Wonderful Mr. Perfectionist, work, relatives, camping, getting back from camping, birthday parties, etc., etc., etc., progress has been, well...slow. To say the least. Toodles,