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Five Question Friday! 11/30/12

So, since it's 12:34 am and I am just now getting to the 5QF sneak peek, I'm gonna lump the sneak peek and 5QF all into one! I'll post this as soon as I'm done, with the linky...I'll get to my questions tomorrow morning, since I should prolly try to get some  sleep, no? Thursday Baby Girl and I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and even made supper and were out the door in 30 minutes from wake up to driving out the garage...Mama had shoppin' to do! I am happy to report that I have now made a good start on my Christmas shopping. Hallelujah, I can stop losing sleep about it now! And shop 'til we drop, we did. My mama went with, we sent Baby back with my dad after work and my mama and I shop, shop, shopped! My feet? They hurt. My check book might be crying a little bit, too, since, you know, I didn't win that Powerball jackpot. Stoopid lottery. Anyway, let's get this show on the road! Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to


Friends, could I ask you to take a moment and say a prayer? A friend from high school has been fervently praying for her sister, her niece and her sister's boyfriend...they were flying a private plane home to Wyoming from California last Sunday. Radar lost signal from the plane around noon and search and rescue teams have been searching rugged Utah terrain (they had stopped to refuel in the Fillmore/Mt. Pleasant, UT area). I can not imagine the horror of not knowing if your loved ones are safe and my heart breaks for her and her family. Please pray for guidance and wisdom for the search and rescue teams to find her loved ones safe and bring them home. Here is a recent news story .

Oh boy...

Here I find myself 27 days before Christmas, 26 days before the majority of my gifts are needed, 23 days until I start my 4 day work stretch before Christmas (my weekend AND my holiday to work...woe is the life of a nurse) and I've barely started. Oy. Usually my mom and I do a Mall of America trip to get a jump start on Christmas shopping, which we didn't do this year because of Florida but which we've now both realized just how much shopping we actually got done! By the time Dubya's birthday usually arrives, I'm so deep in "Christmas mode" that I have to change gears and shut off the Christmas part of my brain to do his birthday shopping. This year? I was all "Dubya's Birthday mode"! Which isn't so bad, really, but means I'm very far behind. Which means that every spare moment for the next 23 days I will be shopping.  Maybe I'll win the Powerball tonight and I can just give out million dollar checks for Christmas. Hey

It's Horribly Tragic.

I am about to say something I have never said before. That I swore I'd never say. Ever, ever, ever, EVER say. In fact, I'm not even sure I can write it. I'm so disappointed in myself. It makes me so sad. *BIG sigh* Are you ready to hear it? Okay... Ugh. I'm not sure I can put it down in black and white. Here goes nuthin'... Ithinkweneedtogetanartificialtreenextyear. There. I said it. *sob* Here's the issue...I'm allergic to Christmas Trees. (Well, I'm pretty much allergic to everything, Christmas Trees included.) I'm pluggin' along all fine and dandy and then we go scout out the best tree and chop it down and haul it in and the next thing I know? (Do not ask what I'm doing with my mouth...I can't take a good picture to save my soul.) Uncontrollable sneezing. Watery eyes. Itchy throat. (Whoa. This sounds like a commercial for an antihistamine.) Happens every year...only this year it's also making me a

4 Generations...and P-Dub

So, this is totally old news now, seeing as how Florida happened, Thanksgiving happened, Christmas trees got put up...but whatev. I'll put it here anyway for posterity's sake! Or something. A few weeks ago, I found out The Pioneer Woman (who, incidentally has a real name, so let's call her Ree) was going to be at the Mall of America. What's the "Mall of America" you say? Only the biggest mall in, like, the whole dang world. Duh. Anyway, I debated on going...Gram and I were in the midst of cooking our Thanksgiving meal for In the Kitchen with Gram and I wasn't sure if it was going to work out. When Gram said she'd like to go meet Ree, I knew it was a go! Gram has Myasthenia Gravis, which prevents her from doing a lot of things she'd usually enjoy...but, she wanted to give it a go! We loaded up 4 generations of women (we finagled my mom into coming along...for my mom, waiting in line for several hours to meet someone for 30 seconds ra

9 Years...whaaaaaa?????

Seriously, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that every time the house got eerily quiet, I could bet that something was being cut apart, no matter how high up I put the scissors. Comforters, doll hair, doll fingers...nothing was safe. Not even the sugar. I vividly remember the stage that whenever my sweet boy had something he wasn't supposed to have, he would throw it as soon as you went after him to take it...which means that the time he picked up my parents' large glass vase and I yelled "DON'T CHASE HIM!!!" everyone knew to stay calm and act like nothing was awry as someone snuck up behind the little stinker and grabbed the vase out of his pudgy little 18 month old hands. How is it that he is nine years old today? This boy that makes my heart swell with joy? Who has a heart bigger than anyone I know...a strong, sturdy, "built like a brick sh*t house" body with a heart so soft and sensitive it belies his hearty exterior

Thanksgiving...A Day Early.

Tomorrow is my Dubya's birthday, so I'm gonna do my Thanksgiving post today. How's that for ya? Are you guys all ready for Thanksgiving? I'm not. At all. Nor am I ready for my sweet boy's birthday,, guess what I'll be doing today? Fighting the crowds for a big ol' sack of potatoes (my required dish to bring), and some canned chicken (buffalo chicken dip). Already stocked up on the "kid booze" (sparkling juice) so hopefully I'll grab a few gifts, get my groceries and be outta there. This year is proving to be a bit hectic...Disney threw a wrench into all sorts of plans, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I asked Belle, yesterday, what her favorite part was and you know what she said? "The quiet. And just having you all to myself." Forget the rides, and the souvenirs, and the "dreams come true"...she just wanted me. I can't tell you how much that girl warms my heart. Everyday I give thanks

Whirlwind Disney...

Holy moly you guys...we did it. We're home. We're tired. We're right back in the swing of things, school for Belle and jammies 'til noon for me. :) And you know what? I've missed blogging. My computer battery died on Day 2 and being the uber organized person that I am, I discovered that I left my charger at home (along with one flip flop). Anyway... I received the warmest, squishiest, lovliest welcome home yesterday...signs and hugs and kisses and more hugs and "what didja get us, mom?"s. My souvenirs were deemed a success and I canNOT wait to show you what I got for baby girl. It's my favorite present ever. So, not sure if I actually put our trip to "numbers" but, we did 7 major theme parks in 4 days. Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and Epcot/Magic Kingdom. We ran out of time at most parks and I could've spent an entire day at Islands of Adventure. No, scratch that, I could've

Home again, home again...

Jiggity jig. Today's the day. We're heading home...and I'm ready. I'm missing my husband and my babies and my bed. We're leaving the World of Disney with a lifetime of memories, laughs, and a few extra pounds (that might just be me...Butter Beer, anyone?). Last night, our final hurrah was the Magic Kingdom and wow. Just look: It was beautiful. And breath taking. And magical. And absolutely, positively wonderful.

Christmas Lights...Disney Style!

Oh my gosh. You guys? This was incredible! Here's a quick little video to just give you a taste of why it was like...(excuse the poor quality video...) And a couple of photos... (PS...Kate is hosting 5QF this week! So head on over there to show her some 5QF support! Thanks Kate!

In the Kitchen with Gram...Cranberry Sauce!

A Thanksgiving Dinner without cranberries is, like mashed potatoes without gravy? Like watching "The Notebook" without tears? You know, it's just, like totally, a necessity, dude. Gram has THE easiest cranberry recipe. You ready for it? Don't blink, you might miss it. Cranberries, OJ, sugar, and a wee bit o' salt. Boil 'em 'til the majority of the berries have "popped".  Then, and this is the most difficult, most involved, horribly tedious step: let them cool. Just kidding about the difficulty, involved, tedious step. Just set those babies aside until they've cooled. As they cool they'll thicken on their own. It's kinda miraculous. Serve with your " AMAZING brined turkey " and enjoy!!!  Gram's Cranberry Sauce Printable Recipe 2 bags fresh cranberries 2 c. sugar 2 c. orange juice 1/4 tsp. salt Combine all ingredients in medium pot. Bring to boil on medium high until

Here we Go!!

Well, it's finally time...we're heading to Orlando tomorrow! My girl, my mom and dad and I are headed for fun in the sun for 6 days...a whirlwind of theme parks crammed into 5 full days! Actually, scratch that, 4 days. 2 travel days. We're at a hotel in near the airport and I've already received 2 phone calls from crying children at home. They miss me...but, it so much easier for me to leave them in the fabulous care of their daddy and not worry! A little parents have a tradition for their grandchildren that when they turn 11, they treat them to Disney...and a "corresponding" parent gets to tag along with only park tickets and airfare as an expense! (That's why I'm leaving my crying kids at home...they'll get their turn.) In other news, this sweet boy? I was just asked to be his Godmother!!!! I am honored to have been that little munchkin!!! Next time you'll hear from me, it'll be from sunny F

Bathroom Remodel...Day 8,321,543,223

So, one day a few thousand centuries ago, my husband tore into our bathroom. It was a project we'd had on the "fix it up" list that we'd been wanting to tackle but that day, when I came home from work to see a giant hole in the wall where there once was tile, I gulped.   And I thought, "Well, I guess this means we're really doing it!" And now, several thousand centuries later, a potential dream house come and gone, a potential buyer for our home come and gone and HALLELUJAH! it's finally seeing some progress. We were at a standstill forEVER...see, my well meaning husband started this remodel when at the end of his 'slow season', which quickly gave way to 'busy season' which meant I was stuck in 'nothing's happening on the bathroom' season. Enter aforementioned dream house, potential buyer and HOLY MAN was a fire lit beneath our butts! We finally decided we needed some outside help. That we were in