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Girl's Night Out!

There is a new tradition in my life. And I love it. Rather than exchanging gifts, my bestie and I have started going to the "Big City" (aka Minneapolis) for a Girl's Night. Last year was the Inaugural Year and was a blast. This year? It totally blew last year out of the water!! A peek at our night: We checked into The Hotel Minneapolis, and were giddy with our " Priceline " steal! The hotel was GORGEOUS! Totally contemporary, but yet warm and inviting! After a couple of drinks while we "primped", we headed out to supper...and had the most adorable cabby ! (Dang!! I wish I took his picture!) He also informed us, that there were quite a few Minnesota Twins staying at our hotel for Twins Fest! Cool. (Although, I wouldn't know a single one of them if they weren't wearing their jerseys! Well, I'd probably know Joe. Mauer that is. But that's it. I think.) Anyway...we arrived at Fogo de Chao the same time as an ambulance! (No worrie


Last night, at prayer time: Belle: "I pray that mom gets home safe." Hambone : "I pray that dad gets home safe." Mom: "I pray for my family's health and safety." Dad: "I pray for our leaders and that we can pray the rosary at least once this week." E.W: "...and for a pet unicorn." *giggle* *snort* *try not laugh* *give up trying* Bwahahahahahahahaha !!!! *gasp* Hahahahaha !!! *chortle* Bwahahahahaha !!! *guffaw* Bonus points for those who know the reference to the above prayer...

Did you feel it?

Today, on the way to work, I realized I forgot my cell phone... ...AND THEN THE EARTH STOPPED MOVING!!! Did you feel it? I mean, GAH ! Forget my phone?! However did I survive the day?! Seriously, the earth stopped. Right there...I'm sorry, for those of you whom were affected by my cell phone forgettage . I really do hope you'll forgive me. My husband wondered how I was possibly coping and making it through the day, knowing my phone was at home...without me. All is well now tho...I'm back home. Phone back in it's appropriate place... Resting on my tummy. The Earth may now resume movement. You're welcome. P.S...I can NOT wait to tell you about my Girl's Night Out on Friday! CAN NOT WAIT! Carry on...

Five Question Friday! 1/28/11

Okay, before I say anything...I need to say something: Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!! There. I said it, now I can say anything. Anything!!! Ha! I'm such a jokester. Or, just really, really tired and punchy (once again!), which means you'll just hafta bear with me through this! Welcome to Five Question Friday! The easiest blog hop this side of the Mississippi! Unless you're on that which case it'd be "the easiest blog hop on the other side of the Mississippi!!". Ugh. Oh dear. Being tired makes me weird. So, before I get any weirder on you...let's get down to business!! Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear on Friday morning! And the biggest rule of all...the most important rule...the one you must follow to a "T": HAVE FUN!! Questions for Friday, January 28th: (Special thanks to @bellismom , Jill , Nini , Colleen, and [inspiration from] Sandy f

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Whoooooo hooooooooooooo!! It's almost Friday, which means, it's almost time for me to recharge!! Yup, Girl's Night Out tomorrow night! Most of all, I'm looking forward to eating a meal and not having to share one. single. bite. of my salad with anyone! Well, that and I'm really looking forward to some quality girl time, too! Alright...let's get down to business! Just a reminder that this post is the "sneak peek" of the Five Question Friday questions! The linky post will be up tomorrow morning! Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear on Friday morning! And the biggest rule of all...the most important rule...the one you must follow to a "T": HAVE FUN!! Questions for Friday, January 28th: (Special thanks to @bellismom , Jill , Nini , Colleen, and [inspiration from] Sandy for their question suggestions! I'd love to link you in a future 5QF, so if you have

Evolution: I'm Regressing.

You know those little drawing they have...the evolution ones? Where the character starts as a knuckle dragging caveman/woman and evolves into a "human of today"? (Courtesy Google Image) Yeah, those. I'm totally regressing on those. Not so much in the hunchback/inappropriately long arms way...but more in the "furry" way. Seriously, you guys. The hair on my legs is growing at a ridiculous, freaky rate. I swear to you, my body is preparing for some sort of Ice Age. "Amp up the hair growth...this chick's gonna need to keep warm!!" Forget Global Warming...if I'm listening to my body right, the earth is gonna freeze over. And soon. Don't worry friends...if there is an Ice Age, I'll invite you over, and we can all snuggle up in my leg hair.


When I had my last baby, there was a part of me that wanted a girl (for our eldest daughter) and part of me that wanted a boy (for our youngest son). There was nothing I wanted more, than for our (at the time "only") girl to have a sister. I know I've mentioned before that I have no sisters. Well, I do. Now. (Thanks, Big Bro!!) But growing up, I didn't. And I feel like I missed out. On the flip side, with our youngest being a boy, I thought there'd be nothing better than for him to have a baby brother, a playmate when it was just the two of them at home. is just the two of them at home during the day now. Baby Brother and Baby Sister. And they're two peas in a pod! The laughter and the fun (and the fighting and the tears and the tattling) and the joy that the two of them have just makes my heart happy. They're currently playing "shoot the deer" (yes, we're conservatives)...and taking turns laying on the ground

One Year Old

I had a photoshoot over the weekend of a friend's one year old. Wowza, are they hard to photograph! They're not so much like newborns, and just sit there...they walk and move and have likes and dislikes...heavy emphasis on the dislikes, especially re: people they don't know well who come over with camera and try to make them sit in one spot. I did get a couple good ones...but, well...advice? Suggestions? What's the best way to capture a one year old? She so dang cute...I know I didn't do her justice!!

Winter Fun...

Know what the most brilliant thing hoteliers ever invented for MinneSOOOOta ? Indoor waterparks . Genius! For Christmas, our friend/daycare provider gave my children (and us) passes to go to one of these awesome waterparks ! We all (we and they) went to a Holiday Inn in Northern( ish ) MN , and it was a wonderful, fun-filled winter getaway for our children. All of the adults thought that the kids would eventually tucker out...but, when we finally pulled them from the slides/lazy river/pool/hot tub after 5pm, after over 8 hours of playing...THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO!!! Here's a peek at our fun: Baby muscles! Fabulous friends. (I don't know what's up with the peace signs...) Teenage conversation (I wonder what they're talkin ' about?) Nap time...for daddy and baby. I LOVED that the kid part of this waterpark was "splash pad" style! I didn't think I'd like it, but it was fabulous! The little kids were much more sure on their feet when the water was