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Coronavirus. Minnesota. May 6.

The grass in green, the trees are budding, the sun is shining and life keep chugging along. Our Governor extended the “stay home” order until May 18th, but I feel that the natives are getting restless. There are so many people out at stores and I’ve even see traffic change over the last couple of weeks, it’s as if people are saying “okay, enough now” with their actions. Lots of people wearing masks in stores, but the toilet paper is back in stock! Yay! Unfortunately now, ziplock bags have taken a hit and it always seems I’m late to the game and in need of whatever the rest of the world decided to stock up on, so I had to settle for my “not favorite” brand of ziplock bags. (First world problems, I KNOW.) After reaching a low of $1.34/gallon, it seems as if gas prices are rebounding, up as high as $1.79/gallon (seems weird to think that that is “high”!) in some places! Our farmers, especially pig farmers, are in a bind. Many processing plants have had COVID outbreaks and had