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Indulge me...

It's Sunday... It's no , scratch that...its frigid ... And, it should be Day 168 of the TreeHouse Chronicles. *Sigh*...*sniffle*...*sob*. Our world currently consists of ice (you can't call it snow can walk atop it...) on the ground (similar to "Pants on the Ground"...only ice), on the road, on everyone's driveways. And frigid, bitterly cold air. I want sun. And warm air. And green grass. And chirping birds. I want the TreeHouse Chronicles back in full swing. Speaking of swing...I want that too. Swings. Slides. Playing outside. Is it like this where you are? Are we in the same boat? Or, are you lucky? Are you living in warmth and sunshine? If you are...will you please send some my way? Pretty please? ...with a cherry on top?

Do you see it?

Take a good hard look at this photo: Do you see it? The "Scary Monster"...can you spot it? Every time we get Baby Girl out of her car seat, she exclaims, "Ooooh, 'cary monsto"! And looks in this general direction. I 've tried and tried...and tried !! I've sat in her car seat, I've gotten down on her level, I've even tried a little psychological regression...and I still can't see it! Regardless...I think it's kinda hear that little voice announce, "ooooh, 'cary monsto"'s just too darn cute. Makes me wanna hug her and love her and protect her from that "'cary monsto"...only thing is...she doesn't seem too concerned about it. No...actually...the more I think about it...she seems, well...more intrigued by it that anything! Oh, help me Lord...I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. My fearless fifth child...

Five Question Friday! 1/29/10

Once's Friday! And, it's payday Friday in this house!!! Which also means, it's bill pay Friday. Bummer... least we've got Five Question Friday!!! The hip, fun, zany, happenin' way to meet and greet your fellow bloggers! Rules for my friends: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, grab the MckLinky code, and link up! I would love ya, if you'd link back to me, Mama M. ! No blog? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments of any blog along the way...or, better yet...start a blog and link up! It is a birthday extravaganza weekend in the Mama household...gonna be a busy one, but I am gonna do my darnedest to get around to visiting every 5QF'er this week! Okay...let's get this party started!! Questions for Friday, 1/29/10 : (Muchos gracias to my friends, Lisa P., Liz , Megan , and Thorney London for their question suggestions! Wanna be linked in a future 5QF? Just leave me a question sugge

Forgive me, please...

Okay, so...before I start I need to apologize. I'm afraid some people will read this and think I'm an evil, good fer nuthin ', heartless person. They might want to flog me and burn me at the stake. But, I'll take my chances. *taking deep breath...working up courage* I'm not a pet person. There, I said it! I don't really like animals...not that I don't care about other living creatures, I's just's just that I don't have the time for them. Not to mention the whole drive-by hand licking, poop eating, butt licking, carcass rolling in thing they do. And then...there's this: *gag* I mean really, Dora...rolling in carcasses (wait...would the plural of carcass be, " carcaei ") is bad enough...but dragging them home and leaving it on our back step? Grody . For real...if Dora weren't such a great guard dog (*snort*) I'm not sure I could put up with it. Okay...well...maybe I could. As long as

Apple Thinks We're BFF's Now...

So, I buy a Mac, and suddenly Apple thinks we're best friends. Here's my proof: Yesterday, Apple launched the iPad ... Yesterday, Aunt Flo came to visit me. See what I mean? Really Apple...I love ya and all, but you don't have to go gettin ' in my personal business. And, besides...that iPad doesn't look like it'd fit in my undies. Just sayin '.

I *heart* the Zac Brown Band...

I have never, ever, ever in my life been so amazed by a video. Ever. Ever , ever. I've been on a Zac Brown Band kick of late, and the Crayon Wrangler pointed me to this performance. You've probably seen it...but for those of us like myself ( ahem ...that would be those of us who live under a rock...), it was brand new to me. Be prepared to be awed... So, what didja think?

Sometimes, I am envious...

Home from running errands...Little A. darts from the van... " Hmmm ...what's his hurry?" I wonder. Then I see... least his pants aren't around his ankles, like usual. Guess he's learning. Or, perhaps, he was just cold. I dunno. * pay no attention to the yellow patch of snow in the foreground of this photo...things like this certainly do not happen on a regular basis*

Hold 'em Close

Today, I let my Miss E. sleep in. She's been missing me...and, whether it was "right" or "wrong", it's what I decided to do. I knew she needed a little extra Mama time, a few hugs, some extra snuggling...and sometimes (just sometimes ), I think things like that are more important than school. It's not that I don't think education is important. Not. At. All. It's just that I think life...and living is more important. When I dropped her off at school, I was signing her in...and the secretary (whom, I adore...), said to Miss E., "Alright, why don't you head on up and get ready for lunch!" Miss E. looked at me with those crystal clear blues of hers, and I could see right to her soul. "Would you like me to walk up with you?" I asked her. She nodded, and smiled...and then... Mrs. P (the secretary ) said, "Miss E.! Really? You can't walk up by yourself?!" And I wanted to push the pause button...I wan

Me and my M.A.C.

Let's clear the air M.A.C., I do not mean cosmetics...although I hear they're pretty good. But no...remember this post ? In which I casually mention that I recently acquired a Mac? Yes...that is the Mac I mean when I refer to in, " M ine A nd not the C hildren's ". So, I may have mentioned before that I can't make a decision to save my life have a hard time with decision making. Really hard. Like, I agonize over things for days and weeks and years and decades before I make a decision. ' Cept with havin ' kids. Just jumped right in with that one. Interesting... Anywho ...I did it. ( ahem ...upon proof reading, I discovered that that sentence...the one right before this one in parenthesis? Yeah, that one...well, put into context with the sentence above...well...*cough* ahem ...*blushing* it, kind kind of sounds...gosh, nevermind dirty mind...) Well, then...carrying on...I asked and pondered and f

You Might be a Nurse If...

I think it's time for a little talkin ' shop, my friends!! I'm channelling my inner Jeff Foxworthy , and givin ' you my version of "You might be a redneck if..." So, here we go! You might be a nurse if... ~At the end of the day, you realize you haven't peed since you woke up. ~You can talk about puke and poop at the supper table. ~You don't understand why people get grossed out by puke and poop talk at the supper table. ~Your kiddo coughs, and you're convinced it's double pneumonia. ~You get a spider bite, and obsess over it's appearance for days...certain an infection is going to set in any. minute . ~You take your child to the doctor if he so much as sneezes...or, you go the opposite, and don't take your child in unless he is near death. ~You frequently pepper your conversations with "stat, GBS , sepsis, multip , primip , bagging, desat , accel ...". 'bout this : You might be a Labor and Delivery

Bestie Weekend Getaway!

I'm tired. Totally exhausted. Which, I guess you can deduce, means Bestie Weekend was a bah-LAST!!! We checked into our hotel...had a little " Bestie Toast", And proceeded to get ready for our night out on the town! I had my very first experience at Melting Pot...lemme just say, I'm quite certain that I gained a few (hundred) pounds. If you should ever find yourself "experiencing" the Melting Pot...wear pants with an elastic waist. Or, Spanx . On second thought, scratch the Spanx'd be too uncomfortable. It was, without a doubt, a "stick a fork in me I'm done, kind of experience! I had an extremely yummy drink: But I'm not gonna tell you the name. It makes me blush. Ahem... Carrying on...after we completed stuffing our faces eating an appropriately sized meal...we headed out to a place called "Nye's". (Forgive the random dude in the background...where's Photoshop when you need it?!!) Another fir