Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From the Backseat...

"Mom, why's my name A.?"

"'Cuz that's what daddy and I picked out for you! Isn't it great?!"

"No. I want my name to be Rudolph!!"

Big bro chirps in, "Rudolph is a weird name!!"

"No, Rudolph is a cute name!", says Little A.

Really? Cute? 'Cuz I think it's a little strange.

I mean, just look at it, RUDOLPH--it's a weird name...I agree with E.W. least he picked Rudolph, and not Hermey.

'Cuz then I'd be worried.


  1. Rudolph LOL.. So cute..

    Girl you had me rolling with the message you left me.. I am not going to lie the first few days are tough but after that you'll feel and do GREAT!

    I am glad u starting :) way to goooo

  2. oh my gosh. this is hilarious!!!

  3. what's wrong with the way hermey!?


  4. kids say some of the cutset things sometimes! And I'm with you...Rudolf if definitely better than Hermey. :)

  5. What you don't want him to be a dentist elf? Too funny

  6. Hmmm...rudolph, eh?? Tell him he can only be rudolph if his nose is red.

    One the other hand...that might not be such a great idea...he might try to find a red sharpie and color in his nose!!

    Nevermind - that is a GREAT idea!! LOL!

    ~Working Mommy
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