Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just a lil' somethin'...

I am having blog withdrawls...every fiber of my being wants to be able to sit and write about last night...but we are busy! So, you are stuck with this quickie!

Heading out, soon, to another Christmas party with close buds from high school and their families...gonna eat, drink, and be merry some more tonight!

I went with my hubby and kiddos to watch the "cattle weaning" process...and, I froze my toes off. Seriously...I can not feel them...and, I just, right now, regained feeling in my nose.

And, I don't want to talk about my fingers...I'm surprised I can even type.

But, it was interesting to watch:

And that...that photo above...really has nuthin' to do with weaning...frisky little buggers. (*whispers*, should I tell him that's a guy he's jumpin'?)

By the wonderful, protective husband nearly offed us all on the way to the farm.'s true...and I'm not even exaggerating! We approached a stop sign, he was gonna do a "slow and roll", looked left, and YOWZA!!!!! There was a pick-up doin' about 50 with a big ol' snow plow on the front...seriously...we were within inches.

Then I had a heart attack...and died.

It was unfortunate, really. To survive a near-miss, and then have a heart-attack.

Later dudes!! And, soon...I will give you a photo filled post...or two (bars, party, weaning...I've got lots!!)!

Have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. We have those near misses with my hubs sometimes too. More times than I'd like to admit!

  2. No more slow roll stops!! Scary! Have fun tonite!

  3. I HATE spam comments!


    Cow weening...sounds very interesting. I can't imagine sitting outside, even though today was GORGEOUS out. Hope the feeling comes back soon!

  4. I'm back!!! It was great meeting you last night!

  5. Can't wait to hear all about the holiday fabulousity going on in your life!!!



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