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Five Question Friday! 4/30/10

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope you all are planning fun, exciting things to do. I'll hafta live vicariously through you, 'cuz I work the whole, stinkin' weekend. I think it's supposed to rain, and please don't hate me when I say that that makes me happy. Please? 'Cuz, lemme tell ya, there's nothing worse than being stuck inside a huge brick building, breathing recycled air when the world outside is enjoying sunshine, fresh air and chirping birds. But, anyway...let's get down to the fun stuff!! I'm not gonna vlog today. After my video ...I think I'll let the horror and humiliation die down a bit first. I'll have you know, tho'...that that video nabbed me the title of "Weirdest" in my family! Yessssssss.'s the goods that you came here for! Five Question Friday Rules: Copy the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then come on back to link up! If you'd like, grab the MckLinky blog h

5QF Thursday Night Sneak Peek!!

Yay!! Friday is almost here! (But, it's my weekend to work.) :( So, that means that it is almost time for Five Question Friday! Yippee!!!!! Okay...for anyone that is new...this post, the one that you are reading right now, at this very minute, is just a "preview"...a chance to see the questions, so you can get your answers all ready for tomorrow, when I put the MckLinky up and everyone links to their post! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Rules: Copy the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then come on back to link up! If you'd like, grab the MckLinky blog hop code for your own post! Oh, yeah...and I'd love ya forever if you'd link back to me, Mama M. ! If you don't have a blog, but still wanna play along, feel free to put your answers in the comments below, or on any blog along the way! And now, the... Questions for Friday, 4/30/10 : (Thanks to Linds , Sandy , Jill , Lula Lola , and Julie for their question suggestions! Wanna be linked in a f

Note to Self

Dearest Overachieving Self: You DID it! You conquered the beast that was Intense Debate and you ate it for breakfast! I have to say, I didn't think you had it in you girl, but, you did me proud! Now...if only saddle bags came with html code...perhaps you could conquer those, once and for all. 'Til we meet again, Moi Oh, and psssst...I promise I won't tell anyone that it was just a simple click of a link. I won't say a word that there really wasn't any html code involved, m'kay? Your secret is safe with me!

To Die for Chicken Salad.

I first must say...this is not an original recipe...I got it from my mom, who got it from who knows where...but it is sooooo good and I must pass it on! For real...sooooooo good. I wanna bathe in it. It's incredible. Okay, let's get started! You'll need this: And, take that can of chicken and multiply it by two. You can also add in celery and onion, which the recipe calls for...but my kids will only eat this if there is no celery and onion in it. Well, 'cept for my oldest. He won't eat anything that's not breaded and deep fried and that doesn't contain the words "chicken" and "fingers" in it's name. Weirdo., first, I want you to toast your almonds. And that thar is a demand! Untoasted, plain old almonds are...meh: But, when you toast them...mmmmm...delish! I did mine at 350 for about 7 min...but, I like mine just a tad on the overtoasted side. So, adjust time for your own nutty preferences! ;) While your almonds are getting

If You Can't Laugh at Yourself...

Who can you laugh at?! Warning...all my weird goofiness is on display in full Mama force!! Prepare yourself...

Raw (e)--Red!

I snapped this pic the other day at my BIL's farm. Just playin' around...thought it fit poifectly with Sami's Raw(e) contest! Check out Sailor and Co. for more entries!! And tomorrow...I've got a yummy recipe for you!! Yes, you'll thank me for it.

No Fault Parents

Every so often...just here and there...but very, very rarely...I get a little pissy . Like...once a month. Ahem ... Anywho ...I get irritated and annoyed easily during this time. The latest? No Fault Parents. Or, would it be "No Fault Children"? But that implies that it's the child's fault that they are a No Fault Child. Oh, sheesh . I'll just get to the point. And that is... Parents who think their child can do no wrong. An- NOY - ing . I KNOW my kids aren't perfect. In fact, I don't WANT them to be perfect. We're human...we make mistakes, we ask for forgiveness, we learn, we continue on. Then...there are " those" parents. The one's who blame every mishap on someone else's child( ren ). I wanna smack these parents upside the head, stare them down, and ask them to really listen to what they are saying. I know one family in particular...who are constantly blaming someone else's (ahem...) children for every wrongdoi

My Sweet Girls

I was playin' around with my computer the other night...and suddenly, I had this... It makes me teary...thinkin' 'bout my girls growin' up... Man alive, do I love 'em.

This Week's Date!

Happy Sunday! Sunday's aren't really all that happy, are they? The end of the weekend, the start of the work week, getting ready for the hustle and bustle of getting kids off to school. Ugh...I wish everyday was Saturday. Anywhoodles ...I've got our date all ready...but first, I wanted to give you a heads up on something...get your opinion... I had such a fun time with the Valentine's Day Extravaganza...and I heard a lot of positive feedback, so...I'm thinking of doing a "Mother's Day Madness" carnival! Whaddya think? I sort of feel like a week was kind of I was thinking of starting it the Wednesday before Mother's Day...unless I hear that y'all want the whole week! It'll be similar to the Valentine's Extravaganza, but (obviously) the focus will be on Mamas! With a different theme for each day...which I will provide you with ahead of time. Does that sound fun? Dumb? Lemme know!, to the "Date of the Week"!

Five Question Friday! 4/23/10--Vloggy Style!

Hey howdy ho peeps!! Welcome to 5QF! I decided to vlog it this many people have vlogged (Heidi, have YOU?!!), and I wanted to jump on the vlog bandwagon again, so aren't you lucky?! *cough, snort, chuckle, cough* Bear with me on was, 1am, when I did it...I'm tired, and talking kinda quietly so I don't wake up my whole stinkin' family. here. I try to rap. As in Salt 'N Pepa rap. It's a bit awkward, forgive me. Consider yourself fairly warned... The rules...copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then c'mon back to link up! The blog hop code is there for you to grab if you'd like it! I would really (honestly) appreciate it if you'd link back to me, Mama M .!! If you don't have a blog, but would like to answer the questions...feel free to answer in the comments here, or on any blog along the way! Questions for Friday, April 23rd: (Special thanks to Abby, Robin , Renee