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Holding Patterns

So, on this day...what should be Day 126 of the TreeHouse Chronicles, I find our family in a holding pattern!

Circling and circling...ugh...makes me nauseous just thinkin' about it!! Blech...have you ever been on a plane in a holding pattern? The little ups, the little downs, the round and rounds? Makes me wanna jump right outta that plane.

Or use the barf bag...which would probably be the wiser decision...

But, anywho...we sit.

The TreeHouse was placed on the back burner 'cuz of the insane amount of leaves in our yard. Those leaves are now in nice little rows...strai
ght, perfectly spaced (hello, Mr. Perfection), cute little rows...which are now covered in snow.

Ugh...double ugh.

And the TreeHouse?

Still sits like this:

But, covered in snow. Poor thing., we've covered the TreeHouse, the leaves...know what else is in a holding pattern?

This stinkin' fly:

It has been on my window, in that exact spot, for months (and, you know who didn't do their fall window cleaning...). It kinda grosses me out.

The fly.

Not the windows. I don't get worked up about dirty windows.

Hmmmm...maybe I should, then perhaps they'd get cleaned?

But, I digress...right now, I'm off to do a different sort of holding pattern...

That of holding my family close! We're gonna do some Christmas baking and present wrapping!!

Hope your Sunday is super!


  1. Enjoy your fam today!! Happy Sunday :)

  2. We have our fair share of holding patterns as well. It's just life, or Home on the Range!

  3. Eew fly :o) Have fun with your family today.

  4. Cleaning windows is overrated. Hope you had a great day with the family!

  5. Sometimes holding patterns aren't the worst thing .. and in my opinion, that especially counts when talking about window cleaning! Ugh :)


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