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Sometimes, I am envious...

Home from running errands...Little A. darts from the van...

"Hmmm...what's his hurry?" I wonder.

Then I see... least his pants aren't around his ankles, like usual. Guess he's learning.

Or, perhaps, he was just cold. I dunno.

*pay no attention to the yellow patch of snow in the foreground of this photo...things like this certainly do not happen on a regular basis*


  1. My G has done that. Many a times. Once, at the park. During a MOPS playdate.

    Oh little boys...

  2. lol thats awesome! and there are clearly footprints right by the other yellow patch! lol ;)

  3. Ahahaha! Glad to see my child is not the only one who does this! :)

  4. lol, my husband and his buddies do this in our side yard by our horseshoe pit - and yes, we live in town, 1/2 block from the highway. they just face the bushes and drop trou. silly boys.

  5. Hey, you gotta go you gotta go! At least he kept it outside!

  6. At least he waited until he got out of the car!


  7. Boys will be boys LOL!!! My sons have done that too :o)

  8. I love it! This makes me want to have a little boy. My husband stands outside and does this when he takes our two dogs out. I'm always the one left out! :)

  9. oh my gosh...i love it! boys will be boys! :)

  10. Me too, envious I mean. They have it so easy! No need for dirty germ-infested public bathrooms.

  11. hehe! That is pretty funny that would never happen here either.

  12. It would make life a little easier if we could do this too! :-) Haha

  13. Snicker. Hahaha! I guess I have that to look forward to when my little Imp gets a bit older!

  14. Ha, too funny. I have a few of "those kinds" of pics of my boy doing the same thing.

  15. Np picture of my boys doing this but they did it. In fact, once at a playdate, they were brought home early and the mom saying it was because one had whipped it out in her backyard. I was so embarrassed, and upon asking why, it was faster then going in the house and missing out on playing. I chaulked it up to a boy thing and life went on. The other mom, would never allow such behavior from her boy. Dang lady, will you be clipping his wings so he can't fly also. Boys will be boys.

  16. Too funny. My son used to do the same thing. Good thing we live on 100 acres out in the country...

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  18. haha! good timing, I say :o)

    And love your title and comment about the yellow patch in the foreground (although, I didnt notice it until you mentioned it haha)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Ah! a free day today to blog and it literally took the whole day to post my post! Oh, well, I will be back on the weekend to catch up on m blog reading here!)

  19. HA! I love it! And yes, the pregnant women in me is envious. :) And of you too, because I don't have your bladder either.

    Ok, that sounded creepy.

    I'm done.

  20. Priceless that you had your camera handy!!! ;) My kids refuse to pee outside - they will pee their pants first! ugh! I was a free spirit that way when I was young... how did these kids come out of MY body!? LOL!
    You could win a contest with that picture!

  21. lol so cute. that is something my husband would do


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