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Bestie Weekend Getaway!

I'm tired.

Totally exhausted.

Which, I guess you can deduce, means Bestie Weekend was a bah-LAST!!!

We checked into our hotel...had a little "Bestie Toast",

And proceeded to get ready for our night out on the town!

I had my very first experience at Melting Pot...lemme just say, I'm quite certain that I gained a few (hundred) pounds.

If you should ever find yourself "experiencing" the Melting Pot...wear pants with an elastic waist.

Or, Spanx.

On second thought, scratch the'd be too uncomfortable.

It was, without a doubt, a "stick a fork in me I'm done, kind of experience!

I had an extremely yummy drink:

But I'm not gonna tell you the name.

It makes me blush.


Carrying on...after we completed stuffing our faces eating an appropriately sized meal...we headed out to a place called "Nye's". (Forgive the random dude in the background...where's Photoshop when you need it?!!)

Another first for me. (Have I ever mentioned I don't get out much?)

I had a Cosmo...and felt a little like one of the Sex in the City girls...hmmmm...wonder which one I'd be?

Definitely not a Samantha...or a Miranda...not hip and fashionable enough to be a Carrie...maybe a Charlotte?

I dunno...maybe I'm just not cut out to be a SITC girl!

We danced with a dapper octogenarian who, word on the street says, had been on Dateline. He was adorable...and, I'm quite convinced he wasn't calling Dateline to put in a word for me to dance on their show (and, btw...since when does Dateline have dancers?).

The cab ride back to the hotel was a little slick.

And not the slick as in, "Wow...that worked out really slick!" was more the slick, like...don't slam on your brakes lest you'd like to bury your front bumper into the car in front of you, kinda slick.

I watched a man biff it. Like, totally and completely lose his footing from beneath him.

And, I handled it like the mature adult that I am.

I laughed and chuckled and giggled and guffawed and held my stomach and had tears rolling down my face...and, I almost pee'd my pants.

But I didn't.

And, y'all know, I won't rub it in! ;)

We slept in...well, kinda. I awoke to a noise I was certain was someone's kid crying in the room next the oh so wonderful hour of 6 am.

I lay there...thinking, "well this is great. I'm away from my own kids, who sleep in...and I get awoken by someone else's." I nearly cried.

But, I held it together...woke a snoring sleeping peacefully Tara, and proceeded to find out it was her "white noise" app making that sound.


Then, I promptly fell back asleep for another 3 1/2 hours.

It was bliss.

We made our way to the MOA...I bought myself my Mac...and (this is where I need to hold it together...) we...*sniff*...we had to...*sniff sniff*...we had to cancel on our "cities girl's night out" due to bad weather...*sob*.

I was sad.

I hate making mature, responsible adult decisions. top it off. The roads ended up being fine.

Stupid weather.

Stupid rain.

Stupid "winter storm advisories".

(I'd also throw in a "stupid people who care about me telling us to come home sooner rather than later"...but, that sounds mean...'cuz I love the people that care about, I'll leave that one out.)

Know what that means tho'?

Reschedule, baby!

Now, I get to look forward to another night out with the girls!

Right, Mr. Wonderful?

Honey...right? I get a re-do, right?

Ahem...well...guess I'll see 'bout that one.

I loved every minute of my getaway...but, you know...

It sure was nice coming home.


  1. A re-do sounds just right! Glad you enjoyed yourselves..minus the weather and the early wake up call! My husband and I go to The Melting Pot every year for our's the best! And you're right about the stretchy pants..I've unbuttoned once there before and learned to wear a looser non-form fitting shirt!

  2. Glad you and miss Tara had a fun night! I love me some melting pot..Its been like a couple years since I have been so I think I am totally due some cheese fondue... dontcha think?

    Have a great week girlie :)

  3. of course you get a re-do!!

    Let me get this straight, you bought a Mac and only dedicated one line on your blog to it??! WOAH! That thing deserves a whole post on its own!! Can you tell I LOOVE my Mac??! :)

    AND you drink's name can't be as bad as my favorite drink of all's a blueberry, pom, raspberry martini called a Ménage à trois...I would also like to suggest NEVER looking up that word for the spelling.

  4. Sounds like you had fun even though part of it got cancelled.
    That champagne looks good! :) And I so want to go to the Melting Pot- besides MckMama- you're the second person I've heard of going there!

  5. SOOO much fun M! And yes I'm exhausted today too! and I need to somehow get pics from you since you were the official photographer:)

    And we danced with Roger--his name was Roger--and I'm not sure what we were doing (he was kind of doing a kick line thing) was polka . . .but it was sure a workout!

    Video of our dancing with Roger at Nye's to come!

  6. YES you get a re-do on girls night!!! You better! We missed you girls! We did have a blast though. :)

  7. sounds like you had a fun weekend.

  8. How fun! I think the guy in your picture is hilarios. How random is that?

  9. Your post makes me want to schedule my own girl's night out! My favorite place is the Melting Pot - DH and I celebrate a lot of events there and maternity pants (which I'm currently in) are a fabulous thing to wear there. :) Have fun on your "re-do.:

  10. Looks like one of the best nights out a girl can have! Aaahh how I long for one of those! Call me next time ;)

  11. Hey, if you want your re-do to have a 3rd wheel I'd love to join! Sounds like you had fun! Yeah, nice "ice storm" we had huh?


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