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I've been wanting to rearrange our bedroom for quite some time. We were poorly using the space we had (please pay no attention to the nasty mess...just
bein' authentic!):

(This photo was taken from the door):

(This one from in front of the the left of the door):

Side note by me: with all this rearranging, I've discovered something (no, no, no...not the dust bunnies...but, yikes!! Holy smokes there were a lot of them!!) built in the '70's made bedrooms for queen beds...not king. But, I'm not givin' our bed up for nothin'!

Our room is cah-ramped!! And...I'm embarrassed! Look at that nasty bedroom furniture! One dresser we bought when we were newly married, just to "get us through", until we could get something new.

Yeah. Ah...that was nine years ago! Well, almost!

Our other dresser? A gift.

To me.

When I was 15.

The sad thing? That dresser is now older than I was when I got it.

Excuse me while I go cry in my coffee...when did I get so old?!!!

Sorry...moving on...

Sheesh, we are professional, hard working adults! We deserve better than a cheap dresser and an "ancient" dresser!

So, here's the final arrangement:

(From the door):

(From the closet):

Whaddya think? (Ahem...about the arrangement...please, don't judge me on our furniture! I wish I knew Photoshop better...coulda shined 'em up a bit...or, heck, just cropped 'em out!)

Did we make a good decision, switching up the bed?

I'll be sure to post more photos when our new furniture arrives (yes...I am going out to buy new furniture!)...along with the new paint job and removal of the weird border thing goin' on!

Any suggestions for wall colors? Our spread is tannish/taupey and cream. The curtains...original with the house (i.e I could take 'em or leave 'em)...and let's not mention the carpet. Not in the budget! ;)

Another side note by me...we are thinking of going Amish.

Wait!!! Wait...that came out all wrong! Our furniture! We are thinking of going the Amish route for our furniture!! Any experience with that?

Love ya!


  1. It looks nice! And I LOVE rearranging... Makes everything feel "new" again!

  2. Looks good. One question to think about, who sleeps next to the wall and will it get annoying crawling in and out? We did this for a while and that's my husbands spot. He is 6'3 and hated crawling in and out.
    As far as colors...what about a brown, slightly darker than a taupe/tan and a blue or green accent color?-Like curtains and pillows, framed art...

  3. That really opened the room up a bit! Nicely done. If being right up at the wall was annoying, you could slightly angle the bed out and give them a triangle sliver to get in and out from.

  4. I like the before and after! Nice work:)

  5. looks good! lots of space to maneuver and when you get the NEW furniture it will be even more fabulous! enjoy!

  6. @Christy - your comment made me laugh, b/c my husband is 6'3" and he INSISTS on having the inside by the wall. Anywhere we go, I just automatically give him that side of the bed (left or right, doesn't even matter!).

    MamaM - I LOVE the new arrangement - having both dressers on one wall facing out like that just makes the flow so much nicer! Sorry I have no advice on colors - I am awful about that stuff. AWFUL.

  7. Love that is! I agree with happpygal, angle the bed. Bedhind it, as a kind of headboard, use a folding screen. It would fill up the triangle behind the bed. I also agree with Christy, use a tan like Vaspar's Almond Oil, works great with blues, reds and golds.

    Can't wait to see the new furniture.

  8. I think it's a great new arrangement! Totally gives you more space. Also, at least you provided the after picture showing the cleaned mess. Me? Nope, just posted the mess!

  9. Girl - I am constantly changing our bedroom furniture (well, all furniture) around! I guess I get bored easily :)
    It looks nice - as for a color suggestion, we have a beige comforter as well and DH suggested lavender for our walls (whoda thunk?!) They are currently off-white and will probably stay that way as we intend to sell soon.
    Get some samples and spread em on - see what you love. :)

  10. It looks GREAT!! You did an awesome job!

    Oh, and love Amish furniture!

  11. it looks really good! i think it looks better! when i saw the before pic, i thought "they should put the bed over there" & then you did! HAHA!

  12. Ok so I just wrote a whole long ass comment and when I signed into my google account it lost it! Sigh.... anyway congrats it looks great! Are you going to get a new comforter? If so you should pick that first and then your color for the walls! Good luck with your furniture! I have no idea what amish furniture is but I am completely jealous you are getting some new stuff! Sigh.. I hate my room!

  13. It looks great! The room looks much bigger with your new set-up! :)

  14. looks great!
    glad to see that I'm not the only one with mis-matched dressers.. we are saving for new ones! :)
    I wouldn't give up our king size bed for anything either.. they're so huge, but so wonderful!

  15. Girl I hate my bedroom furninture as well... but you did great! It looks roomier (prob not a word but ya know its ok)

    PS what is amish furniture?!

  16. Amish furniture- love love love it! High quality...sometimes high prices, but make sure you get a piece that you can hand down to Miss E and her husband- it will be around that long!

    I like the bed toward the corner- that way most of the room is usable. Since you've asked for my opinion :), I'd say loose the drapes. Red is not a soothing color- which you want in a bedroom. Go for either a muted burgundy or blues and greens...all of which go with your spread and carpet. Yes....ditch the border...the faster the better. :)

  17. I don't blame you for wanting to get rid of the border and curtains. The arrangement on the other hand looks great! Looks like lots more room.

    My hubby was just saying last night that we need new bedroom furniture. Our bed is a hand-me-down from his mom, nightstands were my sisters in high school and the dressers were a gift to me for my first b-day from my long deceased grandfather. I think we're due new furniture as well!

  18. Love the new arrangement...looks MUCH better - and easier to navigate!


  19. Your room looks so much bigger after you rearranged the furniture. Don't feel bad about what kind of furniture you have!! We all have to start off somewhere and there is always someone more important than us when we want to go buy a beautiful bedroom set (these kids of ours are so needy :o).

    I have a bedroom set now but it is used and I can tell you that it is my first set ever!!! My dream is to buy a new bedroom set one day...aaahhh one fine day :o)

  20. I think you did a great job!

    My bedroom only allows us to put the bed in two spots, which makes for rearranging impossible.


  21. I love your new layout! I love blue or green with brown. But, you have great taste in clothes so I doubt you need help with colors. :)

    I don't know a lot about Amish furniture. My parents bought some fo the cheaper stuff, and it fell apart. Probably like everything else, you get what you pay for. Have fun shopping.

  22. It makes your room look so much bigger! Good job on the rearranging.

  23. Much fresher! Feng Shui suggest that the you should always be able to see the door from where you are when you sit up in bed - so (according to Feng Shui, for whatever that is worth ...), the original bed position had "bad chi"! The psychology behind this it that if you can see the doorway from bed, you will relax and sleep easier because you can see who/what is coming before it sees you. Cool, huh?! So anyway, based on this theory, you ought to feel more relaxed - and that is a VERY good thing!

    Ironically, I did a little post on redecorating today, too! Check it out - if for no other reason, you can read the post that I linked to which is hilarious and all about moving - or not moving furniture!

    Enjoy your "new room"!

    PS - I would definitely lose the curtains (I hope you don't mind my saying so) and go with something neutral like bamboo shades in a color similar to the wood trim in your room. As far as color goes, a soft shade of gray, blue or green would be pretty!

    PS #2 - I was at St. Ben's until '95, so would have missed you?

  24. Looks great, Mama M. Restoration Hardware has a color called Silver's beautiful. I really like it for bedrooms. Our bedroom is still builder's white, but someday....

    Also, we have a few Amish pieces and frankly, they are some of the best quality furniture I've seen. I love the smooth finish.

  25. I wish I could help you but I'm so not good at decorating!!
    And we have sad furniture, too. We both have our childhood dressers and no headboard/foot board for our bed--we don't even have a comforter set!! I have some nice sheets I like but we're using a quilt someone made us and a mismatched bed skirt....
    This is a good idea, though!! Maybe when I get my room organized I'll do the same thing and ask everyone's opinions!!!

  26. First off, I love the new arrangement! Looks great!

    Our bedroom furntiture is a bazillion years old too, it was my DH's parents for years and he has had it since he was 13. So it's possibly as old or older then my DH. One of our next big purchases will be new bedroom furniture.

    I <3 Amish furniture. We fortunate enough to live near an Amish community and there are furnitures stores everywhere around here. My parents bedroom set and dining room table were both made by the Amish and I love it. I think it holds up A LOT better then anything purchased from a Raymor and Flanagan or Ashley Furnitrue store.

    Good luck!

  27. I very much LOVE rearranging! If you need help with wall colors, visit my sister's blog at

    She is an interior redesigner and specializes in this very thing (she helped me pick out all the wall colors for my house and I just LOVE them!). While her blog is primarily about her adoption journey (they're adopting a sweet little girl from China), you can at least get a glimpse of who she is!

    I would offer suggestions, but somehow the decorating gene skipped right over me! :)

  28. I have Amish made furniture in my bedroom - LOVE was our first set of new furniture EVER in our house. We bought it after 10 years of marriage. Our second room of new furniture just arrived this summer after 16 1/2 years of marriage (I got a leather sofa and chairs set - yippee - love them!). So, I know what you mean about furniture. Next? My kitchen table/chairs set was bought right after we got married from my MIL's friend...and she got it for her wedding, so it was already about 30 years old! Time to get something new in the near future I hope. Some day, before I retire, I hope to have replaced everything. But, for now, things are piece-mealed together - thrift sales, hand-me-downs. OH, well... :) I just say it adds character (until we can afford all new furniture, then I'll change my motto!) lol

  29. As a native Ohioan, I lived only 30 minutes from Amish country. My mom had many pieces of furniture built and others upholstered by the Amish. They do a fabulous job and the quality is amazing! You will not be disappointed!! Definitely worth every penny. :)

  30. New arrangement is much better! Have fun furniture shopping!!

  31. You could just go Amish and make your own furniture:)

  32. I like how it opens up the room, particularly, how it takes better advantage of the window. But I do worry that you might have issues with whoever has to sleep against the wall. Both DH and I are "bed drapers"-- we like to sleep with an arm or a leg strewn over the side of the bed-- and we know from experience that a bed pushed against the wall doesn't work for us.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  33. Oh I love the new arrangement - it looks fabulous. I'm the same way about our furniture. I probably rearrange stuff every few months. And oh how I love Amish furniture. It's gorgeous, durable & can take a beating from the little ones without batting an eye lol

  34. Definitely love the arrangement. I must say that I am a huge fan of a bold accent wall with the other walls in a softer hue for bedrooms!

  35. Wow, what a huge difference! I feel ya on the furniture, somehow both of our kids have brand spankin new furniture sets and we are using Matt's GRANDMA'S old stuff that is probably older than me. UGH. Anyway, whatever. For sure get rid of that border, gotta go. Do you get a lot of sunlight in your room? We painted our room chocolate (ohhhhh chocolate, this diet is killing me!) brown and we love it! It works good if you have lighter bed stuff and all that and we have red accents. Love it. Or you could use blue and brown, very cute. Good luck darlin! :)

  36. It looks lovely. Good job.

    I was just to IKEA this morning to look at closets for our bedroom. Now to get my husband over to look and then we can decide and bring them home.

  37. Great use of the space. I love rearranging furniture around the house. My husband hates it though.

  38. It looks good! I'm right there with you with old bedroom furniture! We've had our set for over 10 years, and the dressers do not match the bed! My goal is to decorate our room this year, and get new furniture soon!

  39. We have a seventies house too :) Smallish rooms, like two windows in the WHOLE house! Oh, yes, we have a seventies house. And I really do love our house but it was a little bit of a challenge to decorate. Oh, how I love a challenge!

    First, I would ditch the curtains...would burning them be too much? Sorry, but they are not my favorite. I would put something light and "airy"...go to World Market. They have these sheerish LONG (have to go long, floor to ceiling) panels that have a little design in them...same color. We have bluish panels in our room. Next, go to Home Depot, Lowe's or McCoy's (do y'all have McCoy's up there?) and buy a gallon of fun paint..I have a taupe on our walls...not the best, but it is neutral backdrop. Next, you should get some big chunky black/dark brown frames to display wedding/belly photos? As for the could paint them...I don't think they're as bad as you think. I love furniure with a past. Choose a color that will contrast nicely with the walls.

    Okay, seriously...I love to decorate and I can't help myself from giving decorating advice...especially to a fellow seventies house owner! :) I love your blog! Good luck with the redo!

  40. I love it! It does open the room up very nicely.

    I like the painting furniture idea, have done it many times in the past. It gives a whole new look to something old and beaten.

    I would do blues or greens on the wall, just to give some color. The neutral idea is best!

  41. Much better. I think a burgandy /red in the room would look nice.

    Can't wait to see it if you decided to paint it.

  42. So I HAD to follow the link and see 'the post' ... one day I dream of Nate coming to redo my bedroom! though I 'kinda' try ... I really am horrible at making my rooms look like I "want" them... darn budget always gettin in the way! PS. My Mr. Wonderful has to put his socks and underwear in a 'bin' on a cheap bookcase shelf b/c I have this 'thing' about dressers - and we can not afford to put in that california closet that would make our lives easier... he really is a patient man! ;) I can't wait to see what you do with the room!!! I love love love my room color - rejuvenate green from Home Depot!
    Just Jenn ~


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