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A Resolution Post

So, I am totally a New Year's Resolution kinda gal. I make 'em...I keep 'em (kinda...I mean, you know...if they're "keepable"!!)!

A coupla years ago, I made a resolution to be a better advocate for my children. I was sick of myself being a wimp...not taking a stand for the wee ones that are most important to me!

And, I think I did alright...coulda done better, but it was something I worked on...something I am still working on!

This year? (My hubby's gonna love me even more if I can keep this one!) I am resolving to become more organized (heaven help me!!) and to be a better housekeeper (heaven help me even more!!)!

I'm starting by joining up with this! I "figgered", what the heck...I've got nothin' to lose, and it just might help me!

I will gladly, excitedly, ecstatically welcome any organization tips you have! I might even just kiss ya.

I also made a blog "resolution"...(now, this one, Mr. Wonderful might not be so excited about!!)...I am going to aim on visiting more of your blogs. I have such awesome readers, and I want to show "y'all" that I appreciate you reading me!

So, let's hear it! Here's to an awesome 2010!! (And, to me keeping my resolutions!)


  1. Ahhhh, last year, I learned your first name. I just learned your second...


    Giggling... You are loved.

    My post on new year resolutions was a little bit unorthodox, a little off the beaten path, but that seems to be my recurring theme these days!

  2. I have learned that half the time I don't keep my resolutions, this year my resolution won't even begin until August when I have my new (4th)baby....
    Good Luck with your resolutions, I am not very good at orginizing I try but I'm not.....

  3. Dude..I joined up too..We'll se how it goes..:-)

  4. Good luck with your resolutions! I'm sure you can do it! I need to take on the housekeeping one!

  5. A sparkling mama you will be! I blogged about my resolutions too-- I only picked three things this year. One of them involved digging to find a piece of exercise equipment we know is here somewhere.;) Good luck and happy cleaning!

  6. i joined that one the other day and have started "prepping areas" you know to give me a little kick in the pants.

  7. I like organization. Am I organized? Heck No!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. With you 100% on the organization and house keeping. Lacking big time.

  9. I cleaned out and organized my gift closet (because I always "overbuy" a few gifts over the Holidays) and I always buy gift wrap (fairly generic) the day after Christmas on sale. I cleaned out and organized my gift closet and made a list of what was in there so I don't overbuy this year and can use what I already have. And that's about as organized as I get . . .

  10. what a great resolution...we can all stand to be a little more organized!!
    yay...come, visit me! :)

  11. If I was any more organized I would frighten everyone living in the house. lol.

  12. I love organization! :) My favorite thing that I did recently was buy a small drawer organizer (it has three drawers and each drawer is about the size of a piece of paper (but much deeper obviously) and then labeled each drawer, one for each kid & then a mom & dad one. It's slick! No more unorganized papers taking over my counters. Any school papers go in the appropriate kids drawer. And then papers for me that I don't want to file yet, or don't know where to file go in my drawer. LOVE IT!

  13. I too am aiming for organization. We are in a new season of life when our children are grown, all graduated from college and on their own. We downsized from 5,000sg. ft. to a 1200sg.ft. cabin in the big woods on the beach (only in Seattle:) Now it's time to get rid of everything, and I am working on it. This includes my collection of designer handbags and shoes--my children were all here to hekp us move and were thrilled to take containers of handbags to the Salvation Army, and they dropped the really good ones at a DV program for the women (Coach, D&C, D&B, Kate Spade, etc.) It feels so good to be free.

    I am going to check out this sight you linked.

  14. housekeeping... yeah, that's me. :)

  15. Whoohoo! Sounds like great resolutions to me! I'd love to get into the Zone challenge... I surely need something like that to try out.

    And as for visiting more on others' blogs, ah that would be a fun one to do...too bad my vacation ends and work starts back up...

    so I look forward to any visit you are able to do over at my place :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  16. You can start your New Year's blog resolution by reading more of my blog :)

  17. I LOVE not so much! Good goals, I know you can do it!! :)

  18. I like that you have set resolutions that truly are attainable. Those are the type of resolutions that I like the most! I, too, tend to want to spend more time visiting the blogs of my readers. I've found that, when I log on, if they appear in my community widget as having just visited, I go and visit them as well - and if they've left a comment, I make sure to visit their blog from the comment link. I love it - definitely helps me get to know my readers better! :)

    Hoping your 2010 is amazing!

  19. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I decided to give you this award for a job well done. Please stop by to pick up your award.

  20. I love those! I didn't do any this year, I just want to keep living!

    Happy New Years!


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