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They Still Suck

Well, my friends...I did it.

I tried again.

With the same results.

I decided I must be missing out on something...what with all the donut lovers out there (yes, I did read every 5QF post!!).

So, I sacrificed...I totally put myself out there...I took one bite of a donut...and had that freaky, funky, nasty coating in my mouth all over again.

Oh, I'll admit...they taste good...they look good...but dang!

Totally gross.

Like, "gag me with a spoon" grody.

I am hereby forever swearing off donuts, and there is nothing you can do or say to stop me.



  1. Donuts don't suck!!(i say that lovingly, of course!) I had 3 myself yesterday..soo soo yummy!!

    Dude! Congrats on the big 300!!


  2. im soo with you. texture always gets to me more than taste.


  3. Like Ashley, I always go for texture over taste... and that's why I dislike Krispy Kreme (even though I literally live in the company's backyard). But, surprisingly, I like Dunkin' Donuts. They just don't have that coating you're taking about (At least to me!).

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  4. each his (or her) own, right? Personally, I love donuts but I am staying away from them due to my intentions of shrinking my

  5. I could take 'em or leave 'em! I don't know, its not a texture thing for me... its just a donut thing. They're okay.

  6. They are ok some of the time but most of the time they just suck ass.

  7. What a shame! Donuts, though I don't consume any here in England, are the bomb! Why don't I eat them here, you ask? Because Brits just don't make them well. I'm just sayin'.

  8. Ah're not missing much anyway. Like I said...Dunkin Donuts used to have good ones, but that was years ago. Who needs 'em anyway? Many tastier treats for calorie wasting.

  9. did you gag? Remember A's gag reflex? remember how you used to laugh so hard you'd cry? which made me laugh. at my son. gagging. still cracks me up actually :)
    So, since your'e trying foods you hate b/c of peer pressure I think you should mushrooms again--and have Mr.W take photos. and post them. I could use a laugh :)

  10. feel free to forward all your donuts onto me :)

  11. I think its perfectly okay if you don't like donuts :)

  12. I dont like donuts's that greasy coat your mouth thing they have on them ugh!

  13. Oh I love donuts! The picture made my tummy rumble a little.

  14. I totally get the greasy feeling thing. That's why I eat them with coke. The acid in it seems to take the grease away. Major, major sugar crashing happens, of course.

  15. but they are sooo yummy... sorry you don't like them.

  16. Yeah, the greasy nasty feeling is not cool, BUT I would eat a donut right now if I had one. :)

  17. that pic on your blog just added like 5lbs to my waist line and made me crave donuts.. krispy kreme here i come (tomorrow tho not tonight)

  18. I really love donuts! Probably way too much!

  19. I'm tellin' you the muffin is the way to go.. It's like a cupcake just a teensy weensy bit less sweet and that makes it healthier, right? right? Oh, please tell me it does.

  20. You know, I have never been a donut lover either. They are too sweet for me and they always used to make my stomach hurt. I don't eat them anymore b/c I found out I can't eat gluten, but I never liked them anyway!!

  21. Donuts. Your HTB will thank you for staying away from them :)

  22. *gg*
    Very brave to taste it again! :-)

  23. You are braver than I!! If there is something I don't like - forget try is enough!


  24. Hilarious! ... and WAY courageous!!! :-)

    PS - You stopped by my blog (THANK!) and asked me where I live in MN! I DON'T live there presently - my home is in Menomonie, WI - BUT for the first 25 years of my life I was a MN girl (and STILL identify myself that way - once a Minny girl, always a Minny girl ...). Anyway, I grew up in teeny weeny Herman (45 min. from Alex.) - then went to school at St. Ben's (St. Joseph) - then lived in Minneapolis, then Eden Prairie - and lastly, Duluth -before moving on over to neighboring Wisconnie!

    So, there you go! My whole Minnesota history!!! :-)

    Where do you live?

  25. I was gone and missed this post, but I saw almost everyone else's!
    I'm with you - donuts are gross. Ugh.

  26. I can't stand Krispy Kreme donuts! They also leave the icky coating in my mouth! Everything else is okay. I hardly ever eat them, though.

  27. The only doughnuts I can eat are krispy creme plain glaze and even then half way through it I get that nasty coat your mouth feeling that I just can't handle. I can eat homemade ones probably cause I don't add much sugar but store bought no way I'm with you.


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