Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forgive me, please...

Okay, so...before I start I need to apologize.

I'm afraid some people will read this and think I'm an evil, good fer nuthin', heartless person. They might want to flog me and burn me at the stake.

But, I'll take my chances.

*taking deep breath...working up courage*

I'm not a pet person.

There, I said it!

I don't really like animals...not that I don't care about other living creatures, I's just's just that I don't have the time for them.

Not to mention the whole drive-by hand licking, poop eating, butt licking, carcass rolling in thing they do.

And then...there's this:


I mean really, Dora...rolling in carcasses (wait...would the plural of carcass be, "carcaei") is bad enough...but dragging them home and leaving it on our back step?


For real...if Dora weren't such a great guard dog (*snort*) I'm not sure I could put up with it.

Okay...well...maybe I could.

As long as she doesn't lick my hands.


  1. Don't apologize! Atleast you KNOW you aren't a pet person, and you readily admit it. Better to be out in the open than in the closet about it! :)

  2. Oh good, another person who admits they are not a pet person. I am not an indoor pet person. If they live outside and do not lick me, I am fine with pets. I cannot live with an animal in the house, don't like hair on my clothes and furniture, and hate cleaning up the mess. I have an outdoor cat, that is a sweet cat, but will only let me pet her, she bites everyone else. I was raised on a ranch where animals had to have a purpose or you did not own them. My parents never allowed animals in the house. Guess I was warped by my upbringing, but I managed to not warp my children, 2 of the 3 currently have indoor animals.

  3. Soooo funny- well, not really! I have the same problem, but I stupidly bought my daughter a dog last year and now really regret it. He doesn't shed and is easy to train, but he does have "separation anxiety"- go figure! It makes him do really weird things and bark when we leave, etc. What was I thinking....?!?!

  4. Just kidding! :) You just need the RIGHT dog, that's all! Like a Golden Retriever.

  5. We're anti pets here too! We keep 2 cats outside to head off the mice, (no pun intended), but I don't even know their names.

  6. Totally now what you mean about not being a pet person! I like animals as long as I don't have to clean up after them and as long as they don't like me!!

  7. Me either!! Boy that feels good to say it. We've always had pets because of my hubby and kids. They are ok at a distance, but that's it.

    What is that anyway?

  8. Ew!

    I wondered today, as I was cleaning up a chewed to shreds Mulan doll, and vacuuming up the wolfs shedding hair, WHY I love animals so much. ;) But, we don't have to deal with....what the heck is that thing.....a dead rabbit?

  9. i am half way with you. i love animals but can do without their animals ways like pooping, stinking and tearing up things. can i find a good smelling dog that has guard dog instincts? hmmmm a girl can dream.

  10. I'm not a pet person either! I always thought I would be, but then I lived with 2 different roommates who each had dogs they didn't take the greatest care of. The poop and pee around the house ruined me, and when I saw one of them swing a piece of poop off of it's butt into it's mouth (seriously, that happened!) I knew I would never ever want a dog of my own!

    To this day, I know the only reason I ever get a dog will be when I have kids begging me for one; and even then, they are in charge of the poop!

  11. in-laws' dog likes to "play" with squirrels, if you know what I mean. So far I've seen her get to three of them, and I am scarred for life because of it.

  12. I am a animal person. But that, that is definitely gross. Eeww.

  13. Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I'd definitely lose my mind if there were dead things on my porch!!!



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