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The Greatest Guac Ever!

It wasn't that long ago...that I refused to eat anything green
and mushy.

Split Pea Soup? Blech.

Guacamole? Ewww.

Canned peas? Ugh.

But then...a lovely co-worker brought some guacamole to work. And people raved.

And they ate it with chips.

And I love chips.

Like, I totally *heart* them.

I didn't want to look like a big, I grabbed a chip...and dipped just a teeny-tiny, itty bitty, wee little smidge of a corner into the guac.

And it was love at first sight.

Or, I guess...taste.

And...when I love something...I've just gotta share it.

Okay...that's a lie. I won't share my hubby. Or my kids. You can't have my mom or dad or brothers.

But, I'd totally share the evil Kohl's gal who kept giving my kids the stink eye the other day. (Um...hello!! I am the only one allowed to give my kids the stink eye. Evil Kohl's gal. Even if they did deserve it!) asked, and here ya go.


Wait. You didn't ask.

Well, here ya go anyway!

P.S--I've been told this guac tastes "authentic" my BIL and SIL from CA...who have access to many "authentic" Mexican restaurants.

You'll need this:

Yup...that's it.

Start by cutting the avocados in half lengthwise:

Then grab a sharp knife and give that nut a good whack, twist gently and lift out:

(P.S: Check out my awesome natural light! It was actually a tad too much...guess I shoulda used that hacksaw on the roof, instead of a chainsaw...oh well.)

Then, scoop out all the yummy avocado flesh (ugh.
..I can not believe that I ever had an aversion to this!!)...right down to the tough shell:

Chop up a hearty handful of cilantro:

You'll need about this much of the red onion:

Now, if you don't have a Pampered Chef food chopper...consult your nearest Pampered Chef lady and get one. Immediately. You'll thank me later.

Chop up the red onion with your newest favorite kitchen gadget:

This looks about right:

Add a splash of lime juice (am I violating any child labor laws, by having my daughter squeeze the lime for me? I hope not...):

Add approximately this much Kosher salt: (Oh, and it must be Kosher salt. No substitutes. Ya hear?)

Feel free to summon the baby to read you the ingredients of the Kosher salt:

Add it all together:

Using a fork, stir and mash/chop up the guac...until it's your preferred consistency.

This is my preference:

Taste...and add more salt accordingly!

The Greatest Guac Ever:

5 avocados, halved and "nutted" (de-seeded? de-nutted?)
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Hearty handful of fresh cilantro (to taste)--chopped
1/4-1/3 of a medium-large red onion--chopped
Kosher salt (to taste)

Scoop avocado out of shells, into large bowl. Add lime juice, chopped cilantro, chopped red onion, and salt. Stir/mash with fork until desired consistency...taste and add more salt if needed!

Serve with tortilla chips.

P.S-guac starts to turn brown quickly...don't make this too far in advance, or you'll end up with brown mushy stuff...which is still fine to eat, it just looks nasty. I've found that placing a piece of plastic wrap directly on top, eliminating as much air contact as possible, slows the browning!

Oh...and for the record...I still haven't tried (and don't plan to) Split Pea soup. Waaaayyyy too green and mushy for me.


  1. HA! I love your picture-by-picture recipe instead of the "index card" type (I pretended I didn't see it at the bottom). That's great! And I love guacamole. And my Pampered Chef chopper (have had it for YEARS, and wouldn't consider chopping an onion any other way). Very cool! I will have to try this recipe. Thanks!

  2. Oh Man! Do I ever love me some guacamole. I make a pretty mean one myself, but I will have to try this out.

  3. I *heart* guac as well, after going many many years of my life convinced it was "Gross and mushy." :-)

    Note to those who haven't made guac before - if you save the pits from a couple of the avocados and put them in the finished product (whole, not to eat!), they help keep the guac from turning brown so quickly. No idea why, but it works!

    ...also, always taste test with a chip, so you get a true idea of how salty the combination is.

    Looks like a great recipe MamaM...time for me to buy a pampered chef food chopped too. I'm not quite sure how I've lived this long without one!

  4. You might have tempted me in making some myself! I too use to hate it umm until I tried it! Ha! So good! Bookmarking this page!

  5. That's my exact recipe - no lie! Isn't it delicious?! Mmmmm ... maybe I need to make some for myself this coming .. day?! :)

  6. Hey, I was gonna say the same thing as Josie. Well not exactly, but I was gonna tell you about putting the pits in to deter browning. And that I looove me some guac!

  7. Yep, Josey and Amy are right, put a pit in it.

    Mike makes an awesome guac..but yours looks yum and uber simple..

    Food blogging at it's best! ;-)

  8. I have always refused to try it as well, but I have to admit.. that looks yummy!

    I WII refuse the spit pea soup. Ewwww!!

  9. I dont like green mushy thing either.. but girl you did some great pics!!

    Also I heart my pampered chef chopper! It makes life so much easier doesnt it :)

    I may get the guts to give this a shot.. since I love chips with a dip.. thanks for sharing

  10. I cannot believe you did not try Guac before this. I am glad you finally did. I have been eating avocados in many ways for over 40 years, but Guac is my favorite. Do you eat tomato soup? If split pea is made correctly it has about the same consistency. I love split pea soup, but I love artichokes, mushrooms, cauliflower and many other things that lots of people do not eat. The only food that grosses me out is 'over-cooked' vegetables, they must be al dente.

  11. I just can't bring myself to try it! Are you sure mushy green stuff tastes good??

  12. sounds yummy!! can't wait to make it. and just so you know...split pea soup isn't that bad..I promise! Add a little cooked ham and there you go!!

  13. I'm so not a green mushy stuff girl either, but I do love me some chips! Someday I will have to make this and give it a try.

  14. yummmm... this looks so good & I must try it!
    LOVE my Pampered Chef chopper too! :)

  15. I have been on a huge avocado kick lately, I am going to make this tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe.
    The Park Wife

  16. Looks yummy! I hated guacamole...until I actually tried it. lol

  17. okay, don't be upset but....I just did a post on the best guac ever, it's posting tomorrow. Hmmm, maybe I will try yours, if you try mine ;)


  18. Mmmm! That looks SO good! I'm a guac lover!

  19. Oh I love guac, can't wait to try your recipe!

  20. Born and raised on the beach in SoCal and the only we had surrounding us besides the ocean were lemon and avocado trees every where.

    We ate avocado on everything and I love guac. The only thing I'd add is some chopped peppers to get some hot going on.

    I love my pampered chef chopper and I have the citrus squeezer too :)

  21. In answer to your comment on my are not a weirdo because you don't eat tomato soup (either). I know there are lots of people that do not eat those same foods. You are normal, with a sensitive palate.

  22. Those pictures make it look so good. I am going to have to go hunt down some avocados. I am such the pampered chef fan and have tons of stuff. I absolutely love the mini chopper.

  23. You made me hungry for guac, and it's only 9:19 a.m. I agree, the simpler guac, the better. And you know what also helps? Sprinkling a bit of lemon juice on the top and then doing the shrink wrap thing. Works wonders for the browning issue.

  24. I have never ventured out to try guacamole, it just looks nasty to me! I am not going to say what I "think" it looks like. I may have to give it a try..

    I *heart* my Pampered Chef chopper. It is seriously one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. My hubby loves it too! I should really sell Pampered Chef, because I have so many of their products and love them all!

  25. Oh yum, I LOVE guac, and make it pretty much just like that, have for years, except when I'm pregnant, well, I still make it but use a bit less cilantro because for some crazy reason chopping cilantro while pregnant makes me queasy, go figure.

    Split pea soup can be great, but it can also be not so good, like the time when my peas were a bit tough and undercooked and I had use a honey cured hame instead of a smoked ham, oh my, so dumb, not so good, and my children now firmly believe that they do not like split pea soup, when I'm pretty sure they just didn't like THAT split pea soup... We don't do hams very often, so it may be a while before I get a chance to redeem myself on this one, lol!

  26. I LOVE guac!!!! I was planning to have some this weekend but this makes me want it NOW! :)

  27. I love guacamole but I use half an orange in mine instead of lime. I learned that at a restaurant I used to work at and it makes such a difference!

  28. Yum! We make it like this too. Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmmm.

  29. The photos were fabulous and the food looks amazing! I am an avocado lover, but split pea soup hater! Right there with you!


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