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The Horror of Shopping, cont...

Remember this story?

Yeah...well, there's more!

Once upon a time there was a mother...who had a young daughter who hated shopping...

(Oh, the inequity of this all...she is my YOUNGEST child. As in...she'll be my last one in...she better learn to love shopping, and QUICK!)

So, the day Baby Girl exercised her ear splitting shriek at every opportunity at our local mall...I was near tears.

I wanted to throw myself on the floor, pounding my fists, kicking my legs and let out a few good screams right along with her.

I made a quick decision. It was either A.) run away from her as fast as I could, or B.) call Mr. Wonderful, beg him, plead with him, promise my life to him (wait...already did that...) to please rescue me.

Nevermind that it was 4,351 degrees below zero. Or that he had a 45 minute drive (well, hour and a half round trip).

Since A. would've gotten me arrested, I went with B. *Shrugs* Seemed like the wiser choice.

To my joy, ebullition, wonder, amazement, proclamations of undying love and delicious dinners, he said yes.


I nearly shrieked with joy. But, I restrained myse
lf. I had had enough shrieking for the day.

So, my Knight in Shining Armor, drove to the mall to take the kiddos from me. If I recall, none of them were being particularly angelic...I could be wrong tho'.

Seriously...this man is the best.

(See how wonderful he is? He's reading the manual for our car seats!! Even tho' he's looking at me like he wants to throw my camera out the window...)

Once those little devils adorable little cherubs were gone...I could finally get my stuff done!

I had a bunch of stuff to for jammies, return clothes for the kids, let the kids spend their gift certificates, return my Uggs.


Yes. I did it.

And, lemme tell was painful. Horrific, gut wrenching pain.

I just couldn't justify keeping, my mom was encourag
ing me to return them (she thought they were fugly).

Honestly, if they hadn't been too small...I wouldn't have been able to part with them. Returning them, was having my heart ripped out of my body.

Ahem...sorry...dramatic much?

But, yes. It had to be. So...I am now adorable Ugg-les

Oh...I don't even wanna talk about it!!!!

I did get some other shoes in exchange. Practical shoes. And you know what they say about practical shoes, dontcha?

Practical shoes aren't cute.

Well, maybe they don't say that. But I do.

The cuteness factor that I sacrificed going from adorable Uggs to practicality is huge.

It's unthinkable really.

Excuse me please...while I go grab a tissue.

*Sniff, sniff...sob!*

I'm not even gonna show you my practical shoes. It's just too sad.

Well...okay. I'll show you.

But I don't wanna hear how ugly they are...ya hear?

Signing off...

Your Ugg-less friend,


  1. K . . . just gotta say. . . your "practical ugly" shoes are WAY cuter than the Uggs . . . I totally agree with your Mom on those--they are neither practical NOR cute and the other shoes . . . well I think they're at least kind of cute :)
    You made a good choice . . .cuz even if you'd kept the Uggs I wouldn't be seen with you in them . . . just sayin'

  2. btw . . . totally kidding . . .Mama M is entirely adorable on her own . . she could pull off even the fugliest of Uggs :)

  3. hooray for your hubby rescuing you, what a guy!

    i still don't understand uggs....and i live in chicago where it gets COLD and WINDY so i like to wear winter boots, but uggs....they don't seem practical especially for hundreds of dollars.

    love the shoes you got in return!

  4. Ok- I like the practical shoes WAY better than the uggs! Actually, I'm totally not into the Ugg craze. I think its more important to find your own groove- rather than everyone elses. I bet you look totally cute in them.

  5. I don't think my hubby would've saved me from my son that doesn't like shopping..he would've just told me "well you already knew what would happen". You got lucky! I now shop sans kids.

  6. I love Uggs, but I agree with your mom on those Uggs! The practical shoes are way cuter!

  7. I want a pair of Uggs too but that won't ever happen. I am with you on that one.

  8. Ohhhhhhhh.... those Uggs were cute. I feel for ya! However, your practical shoes are cute!

  9. Honestly....I like the practical shoes better. I know I am sorry never been an Ugg fan oh well. Any way glad you have a nice hubby. Mine works too much to ever be able to rescue me in those awful situations. Lucky you!!

  10. Not sure if my hubs would ever do that for me...though, he might come with me and then take care of the kids while I shopped...but I can't be certain as its never happened. Anyways, I like your practical shoes...they are cute and look VERY comfy!


  11. I had to grab a tissue - the thought of you returning your Uggs.....

    But what a man!! Not to sure if hubby would come rescue me and the mall is 5 minutes from our house!! Hmm maybe if I really needed to get stuff done but he would be all like you wanted to go to the mall.....

    Your new shoes are very cute though!!

  12. You definitely have one heck of a hubby...

    I have a very similar pair of Uggs that my mom got me for Christmas as a "Surprise". I didn't really want them-- but now I'm in love with them. Maybe we could arrange a "time share", LOL?

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  13. I like the practical shoe so much better! Plus, they can be worn pretty much year round!

    Such a wonderful hubby!!!

  14. Congrats on having an amazing hubby! What a sweet guy. Unfortunately I tend to agree with the other comments that your "practical shoes" are way cuter than the Uggs.

    Love your blog by the way! You're so hilarious.


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