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Blogging with Integrity

So, yesterday, while doin' a little blog hoppin'...I was visiting my awesome blog friend, A., aka, the Crayon Wrangler
(btw...have you ever been to her blog? She is stinkin' hilarious!)!, while I was over there, I noticed that she had this fancy schmancy little button:

"Hmmmm...", thought I.

So...I clicked, and headed on over to check it out.

What I found...made me think...and this, my friends is an awesome concept (er...that'd be the blogging with integrity that's an awesome thinking isn't an awesome's...well, it's kinda scary, at best!).

What it is, is a "sign"...saying that you will "Blog with Integrity"...that you'll give credit where credit is due. I can't possibly say it any better than "the pledge" check it out!

You can click on the box above, or here, if you'd rather not scroll back up! See how easy I make it for you?!! ;)

I think it is incredibly important, and respectful, to not pass something off as your respect other's "intellectual property" respectfully not attack people, just ideas.

I know I take great pride in my blog (the goofy, silly thing that it is!) my work, in what I write, in the ideas I come up with. I started this blog for fun and I extremely enjoy blogging (more than I ever imagined!), but it's still something I take seriously. And I'm sure you do too...which is why I think this is such an important pledge!

You, my readers, deserve integrity!! Not just on my blog, but on all blogs...dontcha think?

I took the pledge...and I am now proudly displaying the badge!

Will you?


  1. sure! but I'm having a hard time putting gadgets in my layout..for some reason it messes everything up..

    Can I just promise that I'll blog with integrity..:-)

  2. I took the pledge quite a while ago and am proud to say that I blog with I don't guarantee you won't find weirdness on my blog but at least its my own, lol!

    Great post, Kim

  3. Um yes yes I will. Heading there now. But not before I leave a comment. That would just be rude. haha!

  4. GREAT idea!! I love this concept - such an important one. Funny how everything ties back to the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated...

  5. Hope this message makes its way around to the ones that really need to read it! I am going to go sign it now.

  6. I, too, hope this post makes its way to those who really need it. Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most difficult things to do and it's becoming more and more of an issue on and offline. Concepts and Ideas need to be respected and referenced--people are getting so lax in how they view IP. It's way too easy in an online forum to "borrow" an idea because you're under the relative cloak of the internet.

    Thanks, Mama M, for this important post!

  7. I totally agree! We should have integrity both on and offline. It's important all around!

  8. yep, it's so important! THe badge is on my blog (in "links) too!

  9. I am proud to say that I blog with integrity too :o) I always have blogged with integrity but now I have a button that says I do :o)

  10. Thanks for sharing...what a great concept!! Too bad people don't just DO it and need a button to prove is like high school sometimes - and boy did I hate high school!! Hahahaha!


  11. Yes! Such a great message. I signed up a while ago and never put the button on my page. I will do it soon because I think the more people who see that the better!

  12. Great post (especially the part about me *snicker*)

    I love my button and what it says about my blog.
    I haaattee that I have to get a button that shows how I feel blogging should actually be!
    Way to promote awareness!

  13. So well put! Thanks for passing the word along. I have taken the pledge.

  14. Just signed the pledge! I've seen the button before, but never clicked it. THANKS SO MUCH for posting this! :)

  15. I signed the pledge and loaded the button on my blog. Thank you for the info. I hope it will make it way to everyone, especially those that really need to be reminded.

  16. Brim over I to but I about the collection should acquire more info then it has.


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