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I *heart* the Zac Brown Band...

I have never, ever, ever in my life been so amazed by a video.


Ever, ever.

I've been on a Zac Brown Band kick of late, and the Crayon Wrangler pointed me to this performance.

You've probably seen it...but for those of us like myself (ahem...that would be those of us who live under a rock...), it was brand new to me.

Be prepared to be awed...

So, what didja think?


  1. Oooh, I love it! I love Zac Brown Band!! and soooo wish I could play a fiddle. :) Great post!

  2. I don't know this band but I love that song and they did a great job with it! Happy Wednesday!

  3. that's pretty good although no one does it like Charlie Daniels. Which I just heard he had a minor stroke while skiing here in Durango, CO. But thanks for the video, it's one of my favorite songs maybe one day I'll be able to play it.

  4. Weird, I never thought I'd get the urge to run away with a fiddle player. :)

    That was great, I got chills. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I must really live under a rock because I've never even heard of this band!

  6. Don't hate me, but I'm not a fan of country at all! But the song does bring me back to the days of High School when we used to go to the Stone Mountain Laser show and hear that song :)

  7. That was excellent! I have never heard of this band, but I have always enjoyed this song, and they did an amazing job with it. I really liked the features of the other instruments at the end.

    It seemed like the tempo was a little fast. Was it? It's been years since I've heard the original, so I could be completely misremembering it. It felt a little rushed to me, though. Of course, a faster tempo makes the fiddle playing even more impressive, I said, it felt rushed.

    Still, an amazing performance. :)

  8. I've never heard of them! and Devil Went Down to Georgia is one of my all-time favorites! that was AMA-ZA-ZING! seriously! now need to go listen to their other stuff . . .

  9. Wow, I do live under a rock, but at least it's a nice rock, if only it were better temperature controlled and kept me at 78 year round. Love the video, hadn't seen it though.

  10. Okay I was happy to read through the comments & see that I am NOT the only one who has never heard of them!!! My rock is bigger than yours!!!! :)

  11. I love the Zac Brown band. I had seen this video, but it was worth watching again.

  12. ZBB is great! But no one can do that song like the Charlie Daniels Band! I do love several of ZBB songs though, great band!

    And yes, the fiddle player is awesome, but it just isn't the same without Charlie. I'm a die hard country music fan though!

  13. Just came on over to let you know you have a couple of awards at mine:


  14. Uh, Wow! Fantastic musicians!!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I really really love Zac Brown band right now too!! Great performance

  16. I ♥ ZBB! and this performance was AWESOME! I saw it on tv and was riveted. I love it when others discover their I think I have a little crush on Zac Brown. ;)

  17. When I win the lottery and have all the time in the worl because I don't have to work, I'm going to learn to play the fiddle/violin.

  18. I like the Zac Brown Band. I like their Red Dirt Country sound. If you like their music you might like Eli Young Band's and Stoney Larue's music. It's more of a blues-y country sound like the ZBB.


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