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Mish Mashity...

Ugh...I'm feeling sentimental and a little emotional...and darn that Captain PMS for making me all teary...or, at least...feeling teary. (And...ah...that's teary, as in tears, crying, boo-hoo...not teary, as in rip it up...)

I don't feel like doing a silly fun post...partly, 'cuz I see all this talk about Haiti...and, to be honest...I don't have a clue what's going on. Living without TV access, I feel like I'm in a bubble.

Sometimes, this bubble is good...othertimes, I feel extremely cut off from what's happening.

I know there's been an earthquake...and it sounds terrible...and clearly I need to do some on-line research. Same thing happened with Hurricane Katrina...I heard snippets here and there, but had no real idea how bad it was.

My Baby Girl seems to be feeling better, still having fevers, still coughing...still proving to me that she is entirely different that any of our other four. This time, in that she is a reluctant medicine taker! Bah!!! All of our other kids would open wide and swallow it down.'d think the fifth child would be the easiest!

If anyone wants to fill me in on Haiti...or, point me to a good link...I'd be ever so grateful...

Hopefully, I'll get up a "more fun" (man, how I wish 'funner' was a word...) post later this afternoon.

'Til then...God bless y'all...and a great big ((hug)) to all y'all!


  1. I hope she starts feeling better soon!! I saw this freebie and thought of you!

  2. the news in Haiti is absolutly terrible. Looks like the number of dead could reach 100,000.. so sad. I dont know a certain link to get the best news or anything.. I would say fox news or cnn (whichever you prefer) would prob have the most details.

    Hope the little one continues to feel better :)

  3. I have the tv and I still feel like I dont really understand the extent to what happened in Haiti. I try not to watch the news to much.

  4. Poor A-babe and poor you.

    Big hugs for the both of you.

  5. I hope your little one feels better soon!

  6. We have TV but I try not to watch the news too much- mainly because my toddler is sitting there, soaking all the violence and stuff they show. I really don't know what happened in Haiti either other than there was a horrible earthquake and the death toll is sky high:(
    Hope your little one feels better.

  7. I'm with you on the Haiti earthquake, no tv equals oblivious. My husband told me about it yesterday. I am praying, that is all I know how to do.


  8. Yes, it's so heartbreaking for those poor people!

    And, um, I totally hear you about your little girl. We have 3 boys (4,2 and 1) and you would think the baby would be so laid back, go with the flow, etc. Uh, nope! Oh well, wouldn't have it any other way. If anything it makes me closer to God, as I ask him for help with this thing called being a mother. :)


  9. I'm on my way to hug you . . .seriously I can swing by on the way to Tigger's swim meet. Love you!

    Haiti is horrible and sad--give prayers and $$--but don't read the stories or see pics if you're already feeling blue--I was crying as I read an article online last night.

  10. Funner ISN'T a word?!?! Doh! ;) A really big *I sowee Captian PMS is such a bastard* hug, right back atcha!

  11. Sometimes I truly believe that God allows us to have PMS because He wants us to be a little bit more vulnerable and a lot more likely to turn into His arms. I know that, when I'm going through that, I feel completely emotionally NUTS and I rely on talking to God a lot more than I do in a regular day.

    ((Hugs)) sweet friend. Praying that your day will end up with smiles!


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