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My Texting Toddler

We start 'em young in our house...

No sense letting them get behind in technology...

Need to have 'em keep up with their friends...


In reality, when my babe was sick, she was very clingy (and, yes...for the record...I lapped it and reveled in that rare occurrence!), and I needed to change into my jammies...

So, I set her on the bed...she made a bee line for my phone, and I figured, "what the heck...she can't harm it."

Well, soon after...very, very soon after...I heard a tell tale "clackity, clackity, clack...whoooop"...that my friends, is the sound my phone makes when it sends a text.

I sprinted to the bed...and saw that she was "just" texting my bestie...and I knew at the very least, she wouldn't care...and at the very best...she might even get a kick out of it!

So, I did what any respectable mother would do...I grabbed my camera.

And snapped away!

All the while she was willy nilly sending out text messages. Various people received random text messages that night (amen for unlimited texting!).

How on earth she knew how to hold it right, I'll never know.

Evolution at work, perhaps?!


  1. how cute! I dont know what it is about cell phones and toddlers but my tot is all about my cell phone! No successful text though.. perhaps tiny girl will teach her ;)

  2. I wouldn't know how to send a text! A toddler more skilled than I... LOL

  3. Lil man who is but 2yo has set various speed dials on my phone. I know only because I hit them by accident, pocket dialing etc, and I haven't even tried to figure that out yet. He also seems to be able to call who he wants and the damn kid can't read.

  4. That's too funny. My six year old asked me last night when she could have her own web page. :)

  5. So cute! My boys have sent texts from my phone also. I don't have a password on it and my two year old knows how to open it and click the message icon.
    Where did you get your case? I need a new one and am all about the pink!

  6. Dang, even a toddler beat me to the texting craze!

  7. That is hilarious! I sometimes get random texts from my nephew, they don't say a thing but they make me laugh every time.

  8. Its so funny how they pick this stuff up. I let the kids play with my phone all the time. Sometimes they call people on my contact list but besides doctors the rest is family and friends! Chase has mastered looking the pics on my iPhone. He got the tap and drag down to a science- too funny!!

  9. so on my phone there are the ready text that say things like "im in a meeting" or "call me ASAP" well my wonderful 20month old found mamas phone and sent the ASAP one to a relative and then stashed my phone under her toys...lets just say the relative was FREAKING out and was calling over and over again and i wasnt answering they thought someone died.

  10. Cute!! My kids both do this all the time...seriously one of these days they're going to be smarter than me when it come to technology!

  11. They saw that kids mimic our careful when you drink in front of her ;)


  12. I love taking 'naughty' pictures before letting the 'mother' in me kick in... now that my kids are a little older... I take 'naughty' pictures of my puppy before correcting him... might make for less effective correction... but I have good photos! ;) My fav. pic of my 2 yr. old was him holding a giant Fruit Loop box with his slobbery little hand in it and a mouth full!
    ;) Jenn~

  13. My son can do things with a computer and a cell phone that even the adult owners don't know how to do!

  14. Haha! Evolution. So cute.

    Following from BF. Come see me too sometime.

  15. That's awesome! My 3 y/0 likes to sneak my phone when I'm not looking & get on the internet with it. When my 5 y/o was younger she would call people all the time on my cell. Once she called my bff over & over & kept hanging up. My best friend about freaked out thinking something was horribly wrong. :) I think it's so funny how they figure it out so young

  16. Too cute! My 15 month old loves my blackberry, she's such her mother's child.

  17. Those pictures are priceless! My little one is 5 months old and keeps trying to get my phone. I think she'll be texting at a very young age. ;)

  18. I can't tell you how many times my toddler has surfed the web on my phone- incredible! My bigger concern is that he will break it, so I now own a shatter-proof, water-resistant- gotta love it!!

  19. My best friends little boy (3) is an expert with my iphone. I walk in a room, he runs and hugs me, and then he says "phone auntie?" I have games downloaded on there for him, and he knows exactly how to get to them and play... It's unreal!

  20. What fun! My little one likes to play with our phones as well. She gets on the internet and buys things like jamster and wikimobile, though. Not to mention texting and calling as well as changing and flat out deleting my contacts. Unfortunately, my phone doesn't have a keypad lock!

  21. My daughter is a fan of texting too! She's 2 1/2 and the other day she had our cordless phone and she was very intently pushing lots of buttons. When I asked her what she was doing. She said, "I'm texting Aunt J." And then she said, "She's busy at work, she'll answer me later."

    Oh, the things they say!


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