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Little Hey, Little Ho!

Little Hi, Little Lo!

Okay, sorry for the Stuart Little greeting...but dang, that little mouse is cute! Not so cute? The little mouse tormenting me at night when I'm computerizing--not to be confused with exercising--speaking of which, head on over to the amazing Miss Keely's to check out her fitness tip!

So, my dear friends in fitness and in health (hey! It sounds like I'm saying vows or something!), how much do you drink in a day?

No, no, no. I'm not talkin' booze, I'm talkin' water!

Good, cold, clean, clear water.

It's the new black.

Or something...

Do you have any idea how important water is for you? Or, perhaps, how much it is recommended you drink in a day?

Well...let's talk!

Water...h2O...aqua...wa-wa...(or, if you're like my baby girl) wa

It does a body good.

I took a litte trip to the Mayo Clinic...okay, small white lie there...I visited and picked their um...files, for some water information!

And I'm gonna fill you in on what I learned!

First up, you know how much water is recommended during a day?

8 cups. Eight, 8oz., tall drinks of water. Lemon optional.

And, my friends at the Mayo Clinic (ahem...that makes me sound like I know them personally, right? Well, I am from MinneSOOOOta, dontchaknow? But, um...nope. Don't know anyone at the Mayo. I just like to call them "my friends") sorry, got distracted again! Sheesh.

Okay, so my buds down at Mayo...they say a little something more about the recommended daily amount of water. Yup they do! They say, 8x8 is the general recommendation, but, more should drink enough water to rarely feel thirsty (that'd be your bod telling you to chug-a-lug) and your potty should be colorless, or pale yellow.

Now, THAT I like!

I dunno 'bout you...but it's hard for me to keep track of things, like how many glasses of water I've consumed...and, I'm pretty sure, Mr. Wonderful wouldn't appreciate me making hash marks all over the walls with a Sharpie.

They also say that you should "produce 1.5 liters of urine" a day...I can't speak for you...but I don't measure my urine. If you do...then kudos to you!! Aim for that liter and a half! ;)

So, I like that idea of paying attention to your body. A little less rigid, you know?

Thirsty? Drink more water!

Peeing dark yellow? Drink more water!

Know what else water helps to "do a body good"?

A whole slew of, has a neat little diagram of a body and the benefits of water...I'm not too familiar 'bout copy right laws, and I can't afford to get sued, so check it out here, if you like neat little diagrams!

And, while we're talking about water...and to coinside with last weeks snacking tip...I'll tell you a little something more.

Water, can help curb your appetite.

Satisfy you? Nope not so much, but geepers Lou! Chug a big ol' glass of ice water (or two) right before you head out to a party, and your belly'll full (and sloshy) and you aren't as likely to chow down!

Oh, one more Made with water, yes...counts as water, no!! Soda (pop, Coke, fizzy drink, etc.) does not count. Orange juice, does not count, neither does milk! Are you catching my drift?


Good ol' water.

And, a good rule of thumb? (I've never understood that saying...) For every "bad" drink you have, drink an extra glass of water.

Have a pop? Drink an extra 8 ounces of water! A cup of coffee more your thing? Drink another 8 ounces of H2O!

Catch my drift?


Lesson over.


Keely and I have some exciting news to share with you!!! (And provide a little incentive for participating!!)

We, have been generously gifted by vendors who are wanting to support your health, and your fitness goals!! What this means?

We're gonna have a slew of giveaways!

We alluded to it on Tuesday, but we're spilling it now!

Yup, my friends! Head over here to check out what's up for grabs behind door number one!


  1. I wanted to win the pedometer!! How did I miss that?? Grr. I should join you all since I just started training for a half marathon this week. Came down with STREP today but not going to let it get the best of me!! One day of rest then back to the grind.

  2. I drink gallons of water every day - I feel like moving into the washroom!

    I was reading something about how much water to drink...the 8glasses a day is for someone who is around 130lbs - but someone who is say 200lbs will need more that that. They would need more like 12 glasses of water a day.

    The formula is to take your weight number, divide it in half and that is the number of ounces you need. So if you weight 170lbs, half of that is 85 so that is how many ounces you need.

  3. Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Citrus Juice

    Citrus juice is a wonderful way to add flavor to water. Citrus juice is filled with vitamins and has a tart flavor that many people enjoy. A nice squirt of lemon and lime juices will improve the flavor of your water, while still keeping it healthy.

    Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Green Tea

    Green tea is an extremely healthy way to add flavor to your water. Green tea is an amazing drink, because it speeds up your metabolism. Green tea also has a wonderful taste. While green tea is a healthy way to add flavor to your water, you must remember to avoid adding sugar. You can add lemon juice, but avoid sweeteners that are high in sugar if you want to keep it healthy.

  4. I'm already doing good in the water department- that is basically all i drink!

  5. I am NOT good at the water drinking. At all. I'm the coffee queen, and at the risk of being gross (although, we've talked periods, mucous plugs and pooping during delivery here in just the last few weeks, so I'm betting it flies!) I have the darkest urine ever. And it's... pungent. So, this may have to be the area where I do some serious work!

  6. That has been one of my goals. Drink more water. Some days are good days - some days are...not as good (how is that for a positive perspective?)

    Pedometer? Ooooh. I am intrigued. Must go click on the last "here" link to see what is up with that...

  7. New here...found you at PW under her Lazy Chiles Rellenos recipe. Honey you definitely are MinneSOOOOtann it shows!Ya'Betcha!!
    Will be back love your blog....
    from a Minnesota Native transplant in Kansas!

  8. My know-it-all son has informed me recently that "Rule of Thumb" comes from an old LAW that said a husband can't beat his wife with a stick thicker than his thumb!!!! Isn't that terrible?? it's true though! it's enough to make me want to try not using that phrase any more!

    Anyway, love the water tips Mama M and love you!

  9. bad bloggie friend...bad bloggie friend. Me - not you! Sorry, I had originally "signed" up to do this, and that got shot down last week.
    I hope things are going well. Will there be a round two...hopefully?
    Have a good night. :) I'm off to heat up some queso - with water of course. ;)

  10. I go thru periods of drinking a little water to alot of water. You definitely need to notice the color of your urine. I saw mine getting darker, from almost colorless, and ignored it until I got a UTI/kidney stone. NOT going to do that again!! It's very easy to just take 4 water bottles (they are 16 oz each so that's 2 cups there) and mark them "1, 2, 3, 4" put them in fridge. Then throughout the day, drink from your bottles and it makes getting your intake much easier to keep track.


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